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Chapter 28- Epilogue

He loves me… he loves me not. He loves me… he loves me not.

Tenten plucked the soft white petals off a daisy gingerly, heart pounding. She knew it was stupid to do this; any person who had even caught a glimpse of them together would tell her "girl, he loves you." But she couldn't get that tiny doubt out of her head. She didn't want to be hurt; it had been quite a while since she had let her guard down and fully immersed herself in someone. Not that she didn't trust Neji; she trusted him more than she had trusted anyone else.

But falling in love is risky. And in the back of her head, she knew that. She knew if she let her guard down and fell in love, she may get hurt. Maybe not now. Maybe later. Maybe in the future. Or maybe never. But seventy five percent said she would. She hated being walked out on, being left, being replaced.

He loves me… he loves me not.

Tenten stopped and sighed. After a few moments, she smiled, a faint red blush spreading over her pale cheeks as the one lone petal stood up proudly. He loves me.

"Hey. Ready to leave?"

Tenten tilted her head back and grinned lopsidedly at Neji. He slammed the car trunk closed and approached her, smirking. "Don't fall into the lake. Because if you do, you'll make up some excuse to stay longer."

She laughed and pulled her feet out of the cool, pond water and slipped on her rubber flip flops. Turning around, she almost bumped head first into his chest and looked up, and grinned again. "Hi."

He raised an eyebrow. "Hey."

She suddenly caught him by surprise by grabbing his shirt with her hands and burying her face in his chest. "Don't ever leave me, okay? Never."

She felt his chest vibrate as he laughed, then felt his arms surround her, enveloping her in a hazy heaven. "Never."

-X-x-X- Time skip to age 25

Granted, no relationship is perfect. Especially with rather short tempered Neji who just hid his temper well and feisty, spontaneous Tenten. Obviously they got into conflicts; some of them were neutralized, others were not.

"Neji! God, you pig!"

"I'm the pig? I'm not the one that leaves stray clothes everywhere. God, Tenten. I was late to class because I spent an extra 30 minutes looking for my keys which were, of course, underneath a pile of your clothes that I thought was your bed."

"Well then it's your damn fault for leaving your keys on the floor! Why did you eat my last piece of cake?"

"Well, I don't know. Maybe because I was up to 3 A.M. trying to finish a paper that would determine my semester grade? I needed something to keep me focused and alive!"

"Why the crap would that determine your grade? You're Hyuuga freaking Neji! You're supposed to have like a hundred fifty percent in every class! Forever! For the rest of your life! Besides, if your grade ever dipped below a blasted ninety, just freaking pay your way back to a ninety!"

Tenten's eyes widened and her body immediately tensed up as she felt something whizz past her ear and hit the wall behind her. She knew she had pushed him too far; she didn't blame him for losing his temper. Immediately, she felt remorse wash over her. "N-Neji…"

"Spending the night elsewhere." He stood up and stormed out of the house, letting the door slam shut and the sound resonate through the house.


"And that's why I'm here." Neji finished plainly, standing at the doorstep of none other than Uchiha Sasuke. "Turn me away if you want, because you are an arrogant bastard. But you're also my closest friend. And I haven't done anything that deserves you sending me to Naruto's or Kiba's."

"Fight with the girlfriend, hm?" Sasuke smirked, and stepped aside. "Come in. How long will you stay here?"

Neji sighed. "Not long. Not only do I need to apologize, but all my books and clothes are still there. Maybe moving in with Tenten wasn't such a good idea… because this is just our first year of college…"

"Don't say that," Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "It's not like your relationship is perfect. Nobody has a perfect relationship. You're just starting a long chain of fights."

"Thanks for the optimism," Neji glared and collapsed on the couch. "I need clothes."

"The ones you're wearing now cover you perfectly well."

"Bastard, you're making me to sleep in these?"


"And so he stormed out!" Tenten wailed into the phone dramatically, collapsing onto her bed. "What am I going to do? Does this mean we've broken up?" she whispered harshly, her eyes widening.

"Okay Tenten. This is what you do," Ino said sternly on the other side, but the brunette could hear the smirk. "When he comes home…"


Neji was apprehensive as he approached the apartment he shared with Tenten. Of course he had been nervous returning home on occasions in the past, especially when Tenten was… well, for a whole week out of a month he would always be terrified of her. But this time he was really worried; he prepared himself for the worst: seeing all his stuff packed up by the door and Tenten telling him to get out.

