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I Love Her

"Finally! It's lunch!" Athrun stretched himself out while sitting on his chair.

"You are hungry aren't you?" Kira said to Athrun. "I could hear your stomach grumbling from here!" he teased.

Athrun's eyes twitched a little at the comment, but he soon gained inspiration. "Is that so?" he asked. "Why I was sure Dearka in the next classroom could here your stomach!"

Kira's face turned a full-blown red, unable to rebut Athrun's comment.

"Now now! Don't you guys fight again!" Lacus interrupted with her angelic voice.

"I did not!" Kira protested. "It's just that Athrun! He! He!" he wagged an accusing finger at the navy-haired lad.

"I didn't start it!" Athrun shrugged his shoulders and smirked, a sign of an obvious win against Kira.

"If we don't hurry, lunch time would be over!" Lacus commented, effectively halting the little friendly war which was about to erupt between the two young men.

"Oh yeah! Don't want to miss lunch for anything!" Kira cheered up almost instantly. "Wait!" he suddenly remembered something. "Someone has to go wake Cagalli up in the nurse's office."

"She's skipping the lessons she thinks are boring again huh?" Athrun sighed. "Won't she be worried about her grades?"

"Cagalli seems really tired lately…" Lacus piped in.

"She just doesn't like the lessons!" Kira said.

"She is not going to make the cut like this!" Athrun shook his head disapprovingly.

"Don't worry Athrun!" Lacus soothed. "With the three of us teaching her, she'll do just fine!" And she was right. Kira, Lacus and Athrun are the top students in school. Cagalli had pulled through dozens of tests with their help. It was not that she wasn't intelligent; in fact she was very smart. It was just that she did not like going for boring lessons and the repetitive studying.

"I guess so." Athrun shot the couple a small smile. "I'll go call her now. Cagalli does not like missing lunch."

"See you at the usual place then!" Lacus waved at Athrun who was walking towards the classroom door.

"And Lacus," Athrun turned back. "Keep my lunch away from the crazy fangirls. Lacus nodded in response as he exited the classroom in the direction of the nurse's office.

"Excuse me." Athrun called out as he knocked on the door of the nurse's office before slowly opening it. He cautiously entered the office, not wanting to disturb any sick students and the doctor, if they were there.

"Looks like the teacher is not here." Athrun said to himself after scanning the entire room. Silently, he approached the beds, where their privacy was protected by beige curtains.

"Cagalli?" Athrun called out in a soft voice as he drew the curtains aside slightly. She was not on the first bed. Athrun advanced to each and every bed, until he found her on the very last one.

Cagalli, apparently, was having a very nice nap. Her head was rested comfortably on the white pillow, her golden hair spread carelessly on it. The blanket only came up to her chest. One hand was on it in front of her chest while the other lay limp on the uncovered part of the bed. Her eyes were closed, in contrast to her pink lips which were slightly apart. Little sounds were emitted, signalling that she was still in a peaceful slumber. Athrun, not wanting to spoil the beauty he was witnessing at this moment, decided to take a seat at the side of the bed.

Athrun watched the sleeping Cagalli. He watched as her chest moved up and down in response to her breathing in and out. He then blushed when he realised what he was staring at. His emerald eyes then travelled up to her slender neck to her face where he began a close examination. He noticed her cheeks were a rosy red. He knew Cagalli would never wear make up to school and therefore, it was her natural asset. Her hair shone golden like the sunlight. It was fitting for her fiery but fun and outgoing personality. As if by instinct, his hands brushed a few strands of stray hair which had fallen over her eyes. Her dazzling amber eyes were shielded by her closed eyelids. His fingers gently touched her long eyelashes. Athrun always loved her eyes. They were always full of fire and they reminded him of the stunning Bird of Paradise flowers which he had seen on a holiday. The entire field of the yellow and tangerine flowers speckled with red, blue and green mesmerised him so much. It was a sight he would never ever forget.

