Chapter 4 in which Naruto understands the girls A LOT better

Sakura knocked on the door to the girls toilet, a frown gracing her face.

"N…Naruto? Are you alright?"

A painful, powerless moan was heard from inside. Her green eyes locked with Sasuke's dark ones, both being worried about their team mate.


She tried again.

"oh my god…I-I think I'm gonna puke."

They heard how he moved inside of the cabin or rather she.

"Are you feeling ill?"

She asked. Again there was a moan that seemed to come from… the ground

"Hey, are you lying on the floor?"

"I see black spots moving before my eyes."

Now, you might wonder what is happening. It has to do with the thing that Sasuke and Naruto needed to test something very important.

A month ago

OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo

Remember where we left last time? Well, this is the morning after that nice little night they shared and we find Sasuke sleeping in the bed alone.

Sasuke's eyes fluttered open as sunlight hit his face. He turned and looked at the alarm clock. 7:25. That wasn't so late. He groaned slightly and put himself back into the covers to close his eyes in hopes to return to his dreamworld. Hid mind was already clouded as he vagualy wondered what could have woken him up as his nose picked up a scent. It smelled burnt. Awfully burnt. Suddenly he wasn't so tired. His eyes flipped open at once and he threw himself out of bed towards the door, pulling the covers with him. In the doorway he untangled his right foot from it and in the blink of an eye he was in the kitchen to get a picture of what was going on. In the room he saw the oven on fire and a fast asleep Naruto who was sitting by the table with his upperbody laying on a pile of books. Sasuke hurried to the burning object and hit Naruto hard on his head as he passed the blond who woke up with a jump.

"Huh? Wha-?"

"Usuratonkachi!! Trying to burn down the house or something?! How stupid can you possibly get?!"

While Sasuke was yelling he already was putting out the fire by putting a saucepan ontop of the fire which was enough to put it out. Luckily, it wasn't a big fire. Sasuke had gotten there in time so it hadn't been able to spread. Seeing, as though through blurry glass, that Sasuke had it under control, Naruto dizzily rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he sat there looking at the angry raven.

"Yeah, sorry. Didn't mean ta…"

He yawned loadly which furied Sasuke even more as he stood there checking if the fire indeed was extinguished by slowly removing the saucepan. There was a cloud of smoke and Sasuke fast opened the window. Naruto still sat there tired and observed it all. The Uchiha gritted his teeth while he tried to make it clean with a dishrag. It was all the blonde's fault and he just sat there comfortable as if it didn't have anything to do with him!

"I can't believe you were able to do this! Don't you know better than not tofall asleep while cooking?!"

"Dude, chill. I didn't sleep well so I was exhausted and besides, it's not like the end of the world."

The vessel lazily rubbed his neck, eyes half closed. It was obvious he didn't care all that much.

"No, but it might have become the end of the house, you idiot! Or at least of the kitchen!"

Sasuke snapped. He threw the rag on the counter and snatched one of the books from the pile that lay before Naruto before the blond could protest.

"What were your reading anyway?"

As Sasuke's annoyed eyes looked at the pages before him they widened, his furrowed eyebrows raised and his face showed a stunned expression at what he had before him. His mouth opened just a tiny bit. Of all things to expect this... well, not expected. It was the anatomy of a woman. Every detail shown and described.


Naruto said after an awkward moment of silence, scratching his neck. Sasuke's shocked eyes turned to look at the rest of the books which all were matching the one he held in his hand. Then he finally looked at the blond.

"I guess this means I officially accepted."

Naruto finished his sentence looking out of the window. This all led to the conclusion that Naruto had been up late at night studying the body of a woman, outside in.

"Sorry again about the whole burning up the house thing."

There was a weight against his lap and as he looked down Sasuke's head was leaning on them. The Uchiha heir was sitting on his knees with his face buried in the lap of his dobe as though he was exhausted and whispered ever so slightly, barely audible.


This was surprising. Cerulean blue eyes looked stunned down at the black hair. That Sasuke even was crouching like this, the proud Uchiha, and leaning on his lap was just showing how emotionally unstable the raven was.

It was indeed touching but too bizarre for Naruto who had no second thought about giving Sasuke a hit on his head.

"Aw man, you're embarrassing me! Ahahaha!"

The blonde scratched his head awkwardly, laughing with a flushed face. This was met by silence as Sasuke did not move an inch and yet the atmosphere had changed and the air seemed heavier before the muffled voice of Sasuke was heard.


"Ehehe, yeah?"

"In moments like these you are not supposed to hit my head but remain silent."

