Chapter 1

Blood splashed against the dark black stone of the wall.

"S…Sasuke?" Naruto whispered. Sasuke didn't move. "Come on Sasuke I didn't hurt you that bad…" Sasuke didn't answer. He never would. Blood splashed over his face marring its beauty. Naruto had killed Sasuke. He had killed his first and only true friend. The ANBU captain's eyes widened and he started walking away.

Shikamaru walked along the edge of the gate that led into Konoha. It was an extremely boring day. As he stared off into the distance Shikamaru saw someone coming towards him slowly. As he entered the village he saw it was Naruto.

"So how'd the mission go." Shikamaru said happily. Naruto looked up at him. Shikamaru gasped. His whole body was covered in blood.

"Naruto w…what happened?" Shikamaru stumbled over the words as he fought to gag.

"I…I kill…I killed him. I killed Sasuke. I killed Sasuke?!" Naruto's eyes widened as he looked at the blood on his hands. A red glow began to surround him three tails sprang up. Shikamaru ran away as fast as he could. He burst into the Hogake's office.

"Hokage-sama! There's something wrong with Naruto! A red glow surrounded his body and three tails sprang up!" Shikamaru shouted gasping. Tsunade the Fifth Hokage sprang up and ordered him to gather all of the ANBU. They rushed out of the office. They would have to fight Naruto to stop him. After many hours of fighting Jariaya showed up,

"We need to do that jutsu." Tsunade said to him. Jariaya looked astounded but agreed. They did many complex hand seals. Energy gathered around Naruto who now had five tails formed. And with a flash he was gone!

Harry Potter woke up in the Burrow. He vaguely remembered that Ron had picked him up in the Floo network and had brought him to the Burrow shouting about how his dad had gotten hurt and they were going to visit him at St. Mungo's. Ron's mom came to wake him up.

"We are going to visit Ron's father today Harry dear. Get dressed we will be leaving soon. Don't forget your book list we will be shopping for all of your year seven books today."

They got to St. Mungo's and were surprised at how crowded it was. They got directed to Arthur's room and hurried up there to avoid the confusion. When they entered the room they were surprised. They had expected it to be full but there was only one other person in the room. His skin was bright red as if his blood had seeped through it. As they walked past him he noticed that the boy was about his age and had bright yellow hair.

Mrs. Weasly hurried them past him to her husband's bed. They visited for a while and mentioned that they had to visit Diagon Alley.

"You can't. It's totally closed off." Mr. Weasly said hurriedly. Mrs. Weasly asked why.

"It's been destroyed all of it." He said calmly.

"What?" She shouted. "Maybe we should discuss this elsewhere." She said with a look at the boy.

"Don't worry about him." Mr. Weasly said, then lowered his voice, "All he does is cry… when they brought him in it was horrible. His skin was as red as fire and he had many wounds. Not just outside but inside too." Hermione gasped.

As they began to leave Dumbledore came into the room. He looked very flustered.

"Did you come to visit Mr. Weasly, Professor?" Ron asked.

"No." he responded, "I came here to see this young fellow and with that sat down as the others crowded around the bed. Harry asked why he was there.

"I'm going to tell all of you a secret do not repeat it to anyone! This is what destroyed Diagon Alley." Dumbledore told them. They gasped. "I am going to use memory extraction so that we will be sure he's not a Death Eater. He will not talk so please be quiet."

Dumbledore took his wand and touched it to the boy's temple then to his own. He pulled out a dish filled with water and put the memory in it. An image formed. It was of blood splattering across his vision. A person lay down dead. The image changed they looked at a town of some kind being destroyed. Blazing red eyes turned to look at them and they heard chuckling.

Dumbledore thought for a moment. "He is not a Death Eater." The others looked oddly at him. They had just witnessed a massacre! "I do not know what everything else it though… He isn't a wizard. Molly I know this might be hard for you, but can you take him back to the Burrow with you? He will start at school with the others. Can you try to get him to talk? We need to know as much as we can about him as possible." Mrs. Weasly nodded.

