Just a quick thing about Kisa.
I made a speech today.

I was being quiet, ignoring the others as they tried to stick me with thrown pencils when the teacher wasn't looking. If you ignore them, they get bored of it within five minutes or so.

The teacher was telling us about World War II, and the Holocaust. I only knew a little bit, whatever I absorbed last year in history and retained until now. Something about a lot of Jewish people being hurt and letting the government, some hitter or something, lock them up in camps and then slowly starve them and experiment on them and take away everything that made them people at all.

A boy in the front row said that the Jewish people were stupid for letting themselves be locked up. Why didn't they fight back? The idiots. The government is controlled by the people.

Hiro told me that I stood up and yelled about the government having more power than an individual has, and that's what the Jewish people were. Individual. If they had all fought, every single one of them, it might have worked, but not everyone thought that it was the way to escape and that sometimes it's best to let the government do what it wants and if you follow orders, then He might not be so mad at you after all and you might be okay. They didn't know that cooperating would take away their lives and selves and they weren't idiots for wanting to please Him so don't call them stupid.

Hiro said that it was rousing and about wanting to live even if the government put a few restrictions in place. It made some people cry. I didn't get teased all the rest of the day.

So I wonder what I said.

It sounds like I'm the person that needs to hear that kind of thing the most.

...Yeah. I don't know what that means, exactly. Out of character for her, maybe. Hooray. Tell me what you thought!