"Hello?" he called as he opened the door. Receiving no blow to the head with a knife or seeing his stuff by the door, he closed said door and took off his shoes, when he felt a force push him back. After a moment's hesitation, he realized it was Tenten. "Tenten, if you're going to kill me, by the door isn't a great idea because the police see this area first."

"I'm sorry baby," she whispered, pressing herself up against him and letting her fingers lightly drift over his jaw line, "I missed you… do you forgive me?"

Neji's mouth opened but he found he couldn't speak; maybe he should piss his girlfriend off more often. Looking down, he realized she was in a skimpy black nightgown and what he saw under it…

Well, he certainly didn't object."Not completely your fault, I suppose." He cleared his throat, managing to force words out. "I'm sorry for…"

"Shhh…" she smiled, pressing her lips softly to his neck. "No need… we can talk later…"

"Best idea you've had in a while…"

"Don't push it babe." Tenten grabbed his shirt collar tightly for a moment, frowning. "…Sasuke's?"

"…Yeah. Forgot to bring clothes with me."

"Well," she licked her lips, enjoying his hungry look. "We'll have to take that off as soon as possible, won't we?"

But what mattered was that they never gave up. Instead of breaking up, they would both cool off for a bit. They both knew of each other's pride. Though Neji's ego was obviously more well known, Tenten had quite a bit of pride as well; she just didn't make as big a deal about it. But because of their egos, they both knew better than to force each other to apologize. Because they were in love, they knew they would forgive each other just because they couldn't live without each other.

Neji bit his lip, pacing around the gazebo in the time nervously. Yes, they loved each other. They've been together for about eight years now; that had to mean something, right? He stopped pacing and sat down on a nearby bench, fiddling with his fuzzy box.

He remembered all the events they shared together; graduation, college, moving in together…

…First anniversary…

"Neji!" The Hyuuga was glomped on by the brunette. He enjoyed the attention he was receiving; why was she particularly loving today? "I love you!"

"I do too."



Suddenly he felt her pull away and mentally slapped himself. Shit. What day is it? Not her birthday… not her friend's birthday… wouldn't be my birthday I don't think… Mother's anniversary? Shit! Wait no. What am I forgetting…

"Neji?" Tenten asked sweetly; she obviously decided to give Neji another chance to redeem himself; she knew of the memory of a male when it came to these things.

Is it Christmas? No it's sunny out… Is it Hanukkah? …We don't celebrate Hannukah…

Obviously, Tenten was at the end of her tether. "Out. Now."



Neji sighed and obeyed; he figured he could ask Sakura or Ino or Hinata to get the answer. Hearing the door slam shut and the lock clicking shut, he winced. What could today possibly be? Being kicked out of his own house. This is depressing.


"Valedictorian-san. Top-student-in-the-last-twenty-years-san." Ino shook her head pitifully, putting two fingers to her temple. "What could today possibly be?"

"Yes. Indeed." Sakura nodded. "Only-student-smarter-than-me-san."

"Please," Neji groaned. "Just tell me. I probably have enough time to settle things so she'll see me within two weeks."

Ino and Sakura looked at each other and nodded, then looked at Neji menacingly. "It's your first anniversary with Tenten."



"Tenten?" Neji banged at her door. "Tenten! I know you're in there! Open up!"

Grudgingly, the door creaked open and Tenten peeked through the cracks, glaring at him. "Hyuuga."

"Let me in."


"Ten minutes. If you still don't forgive me after that, you can ignore me for a month."

The door was thrown open and Neji entered the house, closing the door behind him and walking over to the couch that Tenten had thrown herself upon. "What."

He placed the carrier bag he had been lugging around with him, and reached in, throwing five things at her. Staring at them in confusion, Tenten looked up, asking for an explanation.

"A box of Godiva white chocolate stars with raspberry filling, because that's your favorite kind. Dried seaweed, because when you have nothing to eat but have some rice, you eat them together and claim it's sushi; the simplest it can get. Strawberry milk, because as disgusting as that stuff is, you love it. Chanel's No 5 perfume, because that's the kind you use for special occasions because it's your favorite. And finally, a notebook because I know you like to write your thoughts down when you're emotional."

"H-how did you…" she looked at the items in disbelief, then back up at him. "How did you know…? I swear, I've never told you any of this…"

"You haven't," he smirked and took out something else from the bag, hiding it behind his back as he walked towards her. "I pay attention. And here," he held a bouquet of white daisies in front of her, "Daisies… because that's the flower you gave me when we first met."

