Calgara was only two steps into the house before Norland was out of his chair, asking if he needed help with the net of fish he was hauling toward the kitchen.

"I can handle it," Calgara said casually and, unable to see his friend over the net, he shooed him out of the way with one foot in order to make it into the kitchen. He dropped the net on the floor and released the fish into a barrel in the corner to keep them alive. "I told you to stay here and finish writing whatever it is you're trying to write, not to fret over whether I can carry dinner."

"I wasn't fretting," Norland replied, amused, from the next room. "I was just concerned that you would break your back, because your daughter and half the village would be after me if I let you hurt yourself."

"Very funny," Calgara shot back, smiling, and wandered back into the main area of the house. He spotted Norland and stopped, perplexed. "What are you wearing?"

Norland looked confused, and then glanced down. "Pants...a shirt..."

"No, the other things."


"On your face."

"Oh, these?" He touched the frame of his glasses and raised an eyebrow. Calgara nodded. "They're glasses. I was using them to write."

Calgara pondered this for a moment, and then opened his mouth to speak, but Norland cut him off. "No, I was using a pen to write. The glasses are to help me see what I'm writing."

"Ah," Calgara replied, somewhat sheepishly. "Your vision is impaired, then?"

"I'm slightly farsighted, yes." At Calgara's blank look, he elaborated. "It means that I have trouble seeing things close to me."

"Hmm." Calgara moved forward, reaching out. "May I…try them on?"

"I don't see why not." Norland took off the glasses and handed them to Calgara, who examined them briefly and then put them on. Norland made a valiant effort not to laugh– his friend looked decidedly ridiculous– and didn't quite succeed. Luckily, Calgara was too busy looking at his hand at various distances from his face to notice.

"They make my head hurt," he finally announced, taking off the glasses and looking at them with distaste as he handed them back to Norland.

"That's because you have perfect vision," Norland explained, folding the glasses and putting them in his shirt pocket. He looked up to see Calgara watching him curiously, as if plotting, and wondered if he should be worried.

Calgara grinned and stepped forward, into Norland's personal space. Very, very much into it. "Can you see me from this far away?" he asked, 'this far away' being roughly three inches.

Norland could only blink in surprise. He opened his mouth once and closed it before trying again. "Well, I can't exactly see anything other than you...but you're all fuzzy."

"Maybe you should put them back on then, because I don't intend to step back," Calgara suggested, grinning even more broadly.

Norland smiled, and put the glasses back on.