Information that may be helpful to the reader: 1) Hinata, Naruto, Ino, Sasuke, those kind of people are in their last year of high school. 2) Neji, Tenten, and Lee are in their first year of college. 3) Orochimaru's not evil, he's just mean.

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"Ugh." Hinata groaned, smacking her head on the desk.

"Failed again huh?" Ino asked from the seat next to her.

"Yes" she admitted.

"Now, for those of you who failed, I want to see your test on my desk, signed by a parent or guardian, first thing tomorrow before class starts." Their Math teacher, Asuma told the class.

"I am in such deep shit." Hinata swore.

"I'm sure it'll be fine. I mean, you're doing fine in everything else. Your dad probably won't be too mad." Ino tried to reassure her.

"I'm getting a D- in Science." Hinata informed her blond friend.

The bell rang, signaling the end of class. Hinata stood up, sticking the accursed test in a random folder. Ino stood and followed her out the door.


"It's fine. I won't be going to hell just for failing a couple of classes." Hinata said, patting Ino on the arm to reassure her. "C'mon, its lunch break."

Many teachers had talked to her about her swearing problem and her fatalist attitude. She'd been sent to the school counselor, Kurenai, on numerous occasions. They were, of course, more worried about her morbid thought pattern than her bad language. She'd assured Kurenai that the fatalism was just something she'd picked up from her cousin Neji, whom Kurenai knew from experience was quite a fatalist himself, although he'd gotten better. And that it was nothing to be taken seriously. When asked about her language she'd claimed Kiba was a bad influence on her.

The two girls headed out into the courtyard. Hinata was somewhat depressed, and Ino was trying to cheer her up. They headed towards the tree where they and their friends sat every day for lunch.

"Hinata-chan, Ino-chan, over here." Naruto yelled, waving them over.

"Naruto, we've been sitting here for lunch every day for the past two months. Why would we need you to call us over? We know where it is!" Ino growled. She sat down next to Chouji and stole a chip from him. She was the only one who could do so and not get hurt.

"H-hi N-naruto-kun." Hinata stuttered, taking a seat next to him. She rarely stuttered anymore. She'd gotten rid of most of her nervous habits by the time she'd entered high school. But she still stuttered around Naruto.

"Hi Hinata-chan." Naruto greeted her with a grin.

Sasuke came over and sat next to Ino. It was undoubtedly the safest spot. As far away from Sakura as possible. Ino wouldn't rabidly attack him anymore. But she was still more than likely to start a fight with Sakura. Sakura was sitting next to Naruto, who had dragged her there from their last class and still held her arm in a vice-like grip. Sakura cursed the day that everyone ended up in different classes.

Hinata and Ino had ended up in one class. Sakura had been stuck with Naruto in another one. Sasuke, Chouji, Kiba, and Gaara all ended up in the same class. Shino was with Shikamaru. Whoo, look at all the action there. They had all been in the same class in junior high. But it seems the teachers finally got smart and split 'em apart.

Hinata didn't like being spilt up either. Without Sakura in her class, she had no one to cheat off of. Yes, she cheated on tests. Only sometimes though, not that that really changed anything. She'd usually end up sitting next to Sakura since their last names both started with 'H'. Once Sakura had caught her cheating. Hinata couldn't figure out for the life of her how though. The reason she was never caught was because of her pupiless eyes. You never knew where she was looking. But the point was Sakura caught her cheating. She didn't tell on Hinata though. They might not have been the best of friends, but they were still friends. And normally, friends didn't rat each other out.

Sakura had asked her after class about it. It was out of character for Hinata to do something like cheat. Hinata had decided to confide in Sakura after swearing her to secrecy. She'd explained how she'd been cheating all year. When Sakura asked why she was cheating Hinata had said it was because the family situation at home wasn't good and she didn't want to cause trouble. Even if it wasn't quite a truthful answer. Oh the things she did when desperate.

"Hey Hinata, how're Neji, Tenten, and Lee in college?" Kiba asked. He didn't like the silence that had fallen over the group.

"Fine, I guess. We don't really talk much anymore." she sighed.

"Like you talked to Neji much before either. The dude was the silent type, like Sasuke-kun." Sakura said, giggling at the last part. "And that Lee guy was creepy."

"Why, just because he had creepy eyebrows and happened to like you of all people?" Kiba asked.

Sakura was just about to retort when the bell rang, telling them to get off their butts and to their next class. Ino and Hinata headed off towards Science. Along the way Ino tried to figure out how Hinata could possily be failing, well almost failing, Science.

Walking into class, she suddenly remembered who taught it. 'No wonder, I'm surprised we all aren't.' she thought, slipping onto her stool. Hinata sat on the stool next to her.

"All right people, shut your mouths." Orochimaru hissed at his class. He seemed to do that a lot.

Everyone, of course, stopped talking and payed attention. Orochimaru was NOT the type of teacher you messed with. How he got to be a teacher was anyone's guess. Really. He had been very specific on the first day that anyone who got on his nerves would regret it. Let's just say after a few test they took his threat seriously. He scared them. A lot.

Hinata was confused. These types of classes just weren't her thing. English, Art, stuff like that she could do. But when it came to Math and Science, she just didn't get it.(Like Merks!) Her father didn't understand this. And to him, Math and Science were a lot more important than English and Art.

They were talking about the solar system. Right now they were on the planet Jupiter. She knew it was the largest of the nine, or was it eight - what did they decide Pluto was? - in the Solar System. But beyond that, she was clueless. She didn't get why Jupiter couldn't just be a really big chuck of rock floating in space. No, it had to be a mass of gases. Lots of different gases too. Gases the she would undoubtedly have to remember for some test in the near future. A test that she would fail in the end.

Finally, the last bell rang. Hinata and Ino went to their lockers and switched from wearing those funny sock things they were forced to wear around school to normal shoes. They grabbed their backpacks and went out onto the sidewalk. They would have waited for their friends, but they all had clubs after school.

"Hey Hinata, want to come over?" Ino asked.

"No, I should probably go home and show my dad that Math test. No reason to delay the inevitable." she sighed.

"Are you sure? I mean, he could ground you. And then you wouldn't be able to come over at all for a while." Ino said, turning to head towards her house.

"Yea, I'm sure." Hinata told her, turning in the opposite direction. 'Besides, being grounded would be a preferable punishment.'


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