"You remembered…?" Tenten took the bouquet and smiled shyly then resumed a stony expression. "I mean, you still aren't forgiven for forgetting…"

"Our first anniversary," he smirked, kneeling down in front of her, "You have to cut me some slack. I'm not sure if our anniversary is the day you confessed to me from a gazebo or when you first started falling in love with me. Which would, obviously, be the second day of the bet."

Tenten laughed and threw her arms around him, pressing her lips against his firmly. "You remembered… wrong about when I first fell in love with you, but you're forgiven," Tenten smiled at him. "Okay Hyuuga. I forgive you."

Disaster averted; Neji felt relieved just thinking about it. From then on he made sure to never forget an anniversary or birthday. Tenten thought it was because he became the perfect boyfriend after that incident, but honestly, Neji had enlisted the help of Sakura, Ino, and Hinata. He also set alarms on his phone a year in advance so he wouldn't forget to set an alarm to avoid forgetting.

Well, every once in a while he'd leave his phone somewhere or the battery would die and the other three were gone and couldn't contact him. But Neji was getting better at earning her forgiveness.


He looked up and felt his heart skip a beat as he saw Tenten approaching. Smiling softly, he stood up to greet her. "Hey," he whispered, gently kissing her, feeling his heart go out of control.

Tenten grinned; she was wearing a pair of dark jean shorts and a grey, v-neck t-shirt. "What'd you want to tell me?"

Neji smiled weakly, leading her to the edge of the pond. He knelt down, ignoring Tenten's soft gasp, not caring how much the maid would yell at him for getting his new khaki shorts dirty. The wind blew softly, and he felt his navy shirt move slightly. "Tenten… I have been in love with you for… God knows how long. I will never get over or understand your quirks, like laughing at the most random moments especially when I'm in pain or when it's deathly silent. You're the only person I know that eats ramen with a slice of cheese and tries to get others to eat it as well. I still don't understand you at times; especially your new found love for accordions, cows, and megaphones." Neji smiled slightly, taking her hand gently. "We may not have known each other since diapers and we haven't had the perfect relationship. I know the statistics of marriage at a young age, but I don't care. We're not a statistic. I can't promise you eternal loyalty or love. But I can promise you that if you're mine, I will do my best to try to make you happy for most of the time; I say most, because it's impossible to keep you satisfied forever. So Tenten," he took out his box and opened it, revealing a sparkling diamond ring, "marry me."

Tenten opened her mouth, staring at him. The song of the crickets seemed to intensify as if to enunciate how dire this situation was; when the song began to decrescendo, Tenten smiled and closed her eyes. "Neji…" she whispered softly. "You are, indeed, brilliant."

He raised an eyebrow as if to ask her what she meant. She knelt down in front of him, putting her hands on either side of his face. "You knew," she smiled, touching her forehead to his, "That you didn't even have to ask me to marry you. So I will obey your command. I will marry you." she grinned as he seemed to let out a sigh of relief and leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.

"If you don't mind," she pulled back, grinning, "I have people in mind to plan this wedding…"

"…I'm beginning to regret already."

-X-x-X- Few weeks later…

"Neji! Stand up straight! Can't tell if a suit looks good on you if you're all slouched over like a hill!" Ino barked, while Sakura sat in the background, laughing. "Ino, to be honest, he looks good in basically everything."

"While that is true, even a man has a perfect suit. And I will find it!"

Neji sighed and straightened up. "I think this is it. It fits. Can I go home now?"

"No, try on…"

"Ino, the last five suits you had me try on all looked the same."

"Are you sure you tried on different suits?"

Neji narrowed his eyes at the blonde. "Yes. I am positive. I'm not stupid."

Ino sighed. "Fine. You may leave. But know that it's only because we have to meet Tenten for her wedding dress fitting! I am certainly not giving you a suit that isn't good for you!"

Neji turned around and smirked right before entering his changing room. "As Sakura said, everything looks good on me. It is very difficult to make me look bad." He turned and closed the fitting room, oblivious to Ino's death glare.

