Notes: Yaoi, MPREG, some swearing bla bla bla etc. And by the way they are older now. Sasuke is back in Konoha so they have changed clothes again. Means Naruto has a more good-looking outfit. Yay for being able to give him an makeover!

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Chapter 1 in which Naruto and Sasuke are having a nice time Knock, knock

"Come in."

Tsunade answered with a dull voice, looking down at a report. She had been sitting here all morning and there was still a lot to do.


The door was opened with such a force that papers flew everywhere. Tsunade looked surprised at the door where a certain furious blonde stood.


No, it was not a boy.

"Ino? What…what's the matter?"

Tsunade stared dumbfounded at the angry female. She stormed forward and slammed her hands on the desk of the stunned Hokage.

"Konohamaru that brat has painted all over the cliff Hokage faces! With REAL paint this time!!"

Tsunade closed her eyes and pinched her nose bridge. She really didn't need this right now. She just wanted to finish and have a nice bath with good sake.

"That kid."

She mumbled and went to pick up the papers that had been flying onto the ground.

"Fetch his sensei."

Ino made a questioning face.

"Ebisu sensei?"

Tsunade stopped in her movement to take up another paper from the floor when she remembered who Konohamaru's sensei was.

"Uhm, go and get Iruka instead."

Ino nodded in agreement to that solution.


Then she ran towards the door, opened it and almost crashed into someone.

"Whoa! Watch it!"

Tsunade looked up when she heard the voice at the door. At once Ino's voice was heard as she skidded through the halls.

"Watch it yourself! I'm in an hurry, Naruto!"

An even more certain person with blonde hair and blue eyes poked his head into the room but this person had whisker marks on his chins. He stepped into the room with a big scroll tied onto his back but now he let it down onto Tsunade's desk with a big Bump. Naruto was now an 18-year-old boy and had grown quite a bit. He was no longer a gennin but a jounin soon to become ANBU. Actually he had already earned that position but there was still a little more to do. Naruto had mostly black clothes with a little bit blue that matched his eyes and his forehead protector was now attached to his left arm. Yes, he had changed a little bit but his face was still the same with those remarkable eyes.

"Here is the scroll Tsunade baa-chan!"

Tsunade had just finished picking up the reports from the floor and sat down behind her desk while Naruto crossed his arms and looked at the door where Ino had bumped into him.

"Thank you Naruto."

Tsunade said with a sigh.

"Ne, why did Ino storm out like that?"

Tsunade checked the scroll.

"Oh, it was Konohamaru. He painted the faces of the Hokage's again."

"Konohamaru did…?"

Naruto got an absent look in his eyes and smiled softly and remembered the time he had done it. Naruto had told Konohamaru about it yesterday and the brown haired boy had said that he just had to do that too.

The fifth noticed the vessel's look.

"He's like a shadow clone of you just he won't disappear when you smack him."

Naruto turned his gaze upon her with his famous grin and put his hands behind his head.

"Is that so? Well, it must be cool for everyone. Then no one will be too sorry that I've grown up."

Tsunade sorted some papers while answering in a monotone voice.

"It's a real pain in the ass and you haven't matured at all."

"Huh? Was it that supposed to mean?"

Naruto stopped grinning and gave her a slight suspicious look. The Hokage went on with the papers and answered without even glancing at him.

"It's supposed to mean that you still behave like a 12 year old."


Naruto pointed rude at her, his facial expression changed into an angry one.

"That's supposed to come from you when you are just covering up with some strange technique that you're actually an old grandma! You are just an old hag sitting in the Hokage's chair! Just you wait until I become an ANBU then you are going to shit your pants knowing that I'm one step closer of taking over your place!"

"I am NOT afraid that a fag like you would take over my place and you are no ANBU yet so don't act so mighty stupid!"

"Who is stupid?!"

Naruto was rambling on under his curses while making wild movements with his hands yelling at her. Tsunade sighed.

"You are dismissed. Oh, by the way, "the hidden mist mission" was successful so they are back."

Naruto stopped his rambling and stopped dead in his movements to look at her wondering.

"Huh? They are back?"

Tsunade who was still sorting out the reports glanced at him knowingly with a smile that looked a bit like a smirk. It dawned for Naruto and his face shone up. He turned around and dashed through the door out from the Hokage's office.

The fifth smiled for herself while continuing doing her job.


Naruto came running through the streets. The wind pulled at his clothes as he searched for someone. It had been one month since a small group of ninjas went for an A rank mission in hidden mist village. Naruto had been on another mission at that time so when he came back they were already gone and he wasn't needed. Of course Naruto had made a big deal out of it.

He passed the people walking on the streets who were either talking with some acquaints or were out shopping as he searched. He stopped here and then to look around more careful. His eyes were sparkling and his lips were curved up into a smile as he panted before he began to run again.

Then he saw him. Naruto's heart skipped a beat when he felt the presence of the one he was searching for and he came into a halt. The boy was out of breath but didn't care as he spotted raven hair. The person had black clothes underneath the jounin west and a symbol on his back that was red and white. No one in this village had that symbol anymore. Only the one who had survived.


