Boogerman Short #2: Wedding Bell Blues

By Boogerman Jim The Clayfighter

Narrator (Jim Cummings): It's the pits at The Pits, as our hero, Boogerman, is tied up to an alter, and being forced to marry the world's ugliest woman, Revolta! And to make matters worst, it is none other then the nefarious BoogerMeister as the Rabbi.

BoogerMeister: Do you, Revolta, take this doomed superhero as your awfully-stinky husband?

Revolta: Are you kidding?

Boogerman: Phew

Revolta: Of course I do!

Boogerman: Gulp

BoogerMeister: And you, Booger Boy?

Boogerman: No! I'll never marry this hideous woman! She is evil, and evil and good together is pure chaos! CHAOS, I SAY!

BoogerMeister: Chaos, you say?...With that said, I now pronounce you man and wife!

Boogerman: And let me guess, you want me to kiss her…

BoogerMeister: Heck no! (To Revolta) You may now torch the groom!

Revolta: With Pleasure!

Narrator: Thinking quickly as Revolta tries to light the match, Boogerman realizes that the rope is made of mucus!

Boogerman: I'll probably get a real bad stomachache, but…

Narrator: Eeewww…Nasty! Our hero is SLURPING the rope!

Revolta: And now, Boogerman, prepare to-HUH?

(Boogerman taps on Revolta's Shoulder)

Boogerman: PUCKER UP!

Narrator: With that said, Boogerman spits out his most powerful loogie ever known!


Revolta: My gown! My beautiful gown! SOILED! You'll pay for this, Boogerman!

Boogerman: Evil is once again defeated, thanks to…

(Boogerman grabs the BoogerMeister and plunges him down the toilet)


The End!