"That cocky, arrogant bastard…"


"Food? Priest? Dance floor? Music? Cake? Food?" Ino called as she ran her finger down a list on a clipboard, looking around. Thanks to Hiashi, the wedding was to be held in The Sakura, one of the most prestigious hotels in Japan. Ino was standing in the hall where the ceremony would take place; the alter was covered in a red, lush carpet, and it extended all the way to the door like a red carpet over the clear glass. Looking through, there were flowers and, around the edges of the room, water. It gave the illusion of being outside without, as Ino would say, all the bugs, head, and humidity. On the altar at the two back edges were two Sakura trees, both vibrantly pink. The wall that everyone was facing was gold and covered with scrolls that Ino had specifically ordered reading "happiness, eternity, peace" and repeating over and over again.

"What's with you, Ino?" Sakura asked as she walked by holding a bunch of tablecloths. "Hungry? You mentioned food twice and cake counts as food."

Ino laughed. "Sakura, my dear friend. You should know as well as me what Tenten's primary concern about this wedding is."

Sakura gave a half hearted smile. "Can you believe it? Tenten's getting married in just a few hours… it feels like yesterday was the first day of freshman year. The four of us sitting together in English, introducing ourselves and sharing rumors we've heard about teachers… and Tenten was the first one to get in trouble. Speaking of which, where is she?"

"Sleeping in the suite where we're eventually going to go and make her flawless," Ino nodded towards a general direction behind her. "Everything ready?"

"Hinata's checking out everything with the chefs right now and I just confirmed things with the band; they're ready to go and the dance floor looks pretty good. The priest said everything is on schedule, he'll be here on time."

"Sounds good so far." Ino commented as the two walked out of the current room into the lobby. The floors were a white porcelain and there was the dim sound of chatter; the check in area had a counter made of stainless steel and the employees all smiled politely as the two girls walked past. The wall with the revolving door leading outside was made of glass and outside Sakura could see it was a perfect sunny day. In the large lobby area were four square shaped red carpets, arranged at the corners of an imaginary square. Three leather couches rested on each one, and a different potted plant; the glass coffee tables all had the same crisp, clean magazines that people occasionally were reading.

Walking into another door, the two entered the hall where lunch would be served and the dance floor was. As Sakura opened the door, she smiled, hearing Ino's gasp. It wasn't often that the rosette could impress the blonde because of her work in aesthetics, but she did do an impressive job this time, directing the decoration of the room.

They both knew Neji and Tenten would hate a flashy wedding full of color, as much as Ino hated to admit it. The entire floor was a shiny, hardwood floor. There were tables to either side of a large empty space with only one circular table in the center, meant for the cake. White tablecloths were on most of the tables, and each table had six chairs, all evenly spaced. People were still setting up the silverware, and Ino could see the band setting up on the stage at the back of the room. This room was unique in the fact that it was almost completely separated from the rest of the hotel; three of the walls, excluding the wall that was attached to the hotel, were made completely of glass. The outside was a patio with stairs leading down to a lush garden, and a pond in the background where birds frequently spent their time. The wall that was attached to the wall was made of a mirror, so it reflected the window opposite it and occasionally the guests would mistake the mirror for another window.

"It's gorgeous. Perfect. Tenten will love it." Ino smiled confidently.

"The chef says everything is going according to plan," Hinata came through the door, smiling softly. "Everything looks delicious, and they're putting the finishing touches on the cake. He assured me that unless there was an earthquake that ruined all of Japan, everything would be ready in time."

"What about the people?" Ino blinked, suddenly realizing that the people, namely the people Neji chose, would be one of the hardest things to control.

"Oh, no worries! Sasuke assured me that Naruto and Kiba would definitely be here before the wedding started."

"And how did he manage that?"

"Hey guys! Ready for the wedding?" came a familiarly obnoxious voice. "Sasuke told us to come at 7 a.m! Well, we're an hour late. But hey, we're here!"

Ino turned to Sakura slowly, raising an eyebrow. "But… it starts at 1 p.m… oooh." Ino returned Sakura's grin. "Your man, my friend, is a keeper."


Tenten sleepily opened her eyes as there came a rapping at the door. She was relaxing in one of the suites of this hotel; she wasn't allowed to stay at home but also wasn't allowed to see anything pertaining to the wedding. When she thought all hope had been lost and she was going to be cast out like a hobo, Hinata gave her a key and smiled, saying she'd have no trouble passing the next couple of hours.

The royal suite was, indeed, fit for royalty. She had spent most of her morning in the soft king sized bed, snuggled up in the white duvet covers with golden embroidery. The pillows carried the same pattern and the longer she slept, the more she wondered if she was allowed to walk out with one. The headboard had a gold color to it and had the same intricate design as on the sheets. There was a flat screen television attached to the wall across the bed, but when Tenten saw how confusing the remote was, she decided to just sleep. In the corner was a deep, mahogany desk with a soft, black, leather chair.

