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The sound of your violin


Chapter fifteen: Did they get their happy ending?

Not once in his life had Deidara ran so fast. The people on the streets shot him disapproving looks as he bumped into them while trying to get to the railway station as soon as possible. He didn´t even want to think what would happen if he didn´t reach Hinata in time.

All this time he had known that in reality he loved Hinata, not Ino. But he had been too stupid to give in to his feelings. He had convinced himself that Ino was the right girl for him and ignored the tiny voice in his heart that had tried to open his eyes so he would´ve seen what was right in front of his eyes.

And then the night when they went to his concert. Now he remembered everything that had happened after they had returned back to their apartments. Deidara couldn´t believe he had been so unbelievably stupid. He had taken Hinata´s virginity and forgotten it in the morning. He could only imagine how bad Hinata must have felt after. He had been acting so... so indifferent. Like it hadn´t mattered to him at all. But now that he remembered, it meant the world to him. And now the fact that Hinata was actually pregnant with his baby it meant even more to him.

Deidara was only one block away from the station. He forced his legs to move even faster, not stopping at the red lights nor paying attention to his surroundings.

Panting like a dog Deidara spurted towards the conductor, wanting to know if the train to Nagoya had already left.

"Sumimasen!" he wheezed, trying to catch his breath "Has the train to Nagoya left already?" he asked with slight panic in his voice.

"Not yet. It will leave in fifteen minutes from the track 4" the conductor answered, looking at Deidara with curiosity.

"Thank you!" Deidara yelled and took off towards the track four. He had only fifteen minutes to find Hinata and make her change her mind about leaving.

His eyes frantically searched for the dark haired woman, trying to spot her somewhere in the huge mass of people.

"Where are you Hinata?" He just couldn´t let her slip from his hands. He would not let that happen.

Finally after looking around for good five minutes Deidara saw her sitting on a bench with her luggage by her feet.

A momentary relief filled Deidara´s heart as he jogged towards Hinata. He had found her, now he only needed to apologize for his stupidity and pray to God that she would forgive him.

"Hina-chan" Deidara said quietly, catching Hinata´s attention. Her eyes widened in total surprise when her eyes landed on Deidara.

"D-Deidara-kun" she stuttered "What a-are you doing here?" Hinata said, standing up from the bench. She was shocked that Deidara was there, standing in front of her. She also felt extremely nervous. Was Deidara going to start yelling at him, for getting pregnant and trying to destroy his engagement?

But to her complete surprise Deidara pulled her into his arms and embraced her tightly.

"I'm so sorry, Hinata"he murmured into her ear "I'm so sorry for not realizing what I felt for you sooner. And I´m sorry for getting you pregnant and then almost letting you leave"

"W-What do you mean?" Hinata whispered, trying to hold the hope that was growing in her heart.

"What I´m trying to say is that I love you. I love you so much it doesn´t make sense" Deidara pulled away a bit so he could look into Hinata's eyes which were full of unshed tears. Tears of happiness.

"Y-You... You l-love me?" she asked, fearing she had heard wrong. Deidara smiled at her.

"Yes. I love you and I want to be with you"

"Oh Deidara-kun!" happiness filled Hinata´s heart and she hugged Deidara, but then she remembered that he already had a fiancée.

"B-But D-Deidara... W-What about I-Ino-san?" she asked quietly, fearing the answer. Deidara's eyes darkened for a moment before brightening again.

"I never really loved her. I made myself believe that I did, but in reality it wasn´t love. What I feel for you is much stronger" he said and stroked Hinata´s hair. "I´m going to break our engagement so I can be with you and only you" and with that, Deidara leaned closer and placed his lips on Hinata´s . Their kiss was soft and innocent, filled with the love they felt for each other.

It seemed like they would get their happy ending.


Later that day, Hinata and Deidara were lying on the couch in Deidara´s living room, talking about their future. Deidara had called his manager and told him to cancel his wedding. He would handle Ino later, right now he wanted to do nothing else than be next to Hinata.

"I can´t believe this is really happening, un" he whispered as he stroked Hinata´s stomach. The fact that his baby was growing inside of the one he loved made him feel pure joy. They were having a child. He was going to be a father.

The thought alone made Deidara want to scream on the top of his lungs and let the whole world know how happy he was.

"Y-Yeah, it seems pretty unbelievable" Hinata whispered back and smiled. When she had been sitting on that bench she had thought she would never again see Deidara. But there she was, with the man she loved, happily discussing about their future.

There was a moment of silence before Deidara broke it.

"We should move" Hinata´s eyebrows shot up in confusion.

"W-What?" Deidara stopped stroking Hinata´s stomach and looked her into eyes with serious expression.

"We should move. To the country side maybe. It would be a good place to raise our children and live our lives" Deidara was getting excited. The enthusiasm was clear in his voice as he talked.

"We could buy a big house and have a farm" he was now standing and waving his hands like a maniac. "Think about it Hina-chan. Life in a big house, kids running around in the yard, playing with our cats and dogs" Hinata giggled at Deidara´s idea. Why not? It sounded good.

"But Deidara-kun, what about your career as a violinist?" Deidara stopped for a moment to think about it.

"Screw it, I have enough money to last me for three life times. I can easily support us and besides, I would rather play my violin to my family than a big crowd"

"Are you sure?" Hinata didn´t want Deidara to make a decision he would regret later. She knew he loved playing his violin.

Deidara nodded firmly. "Yes. I´m positive about this. So what do you say, un?"

"Well... It does sound appealing..." Hinata admitted and Deidara cheered. He lifted Hinata up from the couch and spun her around in circles, making her giggle.

"Oh this is going to be so amazing! I can already imagine how everything is gonna be"

When Hinata moved to Tokyo, she didn´t have any idea she would soon be moving again, but this time with a man she was in love with and a baby in her stomach. It was amazing what life could throw at you and how much it could change during time.



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