This is the last, very short chapter. Thank you to everyone who reviewed, I really appreciate it! This is my epilogue, the way I wanted it to turn out, but it's a bit strange to be going from movies to the rest of their lives, you know? So this is just there, I guess.

Richard and Kori dated for a few years, before Richard proposed and Kori said "yes." Both agreed that acting really wasn't their style, but kept doing the Teen Titans show until the director killed off their characters. Kori took up modeling, and Richard became the CEO of Wayne Enterprises after Bruce died.

Rachel and Gar stayed in acting, until Gar admitted that he hated it when some other guy she barely knew kissed her in the movies. They married a few years after Richard and Kori, and moved right next to them. Gar tried to pull some more Dick/Kori jokes, but they never really worked as well as they did before.

Vic quit acting after his character was killed off in the final season and took up auto mechanics. All five of them kept in touch with their inner charactes.

Am I forgetting something? Ah, Mr. Director...

Mr. Director's new philosophy changed from "I don't care" to "I don't care, but I might if you send me to Antarctica." He soon memorized the entire continent of Antarctica, just from being sent there so much. He gave up directing and became instead a well known ornithologist, studying birds that survived in cold temperatures. His team of Siberian Huskies (snow dogs, sled dogs, whatever), however, would never go if someone shouted "Mush!" or whatever. They responded only to "Aaaaaand action!"