"Death of a Moon"

one hundred words

She had known.

She had snooped around, reading her daughter's diary.

That was how she learned of the Lunarian Queen and that Usagi also called this woman 'Mother'.

She'd felt betrayed, as if she was nothing more than a surrogate.

But this pain was real.

No one lent her this misery.

'We both lost her now,' she thought sadly. 'Now I know how you felt, when you lost her.'

She heard an answer, whispered in the wind as the garden became entombed in crystal.

'…Not quite'

In her dream, she heard the next words.

'I will share her, I promise…'

A/N: Finito! Hahahahahahahahahahahha. It is finished! I actually finished the freaking 'Death of a Moon' drabble challenge.

Don't worry. As bonus, I'm going to make another extra drabble explaining the drabble titled 'Usagi (B)'.

And no one hundred words. I'm making it a one-shot, people! Kinda like a really long epilogueIt'll be my first foray in trying to create a story for the beginning of Neo Crystal Tokyo. Hope's Destiny doesn't really count, ya know?

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