"Don´t cry, Mummy is coming. You can eat then, sounds good, yeah? That´s my boy."

Hermione leaned on the door frame of her bedroom and smiled at Ron, who was rocking in his arms their two month old baby son.

The baby, who was crying earlier, had now stopped and was making soft sounds with his tongue. Ron was smiling proudly while talking to his boy. Hermione felt a rush of happiness seeing the way Ron´s blue eyes beamed from looking at their baby´s face and how he caressed his little red-haired head with his large hand.

After difficult times during the last battle and their injury recovery at St. Mungus, Ron and Hermione had dated for three years still feeling the tense and inevitable sad atmosphere at The Burrow, especially when Percy was killed by a Death Eater.

The rebuilding of Magical World was a hard and busy task that required everyone´s good will. Ron and Hermione felt that they had acomplished that task during the past eight years in which five of them they had lived as married couple.

Hermione got closer to Ron and picked up the little baby in her arms. She sat on their bed which was covered by a blue patchwork quilt embroidered with white flowers, it had been one of Ron´s parents wedding gifts to them.

She gave Ron a peck on his lips and started to breastfeed their baby. Ron grinned back and picked a Quidditch magazine to read.

Some minutes later, Hermione put Matthew asleep in his crib and chuckled when she saw a sprawled Ron snoring soundly.

Some things never change

Hermione was happy about that.