Cataracta's Notes: I felt like I needed to make up for that story; good GOD it was depressing. So, this is a happy little drabble that I'm actually very fond of. In this, Sasuke's back and anything that could or would have made him take off again is gone and/or defeated (i.e. Itachi, Orochimaru). As always, beware the OOC-ness that is very, very present, but I do so love a content Sasuke. Let me know what you think. (And the song lyrics are from an amazing song. Look it up!)

The Rain in the Dark

"She looks out at the world and loves the view. He looks at her and thinks 'what a wonderful place.' Sasuke X Sakura"

She is dancing in the rain as if the dance will purge her body and soul of every negative thing. She is leaping and spinning and twirling, but mostly she is smiling. Sakura is smiling and laughing and loving and Sasuke thinks he might just love, too. He watches as Sakura twirls and then leaps into a puddle, soaking her red dress and smearing her makeup, and Sasuke thinks she's never looked more beautiful.

Once, he thinks, he would have looked at her dress and seen the color of the blood pouring from his mother's body. Once, he thinks, he would have seen the smile on her face and resented her for the happiness that she was able to experience. Once, he thinks, he would have heard her laugh and hated the sound. But now, now he thinks he sees, and hears, and feels so much more than before. Now he thinks he just might be different.

There is blood on his hands, more blood than he really wants to think about. They are stained and dirty and horrible, and sometimes he wishes that he could rid himself of them. But along came a flower who wrapped his hands in hers and said nothing, and suddenly he could see past the red. He could see the pastel pink of her hair, the emerald green of her eyes, the brilliant red of her dress. And suddenly red stood for something other than blood.

So Sasuke watches Sakura now, watches her twirl and spin and smile, and he smiles with her. And when she stops spinning, when she stills and focuses those bright green eyes on him, Sasuke smiles his own small smile. Hers brightens in response and he stares at the hand that she offers him. For a small moment, he hesitates, and then the moment passes. He accepts her small hand, capturing it in his own larger one.

A quick tug and she is flush against his chest. She laughs and stares up at him, and he leans down to kiss her. There is no hesitation in his movements, no regrets. No revenge and no hunger, no hatred and no disgust. There is only the tender gesture and the soft whisper that makes him tighten his hold.

"I love you."

"You'll regret it all / living behind your wall / you'll never fall in love if you don't fall at all."

-Lostprophets, "Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters and the Story of a Lonely Girl"