The only time she had left the bed was to take a shower; the bathtub was in the center of the room on a raised platform. The entire bathroom floor was glass with rocks underneath; the glass was so clear that when Tenten first stepped foot in it, she was expecting her feet to step on the pointy rocks. In the back corner, to the left of the bathtub was a shower, and to the right was a counter with two sinks and a large mirror. As Tenten had prepared to turn on the water, she was pleasantly surprised to see that the bathtub was already filled with hot water and rose petals floating on the surface gently. She thought this was some kind of awkward greeting the hotel staff gave until she saw the note by the shampoo and conditioner written in a familiar flowing script: I know you'd check out the bathroom first, so I trust the water doesn't get too cold.

Tenten wanted to live here. But she knew she couldn't; she accidentally saw the bill for this room and she could've sworn that it was more than for her college books. If it was for a week, she had a feeling her college tuition money would be all gone.

Walking over to the double doors, she opened them, she saw her best friends, also known as the trio of death when it came to romance, fashion, and academics. "God. Can't I be happy for a few more minutes?"

"Nope. We're moving in, Tenten." Ino said seriously. "Time to get down to work."

"Lord please help me stay alive."


"What if I trip?"

"You do your signature Tenten glare at everyone who laughs. Trust me, honey, you won't trip." Sakura reassured her friend as she fixed a few tendrils around her face. The rosette then stepped back and smiled approvingly. "If I do say myself, I'm extremely proud."

"Did I do nothing?"

"Of course not Ino. It wouldn't be the same without your amazing makeup. Or without Hinata's amazing hair skills."

Tenten turned around and looked at herself in the full length mirror. True, a tomboy at heart, she would usually never agree to having the three of them do her hair, makeup, and fix the dress. But Tenten had to admit, she did feel extremely pretty. Her naturally pink lips were glossy with lip gloss and her cheeks were a rosy pink. Her hazel eyes seemed to pop out even more with eyeliner and mascara, and her eyebrows were definitely worth the excruciating torture. Her hair had been curled and pinned up to the side, with curled tendrils cascading down onto her shoulder and a few framed her face.

Oh God. And the dress. Tenten would keep this dress forever.

The strapless dress was made of pure silk, in a creamy white color. There was a Queen Anne collar with a floral pattern; sequins and beads adorning each separate flower. The silver threads glinted as she turned in the mirror, looking at herself. It hugged her curves and then bloomed out into a draped, voluminous skirt. The long train trailed behind her on the ground softly as she walked, making a swishing sound whenever she turned.

"You look beautiful," Ino smiled and squeezed her friend's shoulders gently. "Now go. Your Prince Charming is waiting at the altar."


"All rise for the bride."

The sounds of hundreds of people getting to their feet echoed in the room as the doors opened, revealing Tenten. She clutched her nosegay tightly, and began walking forwards as the orchestra began to play. With each step, her skirt was kicked forward slightly and tiny Hyuuga children struggled to keep up with her steps, holding her train. She stopped and smiled slightly, offering Sasuke her arm. Odd, yes that the bride was to be escorted by the best man. But with no male relative that Tenten was willing to allow to walk her down the aisle, it seemed fitting that Sasuke should.


She smiled again, wider this time, and the two made their way down the aisle. Looking straight ahead, her breath hitched in her throat as she saw Neji. The light that filtered through the windows enveloped him in a heavenly looking light, as he stood there in a crisp, black suit and tie that Tenten knew was worth more than her entire wardrobe. When he caught her eye, his silver eyes softened, a faint smile spreading across his lips. His bangs covered his eyes slightly, giving him the mysterious, alluring aura that drove girls crazy. And Tenten was definitely no exception.

Upon reaching the altar, Tenten and Sasuke stopped. Sasuke looked at Tenten, smiled at her, and gave her hand to Neji's as he took his place next to Kiba.

"Dearly beloved, today we gather to see the joining of a man and a woman…"

As the priest began speaking, Tenten felt her heartbeat increase at an exponential rate. She barely heard anything he was saying, until she saw Neji's lips moving and it registered to her that they were exchanging vows.