She apparated with all of them back to the Burrow and sat down in exhaustion.

"Harry, Ron, Hermione please do all you can to make him talk or be happy. Take him up to Fred and George's room and set him up in a bed."

They did and they boy numbly followed them up to the room where he sat down on a bed. "What is your name?" Hermione asked hopefully. When he didn't answer any of her questions she gave up and got mad.

It's going to be a long summer. Harry thought to himself.

The next few weeks were fruitless for the Golden Trio. They kept trying to make the boys talk not even an emotion came out of him.

"We leave for Hogwarts tomorrow, we have to get him to talk sometime then." Hermione said as she poured over the books they had gotten by mail. "He's not a wizard and has never used a wand before in his life! I honestly don't know how we're going to help him if he can't speak!" she said with vigor.

The boys nodded. They couldn't even get a smile after him. It was as if he didn't even have a voice.

"Let's have another try," suggested Harry. They ran upstairs into the room were the boys was staying. The raced up to the room were they found him sitting on the bed looking out the window.

"We really need you to talk." Harry said, "We begin a new year at Hogwarts tomorrow! You are going to need us to help you with the spells. No please tell us what your name is?" Harry begged to him.

The boys looked at him oddly. "My name is Naruto." He said in a voice that held no emotion. Hermione gasped he could talk! The boy… Naruto just looked away uninterested.

"Will you let us help you with some spells?" Harry asked.

"I guess… I have nothing better to do and am going to need to know them." Naruto said. His voice was deep and kind of musical.

"How old are you? Why were you in the hospital when we were visiting Mr. Weasly?" Hermione asked him. He looked at them calmly and blinked.

"I am 17," Naruto said, he was the same age as they were! "I will not answer your other question. I do not know all of the answers myself." They looked at him surprise. He didn't know what had happened to him! He wasn't done talking yet though, "I am from a far away land and was sent here for another reason I can't tell you. I can't tell you were exactly I am from because it doesn't seem to be of this world." With that he got up and walked out of the room.

The others just sat there looking dumbfounded. He was from another world? That was just weird though. They went downstairs and saw Mrs. Weasly staring out the door. They looked at what she was looking at and ran out side. Naruto had pulled some kind of knife out and was throwing it up in the air and catching it with one finger.

"What are you doing?" shouted Hermione to him. Naruto looked at her and brought out two more and threw them at her. They barely missed her face and took a couple of hairs with them. Naruto jumped ten feet in the air over Hermione and pulled then out of the tree they had gone into.

"What?" he asked innocently. "Haven't you people ever seen a ninja warm up?" they looked at him astounded. He was a ninja?!

"Bloody hell! Ninjas aren't real!" Ron shouted.

"Oh really? Have you ever been to my world then? I guess not. Where I come from ninjas are very common. There are even villages composed entirely of ninja." Naruto answered while still flipping his knife thing.

"Can you tell us more about these villages?" Harry asked.

"I guess, it doesn't matter I'm never going back anyway…" he said in an emotionless voice, "My village is Konoha. The village hidden in the leaves, there are many others but I don't fell like explaining them to you. In our village there are several ninja ranks. First is Genin. They are the lowest on the chain and are just graduated from the Academy. Next are Chunin. They are one level up from Genin they do more advanced mission. Then is Jounin, they are specially advanced and do even higher missions. Then come ANBU. They are the strongest of the ranks and do special S-class missions. At the top is Hokage. That person is the leader of them all and the strongest." Naruto told them still looking emotionless.

"What rank are you Naruto?" Harry asked.

"Mmmm I'm an ANBU captain. Even though I was high up in the ranks they won't come looking for me any time soon. I don't think they will at all after what I did." Naruto said the last part almost to himself.

"Wont you miss your family?" Hermione questioned.