Naruto stopped laughing at once and just leaned back, the grin wiped of his face.


It was kinda a relief that he was told what to do since sometimes he just didn't know how to react.


"Alright, so let's discuss how you should transform."

They were still in the kitchen and had decided to work things out at once.

Naruto had not switched position and yet sat on the chair while Sasuke stood in front of him, arms crossed and his normal expression gracing his face.

"Huh? What's there to discuss? I'll just use the sexy no juutsu."

The blond ninja scratched his forehead, genuinely confused.

"Even so there are some things you might want to change."

"Why? I don't see what's wrong with-"

"Let me explain before questioning me."

The raven interferred. He leaned with one hand on the counter.

"The boobs for example. They are too big."

"But that's hot."

Naruto whined.

"Ugh, not necessarily. Too big is quite a turn off."

"I'm telling Tsunade."

Naruto snickered.

"Stop being silly, I'm serious here. When you get pregnant your breasts will grow bigger and will only be in your way. How much fun is that?"

That thought made Naruto indeed think twice about his awesome juutsu of sexiness and wiped away the smirk of his face.

"Nng, you got a point there. So what size do you suggest?"

Sasuke turned his face away and looked out of the window before answering.

"I don't know. Maybe A cup or… below?"

In the sunlighted kitchen only the sounds from outside could be heard for a little while as Sasuke stubbornly looked out of the window and Naruto stared at the raven.

"…below A there's nothing. You know what right?"

"Well B then! Happy now?!"

Sasuke snapped at him, furrowed eyebrows, a blush adorning his face. Naruto snickered.

"Sure, whatever you say boss."

"Oh, quit laughing, it ain't funny!"

Sasuke snorted and irritated turned his head, yet still observing Naruto who surpressed his chuckle.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. What's next?"

"The voice."


"Yeah, keep your normal voice. Consider that the kid hears it's mother's voice even in the stomach so if you were to have a different voice while pregnant and then suddenly change back it wouldn't be the same. And because you talk about double so much as a normal person it's extra important."

"Hey! That's to exaggerate!"

Sasuke smirked amused at Naruto and crossed his arms.

"Really? I think I should know since I live together with you and let me tell you this, since you moved in, there isn't twice as much talking here, but three times as much. You are just oblivious."

"Am not. You are just quiet as mouse."

Naruto crossed his arms as well, glaring at Sasuke.

"But fine, I'll keep my voice, you stupid prick."

"Good. Next is…"

And so it went on for some time until both were statisfied with the result.

"Well, I need to get going."

Sasuke said, looking at the clock on the wall. Naruto looked up at him, his eyes having darker lashes and his long hair tied up into two pigtails resting upon his shoulders.

"Huh? Didn't you say you had the day off?"

"Well, there are some things I need to check in the library."

"Library. You've been going there a lot the past time. Don't tell me you do reserch there for this project do you?"

Naruto asked and raised one delicate eyebrow. The boy was now in his girl form. Looking like his normal sexy no juutsu but with smaller boobs and some other differences one did not notice much.


Sasuke said, getting ready to leave the house while Naruto sat there and looked at him doing so.

"… So… when have you planned that this should happen?"

Sasuke looked up at him shortly. His look showing a bit of a question in his eyes.

"I mean, you know… This baby stuff…"

Naruto scratched his neck. Somehow it felt awkward to talk about it. Maybe because it was so new and such.

"First we need to wait a month."

Sasuke replied, taking on his shoes.

"A month?! What for?"

"We need to check if that body works as it should. If you get your period it's confirmed and the chances of you getting pregnant are the highest when you ovulate."

Sasuke had already opened the door and looked casually back at him as he spoke.


He said to the female Naruto who grimaced at the somehow very strange thought of him being able to ovulate, before stepping out and shuting the door behind him. A bit late Naruto reacted.

"But I'm sure this body is working perfectly!!"

Muttering curses Naruto got up and made himself breakfast anew. This time he wouldn't fall asleep and he would just do simple ramen. He'd done it so often thet it couldn't go wrong! Just as he was about to boil the water there was knocking on the door.

Asuming it was Sasuke he cocked a brow slightly surprised and went to the door, lazily scratching his hair then without a second thought opened it, ready to tease the raven.

"You forgot your keys…?"

His voice faded away when he came eye to eye with none other than… Konohamaru.

Oh, shit!

Naruto stared at him dumbfounded, cursing inwardly for having been so simpleminded. If he only had thought of an excuse to tell people for being a girl! Konohamaru looked at Naruto up and down. He recognized the sexy no juutsu but it was a bit different.

