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Three years have passed since Scipio rode the Merry-Go-Round. Barbarossa is still living with Esther (or rather at boarding school), Riccio and Mosca are still in the Warehouse and doing quite well, and Prosper and Hornet still secretly like each other. However, many things have changed. Victor and Ida are now engaged, Scipio is bored with his job, and everyone is three years older. Then on day three teenagers stumble into Venice. And they're not tourists, they have instead come to warn the thieves. What happens next? Just keep reading!

Prosper ran down the stairs of his high school. A breeze lifted his wavy brown hair as his best friend Hornet jogged down beside him. It was a cloudy February day as they walked home. Hornet was chatting excitedly about the book that they were to read for their English class, Prosper answering only automatically. He was never really thrilled about school, but what the heck? A's made Ida and Victor happy.

He was interrupted from his Algebra problems when Bo asked loudly for help with his math homework. Honestly, thought Prosper, they don't need to give him any homework; he's in second grade. But he proceeded to explain each and every math problem to Bo, who then asked why math was necessary. Prosper explained for the thousandth time that math would help him get into college. When Bo asked why college was necessary, Prosper told him that it would help him get a good job. Bo then asked why a good job was necessary, and the now weary Prosper told him that it would make sure that he had money.

"But I won't need to work for money," Bo protested, "I'm going to be the greatest thief in Venice one day, just like Scipio said he was."

"Bo! You can't do that!" Prosper said, but Bo just stuck out his tongue. Prosper sighed wearily.

After the ordeal of Bo's homework, Prosper decided to take a break from his math assignment and do something easier, Current Events. He picked up the newspaper and unfolded the front page. He gasped.

"What is it, Prop?" Bo inquired.

"What's the matter?" Hornet asked.

"Its Scipio's dad, he's dead."

"What?" Hornet asked in alarm.

"Let me see." Bo demanded, snatching at the paper. Prosper tried to hold it out of reach, but Bo caught it. Darn his long legs. Prosper thought, annoyed. He had not yet gotten used to Bo's increased height.

"Scipio's dad's dead?" Bo repeated, after pretending importantly to read the story.

"Well, that's what it says," Prosper said, "Shouldn't we go and see him?"

"Not this instant!" Hornet said in alarm, "Scipio's probably feeling really awful right now. She put a hand on Prosper's shoulder to hold him back; it sent shivers down his spine.

"Ha!" Came a triumphant voice. "Prop's got a girlfriend!" Bo sang evilly. Hornet immediately removed her hand.

"Bo!" Prosper scolded blushing, "she is not my girlfriend!"

Bo giggled. "I love this." He said.

"Well I don't think its that funny." Prosper informed him, Bo just snorted. "I think we should see Scipio anyway." Prosper said, changing the subject.

"We can see him tomorrow." Hornet said, "right before school."

"Alright, if you insist." Prosper grumbled. Convincing Ida to let them go to school an hour earlier was quite a different story.

"There won't be any tourists out at that hour." Hornet tried, "and Victor will be in his office when we get there."

"And even if he's not, Scipio will be there, and he's a responsible adult." Bo put in.

Ida snorted.

"An adult legally, maybe, but Scipio is still a boy just nearing his sixteenth birthday stuck in a man's body."

"Why's he's so tall, then?" Bo asked obnoxiously-on-purpose.

Prosper and Ida both tried to formulate something to say to the cocky Bo, but nothing came out.

Prosper compromised by pulling Bo outside to play soccer. "We'll go school right after we finish visiting." He said, hauling Bo after him.

Author's note: 1st published fanfiction story, here. I know the first chapters might be a little boring, but after things get set up, the real story begins. Thanks for reading and please review.