It was Summer

It was summer... Padfoot had just moved into my house to hide but was visiting Harry often. It was a very hot day and he sat on the lake in the grass of my garden. I had run out of money and had to get myself some today so we could eat something. Actually I am more a criminal than Sirius will ever be, serving my money with illegal card games. But I'm glad about it, otherwise I would never have met that special man. Or if then much later.

I went into the garden taking out my wand. "Padfoot, I'll leave you alone for a bit, ok?"

Sirius turned his head. "Sure, where are you going?"

I shrugged and answered: "Trying to get a bit of money."

He turned towards the water again looking over to the trees. "OK."

I watched him for a few more seconds pitying him for not being able to walk the street without transforming into a big black dog. The very Sirius Black who loved freedom more than anything else trapped in his own body.

I shook my head to clear my mind and turned sideways and next moment I was standing in Nocturne Alley. I looked around me before I put on the hood of my cloak and made my way to the 'Dirty Hand', a very fitting name for the dingy little pub like I notice every time.

I pushed open the door and slipped inside. There at one table they were already sitting, shuffling the cards. I was almost disgusted by myself for associating with those people. From behind him someone laid their hand on my shoulder and I turned around quickly.

Before him stood Auron a fellow werewolf. "Hello, Professor."

I waved my hand at him. "Don't call me that."

He shrugged and led me to the table where the others were already starting to play. We sat down and one of the mysterious men handed us our cards. We began to play. Auron won a game then lost everything again. Though he wouldn't care. If he had to he would go stealing something to eat. I wouldn't.

I won a game, then another one and another one. I couldn't believe my luck. Just as I had laid down my cards to win another game the door burst open and some dirty dark man came running in shouting: "They're coming! They're just outside the pub. Grab whatever you can and BEAT IT!"

Suddenly every single person in the pub was on their feet. On the other tables they grabbed their money and ran out through the backdoor. I looked around nervously and grabbed my own winnings from the table to stuff them in my pockets.

The door flew open again and the Aurors stormed into the dark pub shooting curses through the room. I ran to the backdoor taking out my wand. I made it out on the street breathing hard. I walked a bit down the street looking behind me every now and then to check if no one was following, but the coast seemed to be clear. Perhaps I felt a bit to secure then because in the next moment I was lying on the ground a stinging pain in my left cheek from having been hit hard.

I opened my eyes to see who my attacker was but the figures had concealed their faces. I felt another fist hitting my cheek again and then a foot in my stomach. "Well, Lupin… you think you need the money more than we do? Sorry for that but I'm afraid you can't keep it.", said a familiar voice but I couldn't define who it was.

They were hitting me again and I felt myself pass out as I heard someone shout: "Stupefy!"

There were running footsteps and frightful voices, then it was quiet. I opened my eyes again and saw someone kneeling over me. "You feeling alright?", the man asked in a very deep calming voice.

I tried to focus on him shaking my head. Actually I was feeling quite miserable. "Well, how could you", the man said, "you don't look well after all."

He helped me up and finally I could see him clearly. He was tall, bald and black with a single gold earring.

"What did they want from you?", he asked in his deep calming voice.

I shrugged and locked my eyes on his nameplate so I wouldn't have to look him in the eyes. K. Shacklebolt stood there. Somehow familiar I thought. Shacklebolt kept looking at me curiously. I looked up.

"Thank you.", I murmured, "I think I should go now." I tried to pull away but he held me in place. I looked at him, confused.

He shook his head. "No, what if they get you again? They seemed to know you. Perhaps they fled from the pub we just checked. Always the same with those people."

My stomach churned unpleasantly. I shrugged again looking at my feet. And just then I noticed I was bleeding. I touched my forehead then my mouth and rubbed off the blood on the latter.

"Shall I bring you to Mungo's?", Shacklebolt asked.

I shook my head. In St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies they knew I was a werewolf. I didn't want any awkward questions. "I… I'll do that myself its not so bad.", I said.

Shacklebolt looked at me closely. "What's your name?", he asked.

"Remus Lupin.", I answered without thinking. He nodded and seemed to be thinking. "Well, Mr. Lupin, I think I'll take you to my office to take care of you. And ask you a few questions to the attackers."

I shook my head. I had nothing to tell about those men. Perhaps that they were werewolves, but I didn't really want to tell him that. "No, please. I just want to go home. There's nothing to tell. I didn't see their faces." I began to slide down the wall and my vision blurred. I felt sick.

"But you're not well. I should at least look after your wounds.", Shacklebolt said trying to steady me but I jerked away. "No", I said firmly, "I'm ok." Of course I wasn't. actually I was really miserable. But I didn't want him to help me. I had a very strange feeling about him. I wouldn't have cared if it had been strange in a bad way but it was a pleasantly strange feeling and I didn't like that.

Now my vision faded more and more. I felt him catch me before I could fall to the ground and my last thought was how embarrassing this was. Damned pride.