Naruto cracked a smile that looked pretty off and tried to greet him without showing his nervousness.

"K-Konohamaru. Yo, what's up?"

"…Ano… Naruto nii-chan, why are you transformed into a girl?"

"That- That is because… I'm training? Yeah, I wanted to see how long my chakra would manage to keep up a disguise juutsu and oh boy, I think it will last very long! M-Maybe even 10 months? Ahaha…"

Naruto laughed a small fake laugh which absolutely didn't reach the rest of his face.

Ngg, I'm royally screwed! Not even Konohamaru would fall for that!

The brown haired boy, who was still shorter looked up into the troubled face without saying nything for a long time. Then he let his head hang making it impossible for Naruto to see his face.

"Heh, just what I expected from the man I respect."


The boy looked up with a big grin on his face and pointed at the startled blonde.

"Well, but I won't back down! I'll surpass you so you just wait! "

Konohamaru smiled with his whole face and the kyuubi vessel could swear he saw little stars sparkling in his eyes. The blonde sweatdropped.

Omg… he believed me…

He sweatdropped.

"What did you come for by the way, Konohamaru?"

"Huh? Oh, that's right! I've come to return the scroll you borrowed me."

Konohamaru who had the scroll already in his hand threw it to Naruto who caught it with a smile on his lips, a true one this time.

"You already learned it? Yeesh, you are fast."

"Right?! I'm awesome! And I'll be even awesomer soon, you'll see! I think I might just try doing what you're doing right now."

Naruto looked at him with a disgruntled face at first but then burst out laughing.

"Oh, I really don't think you might want to do that!"

The boy looked a bit surprised at his sempai.

"Huh? And why is that?"

A grin still impact on his face and a few chuckles escaping his lips he replied.

"You really don't have to. This is just a silly experiment and secondly you might not want to copy everything I do."

Konohamaru didn't get what was so funny and made an unpleasent grimace. If he only knew what it was Naruto was planning with Sasuke he would understand what was so amusing with what he had said to Naruto's ears.

"I ain't copying everything you do! That with painting the Hokage faces was just a one time only thing! I want to surpass you, not be a clone."

"Well, then find a way to surpass me, kay?"

Naruto grinned highly amused at Konohamaru who did not look all too happy.

"Yeah I will…"

Something was a bit strange about Naruto but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"I better get going. Moegi is waiting for me."

"Oh, you're going on a date?"

Naruto teased and made Konohamaru blush.

"It-It ain't nothing like that!"

And Naruto knew that but saying it just to see the flustered face of the younger brunette was always fun.

"Yeah, yeah. I get it. I also have stuff to do so catch you later, ne?"


and believe it or not it leads us to the scene you read about above. Naruto being distressed in the toilets after a month… in the Lady's toilet.

"Naruto, maybe it would be better just to quit it and try another time."

"N-No. I'll try it again."

Was the response to Sakura's suggestion. The pink haired kunoichi sighed and looked at Sasuke.

"Why are we in this situation anyway? I don't really believe your story that Naruto just wanted to see how long he would be able to keep the stupid juutsu up."

"Sexy no juutsu."

Came a tortured correction from behind the door and Sakura rolled her eyes at it.

"Whatever you call it. But that's beside the point. What is it that you're hiding from me?"

Sasuke looked at the door, his lips a thin line. It was no use to lie to Sakura, she knew them too well, and it was a problem. They hadn't told anyone the true story yet and had to tell everyone Naruto's not so perfect excuse "Naruto only wanted to see how long he could keep up the sexy no juutsu".

But Sakura was someone who really wasn't supposed to know because she was like Tsunade's, beside Shizune, right hand and what she knew, Tsunade eventually would find out about too which was out of question. Uchiha Sasuke had this feeling that the Hokage would not approve of what he had in mind…

"Sasuke kun?"

Sakura waited for an answer, her green eyes observing him closely. He looked at her from the corner of his eyes not sure how to answer.

"… You'll find out eventu-"

"Hey, guys I got it! … I think?"

The toilet was flushed and hands were washed before a soft click was heard and the door opened. A rather pale Naruto emerged, walking stiffly.

"Blah, this is so strange."

He whined and wriggled.

"Geez, all the commotion for a simple tampon!"

Sakura stated irritated, giving Naruto a faul look. She was obviously upset about being left out on what was going on.

"It ain't such a big deal. Be a man and bear with it for whatever stupid reason you're doing it!"

Naruto grunted disapproving at the hidden humour in that sentence. An angry Sakura was no fun to deal with.

"Ah, found you."

