This story takes place after season 5 but as if Tokyo never happened. Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans, nor am I the director of the Teen Titans, and I don't mean to offend anyone who runs that show in any way.

Richard Grayson stepped out of his limo into the bright light of day right outside the studio. "Wow. It's been ages since I saw this place!" Alfred, his butler, merely nodded. Suddenly, a blur of red and purple knocked Richard back against his limo.

"RICHARD! It is so good to see you after all this time!" it squealed. Richard laughed.

"Yeah, you too, Kori."

Kori Anders straightened and gave him a heart-melting smile. "The others are waiting inside. Please hurry!"

Richard walked with her up the sidewalk and memories came flooding back. It had been two years since he had last come to the studio of the Teen Titans T.V. show. The petitions (and boy were there a lot) for season six had finally come through, and a new director was waiting for them inside, ready to roll that camera on the best episode ever.

"Yo, Dick! How's it goin'?" a tall, muscular, cybernetic man called. He strode over.

"Dick? Dude! We haven't seen you in forever!" a green-skinned, not-so-tall-or-muscular man yelled. Right behind him, a hooded girl wearing a dark blue cape floated silently.

"Hey Vic, Gar, Rachel. It's great to see you guys again."

Their director, Mr. Director, appeared out of nowhere. "Yeah, yeah, now that everyone's caught up, I've got a few things to hand out."

"But we haven't--" started Gar.

"I don't care. Alright...Grayson? Here's your script. Logan? Stone? Get over here and get yours! Roth? Right here. And the lovely Miss Anders? Here you go, milady."

Richard growled slightly and Mr. Director jumped away from him. "We haven't even started rolling the camera yet, Grayson. You don't have to be jealous until we're shooting." Rachel, Gar, and Vic laughed while Richard turned cherry-red. He muttered something about "just trying to stay in character" and turned away. Kori chose to ignore the entire scene.

"Right then, this is the first new episode in...I lost count of how many years. We've got to make this,, absolutely breathtaking. We've got to have that audience on the edge of their seats, begging for more. Practice your lines and be ready. We start shooting tomorrow!"