It was warm when I woke up. Very warm and cosy. I hadn't felt that contented in a very long time. I opened my eyes to a bright bedroom, not mine though. I lay in a strange house with a stranger by my side. No that wasn't quite right, he wasn't a stranger at all. Kingsley Shacklebolt a fourth year student, Ravenclaw. I remembered vaguely how he sometimes came to me asking questions on different subjects. I had been Prefect then it had been long ago. How could I have remembered it at once? He hadn't been as tall and still had had hair then after all. I thought grinning.

Kingsley's arm was wrapped around my waist loosely but somehow possessively. I looked at him and my face darkened. I couldn't stay. I slid away from under his arm carefully and climbed out of the bed. I pulled on my robes and slipped out of the room as quietly as possible. I walked to the fireplace and allowed myself to take some floo powder off the mantelpiece to throw it into the empty fireplace. At once green flames emitted and I said my address. Immediately Sirius's face appeared in the flames and I fell backwards in shock. "Sirius!", I hissed, "What are you doing?"

"Just wanted to know who's coming. Where have you been last night? You didn't come home.", he replied.

"I", I began but didn't know how to continue. Well, where had I been? "I have been injured yesterday and was unconscious. I had to stay at this man's house but I'm coming home now."

Sirius nodded. "Alright." And he vanished again.

I sighed and stood to step into the flames but a hand on my shoulder held me back. Did I already mention not liking to be touched without permission? I turned around and looked again into Kingsley's deep dark eyes.

"Where are you going?", he asked stone-faced.

I swallowed. What now? "I'm going home."

"Why?", he said in his low calming voice.

"I… am no good for you."

He looked at me incomprehensively and touched my face. "What do you mean?"

I pulled away causing Kingsley to put on a hurt look. "I am dangerous, you see?" As he still didn't seem to get my point I lost patience. "I'm a werewolf, Kingsley! I was gambling last night and had won much. That was the reason why they attacked me. I'm sure they were werewolves, too."

Kingsley looked at me his expression empty. "That's the reason why you wanna leave? Why do you think would that be a problem?"

I stared at him. "Why? You ask why? Well, then I'll ask you why you, a good-looking rich Auror would want to be together with some old, gambling, flee-bitten werewolf!"

Now Kingsley got angry. "Do you think I'm that superficial? As if such a thing mattered to me."

"Because I'm not!", he interrupted me. "Don't you think that would be very ironic?"

I kept staring. "You don't understand.", I said.

"No, you don't understand!", he shouted and came closer to me pulling me to his chest.

"I won't let you go! I don't care about all this werewolf stuff."

He stepped back still holding me by the arms and looked at me suspiciously. "You are not married, are you?"

I snorted. "No. Three times divorced… of course not! Who would take me?"

He smiled. "Me.", he said plainly and kissed me softly.

I smiled into the kiss, wishing it to last forever. As he pulled away he hugged me again then let go and walked into the kitchen. I glanced back to the fireplace and then followed slowly.

Kingsley made tea with a flick of his wand and offered me a piece of toast which I accepted thankfully, sitting down. I hadn't eaten for days.

"I have to go to the Ministry soon.", he said and sat down beside me, "Think I have a track of Black."

I coughed at my toast at those words and he clapped my back. "Alright?", he asked nervously.

I nodded and looked at him. "Black?", I asked trying not to sound panicked.

He nodded and continued, "You know, its me they trusted with finding him. And I think I am close to…"

"But what if you find him?", I interrupted, "What will you do then?"

He shrugged. "I think they'll give him to the Dementors. Maybe he deserves it."

I shook my head. "But what if he's innocent? No-one deserves being soulless! Leading such a terrible life."

Kingsley had turned towards me and looked me in the eyes. "Well, I can't help it. Its Fudge who decides. But why do you make such a fuss because of Black?"

I looked at my hands. "I… he means a lot to me."

Kingsley's eyes widened. "You know where he is?"

I shook my head. "I didn't say that. Listen, Kingsley, I can't tell you not to catch him but I ask you not to do so. Of course you decide what is right in your point of view…"

He leant into me and pressed his lips against mine. "I would do anything for you. Only if he's any concurrence to me of course."

I shook my head smiling. "Then I won't lay a hand on him… But maybe on you next time you play cards."

My mouth fell open. "You'd do that?"

He grinned. "I'm an Auror after all. If you're guilty your're punished.", he explained smiling, licked his lips in a very suggestive way and then shrugged, "I suspected that you were a criminal right when I saw the amount of money in our pockets. You were very near to Nocturne Alley after all.", he paused and then added grinning slightly, "But you were so beautiful I had to take you home."

I blushed crimson and he winked at me. "You know I was always so fascinated by you at school…"

My head shot up and I looked at him. "So I was right. I knew you from school."

He nodded "I think so. I had hair then…" He touched his bald head and I laughed.

"Yeah you had." He touched my cheek then kissed it and said, "I have to go."

He stood up and stuck his wand in his belt. I followed him to the door and looked at him for the last time before he disapparated with a wave and a CRACK.

I smiled to myself and went back into the house to floo home. It was definitely not so bad to be a criminal card player and I think I had never been so happy about being beaten up.

I decided that I hadn't been that happy for… a very long time really.

But with Grimmauld Place coming the good mood was soon forgotten.