"Tenten," he paused, and smiled softly, "I have never had to fight for a girl as hard as I have had to fight for you. And trust me, it wasn't easy feeling my ego get chipped away with each passing day that I spent with you. To this day, I still can't pinpoint why I love you. It may be the way you laugh like a toddler or how angry you get when you get the hiccups. Or it might be how you're persistent and how you never let someone bully you. Maybe it's something as simple as your smile. I never believed in the concept of a true love; to me, it seemed highly unlikely that one day I would meet a person that I would fall so in love with that I would never love someone else the same way ever again. But meeting you," he tilted his head, smirking slightly, "let's just say you've changed my ways of thinking a bit."


"Neji." Tenten gulped, and looked up at him shyly. "You didn't believe in true love? Well, in a way, the concept of love in general seemed a bit foreign to me. Most of my life when growing up I felt distant from everyone. The idea of falling in love with someone and feeling secure and never alone seemed ridiculous. But even though my logic told me the love that everyone dreams about doesn't exist, a small part in me wanted it to exist. So," she looked down for a moment, then up again, smiling, "I'm so thankful that I met you. Because falling in love with you is the riskiest and probably one of the stupidest things I've ever done. I would've thought that you were the last person; me with cocky Hyuuga Neji? It sounded like blasphemy. But… I fell. You tripped me, and I fell, and you caught me. So… thank you."

Her heart still pounding, the priest's words became as clear as day as heard Neji say "I do" and she muttered an "I do" with a feeling of disbelief a few moments later. This was happening. She stared at her hand as she felt Neji slide a gorgeous diamond ring on her finger, a large diamond in the middle of a pattern that resembled an infinite sign that became a single, platinum silver band. Small diamonds were embedded on either side of the diamond; on the left side it was on the top and on the other it was on the bottom.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Neji smirked and leaned in, brushing a tendril away from her face and softly pressed his lips to hers. Her frail fingers clutched onto his suit, in fear that she would pass out and miss even a second of this moment. When they broke apart, Tenten opened her eyes and blushed crazily, smiling up at him. "We're stuck together now. Forever."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," he breathed, kissing her forehead softly.

Suddenly, Tenten found herself in his arms bridal style, making their way towards the exit. She wrapped her arms around his neck, laughing as she heard all the clapping from the onlookers and seeing Sakura, Ino, and Hinata mouthing "reception" at her, and dabbing their eyes. "Neji?"


"I love you," she whispered into his ear, and pulled back grinning.

He looked at her, the corners of his lips turning upwards into his signature smirk. "I know."


"We'll see you soon! Have fun at your honeymoon!" their friends waved as the newlyweds prepared to head towards a limo to whisk them off to the airport where they would then go on their honeymoon. Tenten grinned and waved, her other hand in Neji's as they began walking towards the exit, where a shiny limousine awaited them.


Tenten stopped and her eyes widened, "Kasu-san! It's so nice to see you!"

The two embraced and when they separated, Neji nodded politely, started slightly when he was enveloped in a hug. "I am so glad," she said as she pulled back, smiling broadly, "that you've found your happiness." Standing in a cream colored dress with her sleek black hair with a few grey hairs pulled back into a bun, she looked at the two of them as a man, presumably her husband, came up behind her. "It feels like yesterday that I was taking you to the park and pushing you on the swings… you've grown up to be such a beautiful young woman," she smiled warmly at Tenten. "You two really remind me of my husband and me… we've been together for forty six years and I can sense that you two will be together for longer than that."

"Thank you Kasu-san," Neji smiled, a genuine smile from the heart that he rarely showed anyone, "I sincerely hope so."

"So how did you two meet?" she looked at the two of them, "How long did it take for you two to realize you were meant to be together?"

Neji and Tenten looked at each other, both smiling at the same time. Memories of that one summer flashed before their eyes; three words popping into their heads.

"Well… you're unique. You're insane. You're crazy. You're the last person I thought I'd actually fall for. But… you're sweet and caring, and you're not afraid to stand up for what you believe in, and I admire that about you. You'll do anything if it's to help someone you care about, and you're so generous every time I see you I just get reminded of how much of a bastard I am but… that's what I love about you."

"Hyuuga Neji, over these 26 days I've been on the adventure of a lifetime. Over these 26 days I've actually realized some things about myself. Over these 26 days I've learned how to be independent but also dependent at the same time… Screw the formality. HYUUGA NEJI, I LOVE YOU."

"Spend 26 days with me at the Hyuuga summer house. 26 letters, 26 days. One activity each day starting with a letter, in alphabetical order. By the end, I guarantee you will be falling hard for me."

"Twenty six days."

.:. End 26 Days .:.

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