'Gurandis-san?' I ask the warm body sliding into my bed.

'Shh, Marie ga netteimasu.' it doesn't much sound like her, but it's definately a woman, which greatly limits the possiblities of who it is sliding her leg between my thighs.

'Marie sleeps like a rock. What are you doing?' She kisses me, which sort of answers that question. She kisses remarkably well, and her nightgown is very soft under my fingers as I slide it up. She breaks the kiss and gasps as my fingers touch her skin.

She starts stroking me with her thigh, biting my neck, her fingers stroking my sides. I grab her by her long hair, pull her head back and bite her firmly, pressing my body against her. As we both get closer, her breath quickening and her attempts to escape becoming less focused and more frantic, I concentrate on the feel of her neck against my mouth as I suck on it.

With a final high-pitched moan she comes in my arms, almost pulling free as she stiffens, bringing me over the edge. I relax, gasping, clutching her tightly.

She kisses me, stroking my sides lightly, tenderly. I try to stay awake, but fail, dropping into a safe-feeling darkness.

Apologies to GAINAX