No Compromise

She was luckier than some. She made her mistake early, she learned from it, and filed it away never to be made again. Hermione would thank Ron for her lesson for a long time, and he didn't even know what he'd taught her.

She was so certain for such a long time that Ron was the one, the only one for her. They just fit together perfectly in her mind, and when it finally came together, it felt wonderful. Nothing really changed, but everything felt different. Every touch had a different meaning, every word could be spun and make her feel ten feet tall. Being together made everything better, the sun was a bit brighter, the days longer, and every moment together was worth savouring forever.

That was only the things that changed, there was still the things that didn't change. They still fought like they always had, but now the consequences seemed so much more higher. There fights had more ammunition, they had more invested in their friendship now, so they knew just how to hit below the belt, and they did, repeatedly. Till it got to much, and they decided enough was enough, and they'd left with some of their friendship intact. Ron's words in their last fight still rang through her ears, 'you'll never change'.

She never understood what he meant, till she saw him with his next girlfriend. She fussed over him, catering to his every whim, agreed with every inane thing he said, laughed at his jokes. Then she saw it. He didn't want a girlfriend, he wanted someone who thought he was God. Hermione knew him too well to give him that, and she wouldn't even if she could. She just wasn't that kind of girl.

She was proud of who she was, what she had become. There was nothing she would change, and she certainly wasn't going to change for a relationship. Watching her parents together, she had saw what she wanted. An equal, a partner, someone who would challenge her, and not hold her back from her true self; and she wouldn't settle for anything less.