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Chapter One

Haley got off of the airplane and went to get her bags from the luggage claim. After she had stacked her bags in front of her, she turned and began to scan over the huge crowd that had gathered to welcome their friends and family. She was supposed to meet someone here…

"Haley! Haley Cowell!" A familiar voice shouted from the large crowd. "Hales! Over here!" He called again.

The sound of his voice caused butterflies to flutter in her stomach. She was furiously scanning the crowd when a pair of strong arms grabbed her waist and spun her around and pulled her into a warm hug. The sight of a familiar face warmed her from the inside out as she melted into the hug. She sniffed his shoulder. He smelled good, like fabric softener. He always did.

She reluctantly pulled out of his embrace. "Riley! I've missed you!"

He smiled when she said his name. She was glad that he hadn't fully let go of her yet when she looked into his bright blue eyes and she went week at the knees, because his arms held her in place. "Yeah, I missed you too," he answered, putting his arm around her as he began to lead her out of the airport towards his car in the parking garage, pulling her suitcase behind him with his free hand.

"So… What've you been up to?" He asked as he pressed the button for the elevator.

"You know…just fun FBI stuff," She said nonchalantly, with a shrug before the elevator doors opened and they moved inside along with an elderly couple. They smiled at them and each pushed the necessary buttons.

"What kind of fun FBI stuff?" Riley asked as the elevator doors closed and the elevator kicked into motion.

Haley gave him a mysterious look, "I am not at liberty to say."

Riley laughed. "Why did you have to come back early, anyway?"

Haley's face looked sad, "Something… came up."

"Well, I wish I could have come with you," He hadn't been able to go because he had to stay with his mother, who was in the hospital.

"Oh, yeah, how's your mom doing?" Haley asked.

Riley nodded as he said, "She's fine, now. I tried to call and tell you about it, since you seemed worried when you left, but you didn't return my calls and-"

Haley looked confused as she interrupted him. "Wait… you didn't call me!"

The elderly couple gave each other a look.

Riley stifled a sarcastic laugh. "Are you kidding? I probably called about… oh…I don't know, two bazillion times!" Riley was perfectly aware that two bazillion was not an actual number, but the exaggeration seemed appropriate for the situation.

"Whatever!" Haley said. "You weren't answering your phone either!"

Just then the elevator stopped, the doors opened, and the elderly couple rushed out pulling their suitcases behind them.

The elderly man leaned over to his wife and whispered, "Kids these days," in a disgusted voice before turning around, smiling, and tipping his hat at Haley and Riley while his wife smiled and waved at them as the elevator doors closed.

The elevator began moving again and Riley took a deep breath. "Let's just forget it."

"Right," Haley said.

"So…" He began. "How was Paris?" He asked.

Haley just gave him an exasperated look as she smiled and shook her head. They both laughed as the elevator doors opened. They pulled Haley's bags to Riley's car and continued on the long, silent drive to Ben and Abigail's home.

"We're here." Riley said as he pulled up in front of the mansion.

"Wow, I forgot how amazing it was…" Haley said, in awe.

"You should see the inside now! They put in a pool!" Riley said.

They both got out of his car and walked up to the door. He put his arm around her shoulders and rung the doorbell. With his arm around her, she got butterflies in her stomach.

Ben answered the door, with Abigail right behind him. "Hey Riley, Haley. Good to see you." He hugged Haley and shook Riley's hand. Then, he motioned them in.

"Cool house," Haley complimented as she shook Abigail's hand.

"Oh, thank you." Ben answered. "You know, I chose this estate because in 1812, Charles Carol met-"

"Yeah, someone who did something in history and had fun. Do you have a hot tub?" Haley interrupted.

Riley smiled.

Abigail looked between Riley and Haley. She turned and gave a private smile to Ben as they laughed. Then she said, "I've got to go finish supper. It won't be very much longer. Um, you can stay in the Green Room upstairs. It's the suite across from the one that Riley's borrowing while he stays here, so he'll show you where it is. Do you want to take your things on up?"

"Yeah, sure." Haley answered.

"Okay," Abigail smiled and then turned to Riley and said, "Riley, help her with her things."

"Yes ma'am," He muttered under his breath as he bent down to grab the handle to Haley's rolling suitcase, getting a chuckle from Ben.

Abigail began to walk out towards the kitchen. "Ben, are you coming?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am," He said as he followed her out.

"Come on." Riley said, motioning for Haley to follow him as he began pulling Haley's suitcases up the stairs.