The three looked up and saw Kakshi sitting on top one of the rooftops giving them his usual smile. Well, they asumed he was smiling seeing how his eyes looked.

"Yo, Kakashi sensei! What's up? Haven't seen you in a while."

Naruto called over to him waving one arm delightfully.

"Oh, that might be because I've been busy with the dogs."

"Oh, that's right. You told us. How's Pakkun?"

"Totally fine. Still seeming as moody as ever."

Sakura interrupted them.

"Uh, sorry but wasn't there a reason for you searching for us?"

Their sensei looked as if he was trying to remember why he was there in the first place before he smiled again.

"Oh, that's right! Tsunade called us. We're supposed to be in her office asap."

"EHHH?! Then why are we standing here for?! Geez, Kakashi! Tell us so at once! Shannaro!!"


"You're late."

Tsunade stated irritated, as she leaned her head in her hand and tapped her fingers against the desk. Shizune stood beside her with Ton Ton in her arms.

"Sorry, Kakashi wouldn't inform us in time."

Sakura responded without a second thought. How she stood there, her back straight and her eyes looking at Tsunade… she looked so mature and different from the younger Sakura. This was what Naruto thought of as he looked at her missing the thouhtful look he earned from a concerned elderly woman.

"I want to send you on a mission again."

Naruto's face lit up as he heard those words and his attention was a hundred percent Tsunade's as he threw his arms into the air.

"A mission?! Yatta!!"

"That is after you carefully explain to me what the heck is going on."

The room fell silent. Somehow it seemed as though the air in the room got heavier and the atmosphere got darker as no one answered. Sakura glanced at her teammates with one of her eyebrows furrowed. Naruto looked down onto the floor with an undecided expression. It was a mixture between despreate, angry and frightened but Sasuke showed nothing on his face and met Tsunade's intruding look with blankness. With Tsunade, Sakura, Shizune and Kakshi's searching gazes on him he felt like the dummy in the spotlight and very exposed without being able to talk himself out of this. They were all too clever to believe stupid lies and beside that he kinda had a black out for he could not find any excuse good enough.

"As the Hokage, I demand an answer."

Silence again. Tsunade took a deep breath and spoke slowly.

"I can't send you out on a mission like this, I hope you understand that… "

Naruto looked up with an open mouth.

"No! You're wrong! I can fight! I'm capable to take on missions! That I'm currently using a juutsu the whole time doesn't drain my chakra so much! I barely notice actually! I'm just as-"

The Hokage abruptly stood up, sending the chair to the ground behind her.


Tsunade yelled at him silencing the startled boy who'se lips were but a thin line and eyes showing how upset he was about it all.

The 5th spoke in a low, dangerously low, voice.

"I hope I made myself clear. If this goes on, you'll be a trouble for Konoha for you can't work like that… Every little bit of your chakra can be desperately needed in a fight and I think you of all persons should know that. So if you don't tell me at once what's going on…"

Her eyes shifted between the seemingly unmoved Sasuke and the distressed Naruto.

"…I'll have to remove the juutsu by force."

Naruto's eyes widened at the threat.

"You wouldn't-"

"Oh, you'd be surprised of what I am capable of little brat!"

Naruto gritted his teeth. Now what? He sure as hell wouldn't break it off now that he already had started! And transforming himself into a perfect woman hadn't been a piece of cake either! It was quiet in the room yet the silence seemed load, like buzzing in the ear for a while.

"A few more days."

The apathic voice of Sasuke broke the tension.

"Just give me a few more days."

And all eyes were on him. It was now the Uchiha who was in the spotlight. Even Naruto seemed startled.

Tsunade didn't seem convinced and only rose an eyebrow.

"I'm not really statisfied with that-"

"I said a few more days."

Sasuke interupted rudely, his face not betraying any sign of what he might be thinking or feeling. Then he simply turned around and left the office. Naruto looked after Sasuke and shifted to look at Tsunade. She obviously had no comment and only looked at Naruto disgruntled. The blond seemed undecided of what he should do but decided to go out as well, leaving Sakura, Kakashi, Tsunade and Shizune in the office. He was feeling nervous and very uncomfortable.

In the office Sakura looked at Tsunade worridly. They all had already talked about this with each other and all were equally worried. The 5th remained quiet as if thinking.



"I want you to try to get information about what's happening. They're obviously up to something and I'm not sure wheather what they're doing is good or not."

He simply nodded.

Meanwhile Naruto was walking down the hallway, heading for the exit. His stomach hurt. Probably because of his period but something else caused it to stirr…

"Only a few more days?"

Wasn't that too soon?

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