"Not really considering I don't have any one left. Hinata might come after me though… she had a crush on me. My friends hate me now so nope. No one is going to miss me and I won't miss them." Naruto said with an even voice.

They looked at him surprised. He had no one who loved him. Not even a girlfriend? They started to feel bad for him.

"What exactly did you do Naruto?" asked Ron nervously.

"Nothing that you need to know, is there an open field away form prying eyes?" he asked them.

"Yeah, over the hill follow me." Ron said and started to lead them over the hill. It was a fairly easy climb but Hermione was huffing as they got to the top. Naruto ran down and surveyed the area. Deciding it was good enough he took off his strange white armor that he had been wearing for the whole time they had taken him in. when he took it off they were surprised to find it fully stocked with those knife things and scrolls.

"Here hold this." Naruto commanded giving his jacket to Harry. Harry dropped it as soon as he touched it. This thing must way over one hundred pounds! Something fell out of the corner of the jacket. It was some strange kind of mask.

"What is this?" he asked Naruto who was laying out the scrolls and mumbling to himself.

"That is my ANBU mask. All ANBU wear them to protect our identity. Mine is a fox most of them are based of the zodiac animals tough." He took one scroll from the pile and unrolled it. Cutting his thumb he pulled it across the sheet leaving a bloody line. A frog popped out.

"What is it master Naruto?" the frog said in a perfectly human voice. The others looked shocked.

"Nothing. I wanted to see how my summoning jutsu worked in this world. Good bye." The frog disappeared in a puff of smoke. They started to walk back to the house. When they got back they packed for Hogwarts. Naruto didn't pack. He had received a letter that said he was going to be provided for when he got there.

The next morning they pilled into the car and zoomed off.

The car ride had been uneventful and now they were boarding the train. It was a rush of kids and Naruto got on to the train by pushing them down and out of his way. They found an empty compartment and settled down in it with a sigh of relief from everyone. Everyone except Naruto who remained impassive as usual… When they started someone fell into the compartment onto Naruto's lap. The small person looked up. It was Neville. Neville looked up shocked and hurried to his feet and sat down next to Harry. Neville mumbled an apology and introduced himself. Harry introduced him to Naruto since Naruto wasn't likely to talk.

Hermione and Ron left both mumbled something about shitty prefect duties. They didn't talk for a while after those two had left then Neville got some courage and said something to Harry.

"Are you an exchange student Naruto?" Neville asked.

"I guess I don't really know yet. Dumblydore will tell me when I get there." Naruto replied calmly not even blinking. Neville wondered what that strange armor like clothing he had on was. The lunch trolley came by and Harry bought every one something to eat. They started eating and someone opened the door to the compartment. It was Malfoy.

"Who's this weirdo Potter?" Malfoy asked with a sneer. Looking Naruto over, he thought it was odd some one had white plates on their body.

"Lay of him Malfoy. He's the new exchange student." Harry said trying to defend Naruto.

Without a word Naruto stood up and walked over to the boy. He grabbed Malfoy's hand and pulled a finger back breaking it. Malfoy howled in pain and ran away.

"He wont be coming back to bother us anytime soon." Naruto said still as emotionless as ever. Harry and Neville looked at him oddly. Neville looked like he was going to puke.

Hermione and Ron came back into the compartment as they were changing into their robes. Harry said he would have to tell them something important later. The train pulled to a screeching stop. The students could hear muttering as students popped their heads out of the compartments to see what the problem was.

"Fox, please report to the castle immediately." A voice came over the speakers. Naruto nodded and opened the window. A burst of cold air followed and Hermione yelled for Naruto, who had just jumped out of the window, to come back. She shut up when she saw that he was running across the water. Fox? What kind of name is that? Hermione wondered to herself. She had a feeling that he wasn't actually going to be an exchange student. She sighed; life at Hogwarts was becoming very complicated.

They still hadn't seen any sing of Naruto since he had been called to the headmaster's office. They hoped that he was alright.