"However, Cagalli is able to emerge victorious over the entire sea of flowers!" Athrun thought to himself, his vision never leaving the sleeping girl. He gently caressed the side of Cagalli's face as a soft smile crossed his features. Cagalli was beautiful, he noted. However, she never seemed to notice her charm. She always thought that she pales in comparison to many other girls in school, including Lacus, Shiho and Mirillia.

"And Meer!" Athrun added with distaste. Meer was his most rabid fangirl who has the misconception that she is the prettiest girl on the planet and is the only one who deserves to be with him. He knew he had many female admirers, and even some male ones, but the one his heart truly yearned for didn't seem to notice him that much. He gazed longingly at Cagalli's sleeping face, his hand not leaving her soft face.

"If only she knew I loved her." Athrun thought to himself sadly. He did not know when it started, but soon he became attracted by the blonde girl. She was the only one in his eyes, and will always be.

Although Athrun was handsome and popular, when it came to the girl he likes, his self-confidence becomes even tinier than a micro-organism. He did not have the courage to confess to her his feelings; neither did he have the tact to get closer to her. He just watched her from where he was, hoping one day she would realise there was someone pining for her. Athrun knew how many male students in the school had a crush on Cagalli, and they are all pretty outstanding. Those were the ones who were not looking for just looks in a girl, but for something different and she had what they were looking for. Cagalli had the charm, but she was oblivious to it, just like she was oblivious to the advances of the other boys and also his feelings for her.

By now, Athrun's fingers had wandered to Cagalli's plump lips. His heart began to palpitate wildly he swallowed a lump in his throat uneasily. All this time, he dreamt of sharing a kiss with the girl he loves. He did not know what was happening to him; he seemed to be controlled by something other than himself. Gradually, he found himself getting closer and closer to Cagalli. Before he knew it, his lips were caught in a chaste kiss with Cagalli.

When Athrun finally realised what he was doing, he pulled away hurriedly, his face burning hot and flushed. He could not believe what he just did. He sort of…forced the kiss on Cagalli!

At this very moment, Cagalli stirred. Gradually, her eyelids began to open, revealing her bright amber eyes. She rubbed her eyes groggily and blinked a few times, adjusting her eyes to the sudden light.

"Oh you are here Athrun." Cagalli let out. "What time is it now?"

"L…lunch…" Athrun barely made out.

"So its lunch." Cagalli said. "No wonder I am…" she stretched herself and let out a sound of satisfaction. "feeling so refreshed!"

Noticing Athrun was silent, Cagalli began to observe him. "Athrun, you are as red as a strawberry. Is there anything wrong?" she asked.

"Huh!" Athrun's eyes widened, shock and alarm written all over them. "No…noth…nothing…" he stammered.

"If you say so." Cagalli shrugged her shoulders and got off the bed. "By the way, I had a dream just now." She said as she rearranged the bed sheets and the blanket.

"Really? What did you dream of?" Athrun was eager to move on to any topic which would take his awkwardness off.

"I think it is a premonition dream." Cagalli put a finger over her lip and stared at the ceiling. "I think our class will be acting out Snow White in this year's cultural festival."

"Why is that?" Athrun asked. He didn't know why, but an uneasy feeling was spreading over him.

"Because I dreamt that someone kissed me and I woke up!" Cagalli answered. "Now if that really came true, won't I be psychic Athrun? Athrun?"

Athrun was frozen on the spot, his face a blazing red. His eyes were wide open in shock.

"Athrun?" Cagalli waved her hands in front of him. "Are you all right?"

"Eh!" Athrun snapped out of his trance. "We…we better go for lunch!" he replied hastily and half-ran, half-walked out of the room. Inwardly, he was scolding himself.

"Athrun Zala! What did you just do!" Athrun mentally slapped himself. "Why did you do that! And Cagalli must be thinking you are some kind of weirdo already!" his inner self wept.

"Athrun? Athrun! Wait up!" Cagalli called out as she chased after the midnight-haired young man who was going through a self-inflicted inner turmoil. What she did not know that she was the very cause of his turmoil.

All because he loved her.

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