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Chapter 5

Naruto entered the Great Hall the next morning. It had taken a while to clean his uniform and mask. As soon as the students saw him they started whispering.

"I wonder what really happened with the Death Eaters", a Ravenclaw said.

"They said that they saw him wandering the halls covered in blood." A Hufflepuff responded to his friends questioning looks.

Naruto did not pay any mind to these comments. He after all had gotten much worse form the villagers. But Naruto was more worried about the strange presence he had felt with the Death Eaters.

They hadn't seemed powerful enough to carry that presence, in a way it reminded him of… no, he wouldn't think about that here.

Naruto was shaken from his line of thought as Professor McGonagall stood up to make an announcement from the table. Naruto looked form his place in the corner of the hall.

"As some of you have noticed the school was attacked yesterday. Our guard kindly took care of these intruders. I hope that his feat shows you all that he is accomplished enough to protect this school." Professor McGonagall finished and sat down.

As soon as he took his seat the students started whispering even more. Naruto sighed lightly, reminding himself of Shikamaru. Why did he keep thinking of his old friends?

Doing this hurt himself only more, he knew that they couldn't reach him here, he would never see them again.

He made his way out of the Great Hall to do his rounds. Noting that Harry seemed to have forgiven Ron and Hermione for not teling him that they were going out.

"When do you think that Dumbledore will get back?" Ron asked Harry and Hermione.

"Well, it must be something of great importance for him to leave when the school is getting attacked!" Hermione responded to him as they got up to leave the hall.

As they were walking out of the hall they were greeted by a battle scene. There were a couple of Death Eaters gathered in the hall trying to fight of Fox (Naruto XD) with little success.

Fox was pushing them back into a corner as the portraits around the fight screamed and ran form torn canvases.

"I can't watch. Tell me when the gore is over." Neville said as he came up beside the Golden Trio. Just as he said that and hid his eyes Fox dealt the killing blow with Knife-things (Kunai they don't know what they are called yet).

Blood splattered the wall and the students who had remained to watch the rest of the fight all screamed or ran away. Fox disappeared in a whirl of leaves.

"That guy seems really dangerous. Do you think he won't turn on us or something?" Hermione asked as they ran up the stairs to the common room.

"I really hope not." Harry replied as they ran into the common room. "Uh oh." He said looking up at the message board.

"What gulp is it?!" Ron asked Harry, he was becoming very nervous and wary of things nowadays.

"It says 'Students in the 6th and 7th years will be taking Self-Defense classes from the schools guard. IT IS MANDATORY!! Have fun! 

Love, the School Professors' "

Harry finished reading this and looked at the smiley face again, "Is this some kind of sick joke?" he asked Ron and Hermione.

"Unfortunately not", a voice replied form behind them. They jumped and turned around and saw Fox, "I'm going to be teaching your class with the Slytherins." He said and disappeared.

Ron and Hermione looked sick.

"Why the hell are we always paired with the Slytherins?!!??!" Ron's cry rang out through the school echoing.

The next day came too quickly. It found Ron and Harry eating breakfast in the Great Hall.

"We have classes with the Slytherins today after lunch." Hermione said handing them each a schedule.

"Great another thing to look forwards to!" Ron said exasperated.

They all sighed and began the long walk to their class, which was outside… It was raining. ;;