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Pairing: Deidara and Hinata


The sound of your violin

Chapter one: Moving in

"So this will be my new home." a small, dark haired woman thought and smiled as she stood in the doorway of a dusty apartment. There was a small kitchen, one bedroom, bathroom and livingroom.

"Ne, Tobi, do you think we´ll like it here?" The woman named Hyuuga Hinata asked, and looked the small cat with orange fur in her arms. Tobi meowed happily and jumped down from Hinata´s arms and started to examine their new apartment. His mistress soon followed him, carrying one box.

"I guess it´s better to clean up a bit before bringing the furniture." She said to herself and pulled her shoulder lenght midnight blue hair in to a ponytail. Then she started to wipe dust from the kitchen. Tobi started to get impatient when his mistress didn´t pay any attention to him. He let out a frustrated meow and pushed his head against Hinata´s leg.

"What´s the matter Tobi? Are you bored?" Tobi let out another meow and kept on rubbing his head against Hinata´s leg. She smiled at him.

"Okay, okay, I understand." She replied and walked to the box she had carried in. "You can play with this." She said and threw him a small ball. Happily Tobi started to play with it, completely ignoring Hinata, who started to clean again.

One and half an hour later, she was finally done with cleaning and called her cousin and his friends to help her with the heaviest furniture.


"T-Thanks for your help guys." Hinata said shyly to her cousin and his friends, Rock Lee and Maito Gai.

"It´s always a great pleasure to help a youthful lady in trouble!" Lee exclaimed and put his thumbs up.

"That´s right! Don´t hesitate to ask our help if you need something!" Gai added and flashed his white teeth to Hinata. She giggled at their actions. Her cousin Neji just shook his head.

"You know Hinata, you could have stayed in my place, or at least get an apartment closer to my house." He said and frowned. He knew Hinata had problems with her father and it was understandable that she moved away, but did she had to move so far away? Neji himself lived in Nagoya and Hinata´s father lived in Kyoto. "Why did you moved to Tokyo, when you could have find an apartment from Nagoya?"

Hinata sighed and looked at her cousin. They had talked about this many times before. "Neji-niisan..." She started but Neji cut her off.

"I know, I know. You wanted to get some distance to everyone." He said and shoved his hands to his pockets. "But of anything happens, call to me." He added and his tone didn´t left room for arguing.

"Hai Neji-niisan." Hinata said and smiled. She tip toed and kissed his cheek gently. Neji was only one in her family who was in good terms with her.

"Bye now, Hinata." Neji said and patted her head, walking away. Hinata waved and grabbed the last two boxes.

"Uh, these are so heavy..." She thought and slowly started walking up the stairs. She kept her eyes on her feet because she couldn´t see anything over the boxes. When she had almost reached her apartment, the weight of the two boxes suddenly disappeared. Her eyes met one of dazzling green eyes.

"Why is a lady like you carrying two heavy boxes, un? Shouldn´t your boyfriend be helping you?" Asked the blond haired owner of the eye, his left eye was covered by his blonde pangs. He grinned at her and Hinata felt her cheeks flush.

"U-Umm... I..." Hinata blushed more when she couldn´t get a word out of her mouth. God, it should be illegal to look so handsome. But somehow he looked terribly familiar.

"Surely such a cute girl like you has a boyfriend, un?" The blonde said flashed her a mischievous grin. "What´s your name, un? Or do angels have names, un?" Hinata knew he was teasing her.

"A-Ano, I-I´m Hyuuga Hinata." She answered and smiled shyly, her cheeks still a bit red.

"Nice to meet you, Hina-chan! I´m Yuuhi Deidara." He said and shook her hand, balancing the boxes with his other hand.

"I-It´s a p-pleasure t-to meet y-you too, Yuuhi-san." Hinata replied with a smile.

"Just call me Deidara, there is no need for formalities, un." Deidara said. "Do you live here, un?"

"Y-Yes, I just moved here."

"Great, un! Which apartment exactly, un?"

"A-Ano, apartment number 24." Hinata was amazed how carefree person Deidara was and how easily she was able to talk to him.

"Wow, it´s right next to mine, un! My apartment is number 25, in the end of the hallway, un." Deidara exclaimed happily and grinned again. "Let me help you to carry these boxes, un. These are way too heavy for someone as delicate as you, un." He said and started to climb the stairs, Hinata close behind.

"T-Thank y-you f-for y-your help." Hinata thanked Deidara as they reached her apartment.

"No problem, un! I´ll see you later, now I have to go to pick up my violin from my friend, un!" Deidara said and disappeared back to the stairs.

"Violin?" Hinata thought and suddenly it hit her why he had looked so familiar. "Of course! He is the famous violinist! Why didn´t I recognize him immediately?" She slapped her forehead. "He is more handsome than the photos show." Hinata blushed and shook her head. She couldn´t believe she was living right next to him, one of the most talented violinist in Japan.

Hinata picked Tobi up from the floor and stroked his fur.

"I never thought I would be living next to a celebrity." She said to him and Tobi just licked her hand.

"I think I will like living here." Hinata had read about Deidara from the magazines and she had heard his music too. She wasn´t excatly one of his obsessed fangirls, but she would be lying if she said she didn´t like his music.


As Hinata was drinking tea in hew new kitchen, there was a knock on the door. She got up and opened the door. Behind it was four women and one of them asked:

"Does our Deidara live here? Are you his fiancée?" Her tone was demanding and she had her hands on her hips. Hinata looked at her like she was crazy.

"W-What? N-No, h-he doesn´t." Hinata stuttered out, a bit scared of their looks on their faces.

"Crap! Wrong building again!" Hinata was confused, but she knew they were most likely Deidara´s fangirls. Hinata decided to keep her mouth shut. She was sure Deidara wouldn´t like it of his fangirls found out where he lived.

"Let´s keep looking for his apartment in the morning! We only have a few more buildings to check! He has to live in one of the apartments with his lucky number 24 on the door!" One of them exclaimed and the others cheered. With that they left. Hinata shook her head. Some people were just too crazy when it came to their idols.

"I´m sorry they bothered you, un." Came Deidara´s voice as he came from behind the corner. "I hate it when my fans try to find out where I live, un." Hinata smiled at him.

"It m-must be a-annoying w-when p-people d-disturb y-your privacy."

"Tell me about it, un! I don´t mind if I have fans, but I need some provate time too, un." Hinata gave him an understanding smile.

"Thank you for not telling them where I lived, un."

"D-Don´t m-mention it. U-Umm, w-why d-did they c-check only my apartment?" Hinata was curious to know that.

"Oh, well I have said that 24 is my lucky number, un. They probably think I would live in the apartment number 24. But they don´t know that my real lucky number is 25, un." He said and grinned sheepishly. Hinata giggled a bit.

"I got to go now, see you tomorrow! Good night, Hina-chan!" He said and walked to his door.

"G-Good night, Deidara." Hinata replied and closed the door of her apartment.


AN: Don´t ask why I made Tobi a cat. I didn´t get enough sleep last night. So Deidara is a violinist. Why? I dunno. I just like the sound of violin. And I can easily imagine Deidara playing a violin. I have no idea why. And since Deidara doesn´t have a last name, I decided to give him one. I think Yuuhi fits him.