Title: A Good Kiss
Author: Jade Pilot
Timeframe: ESB
Characters: H/L
Genre: Humor Vignette
Keywords: Leia, implied Han
Summary: What happened after Han informed Leia about her need for a "good kiss?"

Notes: Written for the H/L missing moments challenge.

"You could use a good kiss!"

Leia watched as Han Solo turned the corner and disappeared from sight. Enraged, she marched to her assigned quarters opened the door and slammed it with a satisfying crash. Letting loose with a very un-lady like cry of frustration, she began pacing her small room in an attempt to regain control.

Never had she met a man so infuriating! It took every ounce of restraint she had to keep from physically striking him sometimes. If it weren't for his exceptional skills as a pilot and a leader, she would see that he was turned over to the Empire herself. A kiss! Of all the arrogant, presumptuous, loathsome….a kiss was the last thing she needed.

What she needed was a long hot bath! With scented soap crystals…and decent food. And when was the last time she had felt warm since arriving on this Force-forsaken ice planet? When had she last listened to music or had time to read for pleasure? And what wouldn't she give for a soft bed or a feather stuffed pillow, not to mention shoes that actually fit her feet, but a kiss? Ridiculous!

She desperately needed more funds to continue the rebellion, hers had long been depleted. Newer equipment would be nice, things not held together by temporary fixes. The old tracking system was about to go and they had lost half their X-wings during the battle at Yavin. It would be great to have a few simulators to train the new pilots on instead of having to throw them out to sink or swim.

Leia took a deep breath and sank into the lightweight cot that served as her bed and dropped her head into her hands. What she needed was this war to be over and her beloved father beside her, guiding her like he always had. She needed her home planet to return to and the galaxy to go back to the way it was before monsters like Palpatine, Vader and Tarkin came to power.

She needed a galaxy where boys like Luke Skywalker would be hanging out with friends and stealing kisses from girls at dances. Being home with family, not fighting for their lives or moving from planet to planet living like fugitives. Leia shook her head. She couldn't remember the last time she had even had a real kiss.

Was it with that Ambassador's son from Garqi? Dreamy hazel eyes…what was his name? Davon? They had snuck out during the

State dinner and sat in the garden near the Alderaanian roses, gazing at the stars. His lips were tentative at first, tender and exploring. He awoke a passion in Leia that she never knew was there just under the surface.

It seems like such a long time ago, she thought. Leia ran a finger tip softly across her bottom lip. No, there were more important things to think about than a kiss. Men and women's lives were at risk, the entire galaxy was at risk for goodness sake! Who had time for thoughts about romance and kissing? Not her, that's for sure and not with that pompous, self-serving renegade who thinks he knows everything.

Hmmphf! Well, let him go. He can take his credits and his ship and his wookie and leave her in peace. She didn't need him…they didn't need him. The Alliance would be much better off seeing the back of Han Solo for the last time. The sooner he left, the calmer everything would be. And when he was gone for good she would be absolutely…. miserable. Leia sighed as she stood up and headed back toward the command center.

Maybe he'd get snowed in….