Officially Dead

Officially, Lt. Billy Coen was dead. Officially, Rebecca Chambers had found the convict on a deserted train, and after an attack on her life, she killed him in self-defense. Officially, she never wanted to see him again.

Officer Chambers let out a sigh as she exited the Police Station, her false report still ringing in her ears. 'I shouldn't have done that, it's illegal!' her logical side kept yelling at her. Every other part of her shouted 'Who cares?'

She never would have made it through the train if it wasn't for Billy. Even though Rebecca had been less than willing to team up, he'd always done 110 for the sake of our team.

"That's what he does," Rebecca whispered under her breath "He's a Marine." She wanted to believe that was it, that it was the only reason, but she knew that it wasn't.

How many times had she felt his protective eyes watching her back, even in the safest of places? How many times had he given her extra breaks, taken it upon himself to carry the heavier load. And while they were sleeping, how many times had she woken up to find him acting as her pillow?

A bond had developed between them; Rebecca could feel it just as she knew Billy could. As time passed, she began worrying about Billy's safety even out of battle. And when she found him in the sewer, soaked and half-dead, she felt relief, concern, and joy all at the same time.

Rebecca stopped just outside her apartment door. The sun had just finished setting and she half expected to be attacked by a zombie. At the end of the block a man and woman kissed for a second before leaving in opposite directions.

The sight of it brought tears to her eyes, but her mind was focused solely on the last memory she and Billy shared together. The rising sun, a grassy hill, looking deeply into his eyes. Having to say goodbye… forever? Rebecca hoped it wasn't so.

Unofficially, Lt. Billy Coen was alive and kicking. Unofficially, he helped the STARS newbie throughout zombie infested trains, mansions and labs. Unofficially, Rebecca let him go.

Unofficially, Rebecca had fallen in love with him.

Authors Note- I'm not sure if I like it. It's probably not very good, and I'll probably end up revising it tomorrow. I just had to get something written down, and my mind was on Rebecca/Billy. Please review, I accept all kinds. But be warned, I use flames to visit wrath upon my enemies.