I Don't Understand....
By: eternalsailorsolarwind

Disclaimer: Sorry, I don't own Digimon. If you do own Digimon, want to sell the rights?

A/N: This kind of just popped into my head the other day. I'm supposed to be working on other stuff, but this was driving me nuts! Short and sweet. Anyway, Japanese names are used. Yaoi, with Daiken/Kensuke. This is from the Digimon's point of view.

"Minomon?" the tiny blue dragon asked his friend.

"What is it, Chibimon?" replied the little green Digimon.

"I thought Ken and Daisuke were friends now," Chibimon said.

"They are. Why?"

"Well, look at them!" The two In-Training Digimon looked over at their human partners. Ken and Daisuke were lying on Ken's bed. Daisuke was above Ken, and the two were tussling, their faces coming together often and their lips touching. Occasionally, one boy or the other would moan or squeak.

"See what I mean?" asked Chibimon, waving a blue paw at the boys.

"Um, no," said Minomon, looking mystified.

"Don't you remember? They fought like this once - well sort of. I don't think they were squeaking like that then," Chibimon reminded his friend.

"You mean that time when they slid down the mountain? You're right, it does kind of look like that," agreed Minomon. "But they look pretty happy to me."

The two humans stopped what they were doing, looked at each other, and then turned to their Digimon partners. Chibimon grinned at the two boys, waving a tiny paw at them. Minomon smiled with his whole body. Daisuke and Ken shifted their positions, and the two Digimon leaped into their respective human's lap.

Ken looked between the two Digimon and said, "What we did that day when I
was still the Kaizer =was= fighting."

Daisuke smiled, rubbing Chibimon behind his ears. The blue Digimon giggled. "But that was back when we didn't like each other. We don't feel that way anymore."

"You don't?" asked Chibimon and Minomon.

"Nuh uh. Now we love each other. What we're doing now is called making out. It's kissing and stuff. It's a lot more fun than fighting."

"There's an understatement, Dai-chan," agreed Ken, his eyes sparkling.

The two Digimon barely managed to move out of the way before Daisuke tackled Ken back onto the bed. The boys maneuvered themselves back into the same position that had originally made Chibimon wonder about them. After a few minutes of listening to them moan and squeak some more, Chibimon turned to Minomon.

"I don't understand humans," the tiny blue dragon sighed. Then he brightened. "Let's go get the chocolate out of Daisuke's backpack!"