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The Heart of the Matter by Sara

"I still can't believe you thought Jason and I were dating. I mean come on I would never kiss him on the lips!" Kimberly said to Rocky on the phone.

"I know that! But Tommy seems to think differently. He thought that was why you were with him during the whole Muranthias thing a few months ago." Said Rocky.

"Well aren't he and Kat dating?" Kimberly asked with interest. Yes, she was jealous, Tommy had been her boyfriend first, and they were her powers first. Oh course the Zeo powers weren't but her old ones still belonged to her. But, she had kept the communicator as a reminder of the good old days. She never wore it, she kept it in a box with everything Tommy had given her, or left at her house: His white flannel, a green stuffed bear, and necklace for Valentine's day.

"Uh sorta. But believe me, he totally flipped when he saw your face on the screen in the Power Chamber. He went nuts! Of course I could tell Kat was worried about two things: You two and Tommy." Said Rocky.

"Yeah but I think he felt a brotherly protectiveness towards me." She replied thoughtfully.

"Let me think about that Kim....no! We all stood by and watched when he threw off his helmet and grabbed you by the shoulders. Do you remember the look on his face?"

"Yes." She answered. It was clear she was crying now.

"He begged you to remember him. He cared about you so much! I saw that look of passion written all over his face. He was asking you to not only remember who he was, but how much he really loved you." Kimberly was startled at how passionate and romantic Rocky was talking. Deep down inside she knew he was sensitive. That whole 'macho man' was just a front. She knew him better than that.

But the whole thing just made her break down and cry. "I don't know what to do Rocky." She confided.

"Tell you what? You're still in Stone Canyon right? So why don't I come and pick you up. You could stay here for a few weeks and even see Tommy, but only if you want to." He suggested.

"Rocky if I weren't so in love with Tommy, I would be all over you." She joked.

"Aw shucks, thanks Kim. Is an hour enough time to get everything ready?" He asked.

"Try ten minutes. All my junk is packed." She replied.

"Okay I'll see you soon!" He said hanging up.

Notes: Should I continue this? Or scrap it? I was thinking of turning it into a NOVEL. Yep a long fic from Sara *gasps*
This is what you get when you listen to 'Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know' by Britney Spears! I still can't get the damn Pepsi jingle outta my head, it's catchy.

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