Uchiha Sasuke had barely time to look behind himself and widen his eyes in surprise before he was glomped by the blonde. Naruto let go of him almost immediately and grinned up at the raven. Sasuke was still taller.

"Man, what took you so long? I mean one month is a bit long!"

The glomp hadn't been enough to throw the Uchiha onto the ground; he was a jounin after all. He sighed at Naruto's greeting but his eyes were soft as he looked at the blonde.

"We had a difficult time tracking them and they were stronger than expected."

"You couldn't handle them? Laaaame."

Sasuke smirked at Naruto who once again had his hands behind his head.

"Says the one who wasn't even needed."

Naruto glared at the smirking pale.

"Well with me it wouldn't have taken a month!"

He retorted but the smirk was still playing on the other male's lips. At last Naruto rolled his eyes and irritated bent forward to give Sasuke a chaste peck on the cheek who accepted it and closed his eyes when the blonde's lips made a short contact with his pale skin.

"Welcome home."

Naruto said. Correction, he growled. Even though they had been together for 3 years now they couldn't act like a normal couple. Lovey dovey? Almost.

Naruto was grinning again with his hands on his hips and stood looking up to Sasuke.

"You haven't eaten, right? I was heading to Ichiraku."

Sasuke shrugged. He was pretty sure that Naruto had been running around in the village searching for him, not for the Ichiraku because the ramen bar lay in the opposite direction. Naruto beamed him his fox grin and put his hands behind his head to walk next to the Uchiha to the ramen bar.

"So, how was the mission? How bad did they beat you up?"

Sasuke snorted and glanced at Naruto.

"They didn't beat me up usuratonkachi. It was the others from our team who weren't through fully prepared."

Naruto snickered.

"Yeah right. You are always prepared."

Sasuke was looking ahead of him again.

"As long as I have the seal I'll be fine."

Naruto stopped grinning when his lover mentioned the cursed seal and started glaring at the spot where he knew that Orochimaru's mark was planted. He had tried so many times to make Sasuke go to Tsunade and maybe get it fixed but the stupid Uchiha was as stubborn as ever. Naruto growled lowly to himself, still glaring daggers at the cursed seal when he felt a hand grabbing his arm and dragging him fast into an alley.


Naruto couldn't even object before he found himself pinned against the wall of an house in the little lane, his hands held by Sasuke's on either side of him while the Uchiha was attacking his neck with his mouth. Naruto moaned at the contact and closed his eyes, bending his head to the side to give the raven better access to his neck. The Uchiha sucked, bit and kissed hungrily pressing himself against the shorter guy.


He moaned between his kisses. Said boy shuddered at hearing his name being said so deliciously.


Saying the name seemed to have affect on the other boy for he was now letting go off the blondes hands and was groping Naruto's ass pushing their groins together. Naruto gasped.

"Sa…Sasu-kh-Teme! I-ah-won't do it here."

Sasuke groaned and continued sucking on the nape of the kyuubi boy's neck making sure to leave a big hickey there.

"Just a little…"

He mumbled against the blonde's skin. Naruto breathed more heavily by now, a bit aroused off his lovers actions.


Sasuke finally let go off Naruto's now sore neck were he had left a big red spot to ravish the blonde's mouth. Naruto kissed fiercely back letting the Uchiha explore his mouth not missing one corner and put his hands on Sasuke's shoulders. This made it easier for his lover to grab his butt and lift Naruto's legs to the sides of the raven, still letting their tongues play with each other. Sasuke grinded his crotch against Naruto's entrance wishing to rip off the annoying pants that were in the way. It had been one month since they had done it and Sasuke was about to loose it when he heard Naruto moan passionately against his lips.

"God, Naruto I can't take it any more."

He deepened the kiss even more, speeding up his movements making Naruto widen his eyes and gasp.

"Ngh-Sasuke! Ah-I told you…mh…ah…t-teme!"

Naruto wanted to give in. Really. Sasuke rubbing himself against him was the sexiest thing ever and he loved him. BUT NOT HERE! Naruto hit Sasuke over the head.

"TEME! Only-argh-a little you said…"

Sasuke glared at Naruto. That had hurt. Luckily, he had other ways of revenge. Violence is after all not an option.


He roared. He slowed his movements down but for that he rubbed harder against Naruto's entrance. Naruto moaned. He was at the edge to give in. He wanted it as bad as Sasuke. Naruto closed his eyes and slid his arms around the other boy, embracing him, digging his face into the nape of the raven's neck. Sasuke stopped his movements and just stood there with Naruto in his arms. It was almost as were he carrying a child. Sasuke sighed and put Naruto down on the ground again. He was still aroused but it slowly faded. Naruto still had his arms around Sasuke and smiled.

"Welcome home…"

He said but this time it wasn't annoyed or growling but soft and content. It was like that. Naruto would only say it like that when Sasuke had been away for a long time and when he truly was able to say it in that way without Sasuke snorting or calling him dobe. It was like a routine.

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