Chapter 6-In the Shadow

The cell was dark and depressed, but it didn't cry. Instead, prisoner's tears rolled down slapped cheeks to his ripped clothes.

His hair was tied into a ponytail and coat covered his hurt shoulders and knee that had some scorched blood and dirt.

And he whispered to self, soft lyrics that brother taught me once.

Then a silent sound came from behind. Doors were opened and winter came in.

Winter in a form of shadow, but the boy didn't look back. Fear imprisoned him already.


No, that's not him! That can't be him!

"Al, what have they done to you?"

Answer came as silent whimpering.

This devil is playing with him, his emotions. It hurts!

And he didn't move when cold fingers touched his shoulder and ran tip of metal fingers to his jaw before showing finger into his mouth.

Then he gasped and pulled back.

But he was captured from behind and pressed against shorter chest, or it just seemed like that.

Either way, there was no escape.

"Brother, please be quiet. We don't want them to catch us together."


Another arm was dropped on his chest and ripped his shirt on same spot.

Fingers were cold but soft, they explored his chest from belt to nipples while he whimpered.

Then, to surprise, his face was turned by force to meet Shadow's. And their lips locked.

Al didn't fight him, he cried while creature's tongue was forced into his mouth and sucked his soul out.

Hands had their work as well. They removed boy's maroon coat and pulled pants to his knees.

Al shivered when December's cold wind touched his reborn skin and he managed to pull from a rough kiss.

"Al, I thought you missed me?"


"Are you in doubts, Al? I promised I'll come and save you."

Creature's voice was calm and it belonged to Ed, but Al was sure it wasn't him.

"E-Ed is beyond the gate…"-trembling voice answered.

"Old man helped me come back, not that I asked him to. But after I found out you-…."


Sound of cheek being slapped concussed darkened room and few seconds later, rough push against the ground that followed pierced scream.

Al was on his back, with creature's leg between legs.

He pressed boy's cock, making him scream in pain and fear.

"As your older brother I demand you to shut up and listen to me!"

Al's crying stopped, followed with silent whimpering that disappeared slowly.

"Who-who are you?"

Ed's smile was back in place, and he moved closer to his sibling to gently stroke his hair.

"I'm sorry, Al. I just…"

Al couldn't hide shock when tears appeared in brother's eyes. Fresh, glowing tears.

Now his doubts were far away, and he was almost as sure this was his brother.

Because, devils never cry…

Next scene was disturbing and forbidden. Lips were locked and bodies pressed.

Hot air between lips and tongues playing, this was enough for Alphonse to react.

He felt erection between legs getting harder before Edward dropped his pants to reveal own hardness.

Suddenly, it was hot in old cell.

Al lied back and spread legs, giving Ed begging look but Ed protested.

He pulled from Al's hold and got up.

"I better go now. I promise I'll come back as soon as I get rid of sins!"

Al didn't know else but nod, looking sadly at his brother while putting clothes back.

Brother…be back soon….

Lady's eyes dropped boring like gaze at her son, who walked to her room with usual grin.

"So, how's our guest?"

"Quite good, he got my trust. Can I visit him tomorrow? And stay a little longer?"

She takes a long, loud sip of tea and smirks.

"I guess it won't hurt, knowing how impatient you are-Envy…"