Chapter 16

Seeley Booth held his gun tightly in both hands, and pointed it at his partner's stalker. The man looked exactly as he'd mentally profiled him. Tall, good looking, and while it was hard to tell from all the rain, seemed to be meticulous in his grooming. Probably a businessman of some sort. He was unclear at this point on how this man was associated with Jenny Montgomery.

Booth carefully got to his feet, keeping his eye on the man, he glanced in the window at his partner, who had hit her head on the steering wheel, and was lying across the seat, evidently unconscious. He desperately wanted to make sure she was okay, but also knew this stalker was very very smart, and he couldn't afford to take his eyes off him for one minute.

"Who are you?" Booth demanded, turning and facing the other man fully, taking a few steps in his direction. The man backed up a step, pointing his own gun at Booth

"Does it matter Agent Booth? You'll be joining your partner soon anyway" the man smiled through his words. Evidently the man was under the mistaken impression that Brennan was dead. He was okay with him thinking that. The rain had let up somewhat, but both men were still drenched, water dripping from their hair and jackets. Puddles had formed everywhere, and mud caked their shoes.

"Come on. If you're going to kill me anyway, what harm does it do you revealing who you are anyway?" Booth coaxed, hoping to buy time

The man shook his head and smiled. "Ah very well. You're persistent, and I see no harm in revealing a few details. However first I must insist you drop your weapon….actually, just put it in the car with your deceased companion" the man watched as Booth opened the driver's side door, and carefully set his gun beside Brennan's head, hoping she'd awaken, and understand what was happening.

Leaving the door open to the SUV, he took a step around the door, his hands raised slightly.

"Jennifer Montgomery, as you knew her, was my former wife, my name is Christopher Mattson" the man began, his voice steady, the man kept his gun trained on Booth.

"But if you're her former spouse-" Booth interrupted

"Please. Let me continue Agent. As I was saying, she was my former wife. My sweet Jenny started to have some mental problems, and refused to get the help she so desperately needed, and as a result, we ended in divorce" the man said with a melancholy tone to his voice. Booth took a careful step in the mans direction, taking advantage of his distraction as he told his story. If I could just get that gun…he thought

"Sadly, Jenny pursued you in an unbalanced way, not taking rejection well; she was forced to end her life. In my eyes, it was all your fault. The Bible says, in God's words – 'an eye for an eye'. I am doing not only what Jenny would have wanted, but what God wants too" the man said with conviction, his eyes intense, his gaze unwavering.

Before either man could say or do anything, a shot rang out in the woods. The mans eyes widened, and his mouth hung open and he fell backwards. A bullet hole struck him in the center of his forehead. The man toppled backward over the tree in the road.

Booth glanced over his shoulder at Brennan, who had apparently awoken, hearing the situation, and seeing his gun, took it and ended the mans life and effectively saved his own.

"Bones! Are you okay?" he exclaimed, hurrying over to her side, and taking a visual inventory of the bump on her forehead. He slid his gun out of her grasp, and into his pocket of his wet coat. He took her into his arms, and held her, grateful that she was okay, that she was alive, that it was finally over.

"Well, my head hurts, but other than that I'm fine. Who was that man? Why was he trying to kill me?" she inquired, pulling back from his embrace, and dialing the police on his cell phone she'd retrieved from the SUV

"It's a long story Bones. Don't worry about it now. Listen, how about after the police and everything is said and done, we have a nice quiet weekend here at the cabin, no cell phones, no computer, just you and me? What do you say?" he asked her, turning her away from the dead man who lie a few feet from where they stood

She smiled "Sure that sounds nice…"

"Bones, you know, you seem to have a knack for getting yourself into trouble, you know that?" he said, still smiling at her, still grateful that it was over, and that they were both okay.

"Yes. I know. Its good that I have my own 'knight in shining FBI standard issue body armor' isn't it?" she quipped, using Angela's description of him

Without answering her, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

The end!