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Summery: Melinda and Chris were always close as brother and sister, but when they started getting too close they had to decide whether their family was more important than their love for each other.

Warning, this does include incest so you have been warned. If you don't like the idea then don't read!

A Brother's Love

Melinda was with Wyatt, training in their kickboxing as usual. Although what was not usual, was Melinda winning! Melinda had just got Wyatt to the ground and had her foot at his neck, she was smiling in her victory.

"Hey, you having fun?" She heard a voice behind her ask, and then found herself falling to the floor, on top of Wyatt. Wyatt laughed at her, explaining that she should not let people distract her from a fight, that is the way demons attack. Melinda rolled her eyes at her 21-year-old, blonde-haired brother. She should have known he was letting her win to teach her something new. She walked over to get a sip from her bottle of water as her other brother, Chris, came over to her.

"Sorry," he apologised to his youngest sibling, "Wy asked me to do that." Melinda smiled as she looked into her 19-year-old brother's emerald green eyes, she loved those eyes, they were always warm, inviting.

"Can I leave you to finish your training with Chris?" She heard Wyatt's voice coming from the stairs, "I've got a Charge to get to." He had to rub it in that he was half-whitelighter, didn't he? Just because their dad was mortal when she was conceived, she hated that, Chris never seemed to rub it in as much, maybe that's because he was the middle child, and had to be family's mediator.

"That's fine, Wy." She answered her eldest brother's question, even though she knew she had no choice. She also knew she wouldn't get much training done with Chris either. He may have been her brother, but there was more than the brotherly-sisterly love between the two of them, even though they both knew it was wrong.

Chris turned to see his 6' 2'' brother orb out and then put his arms around Melinda's waist.

"Where shall we start training?" He whispered softly in her ear, then slowly laid kisses on her neck. Melinda gave into him and turn to face him. She looked deep into his emerald green eyes as he pulled her close to him. Their mouths met in a kiss, which turned more passionate the longer they kissed. They had waited all day for this, with Melinda being in school and Chris being at College.

Chris soon found he couldn't keep his hands to himself, and started feeling the bare parts of Melinda's body. She was only wearing a sports bra and shorts, so there was a lot of flesh. He let his lips follow his hands, hearing Mel let out little whimpers of pleasure, which turned him on even more. He knew nothing could really happen down here in the basement, anybody could walk in at any moment, but he couldn't help himself. Before he could get any further there was the sound of orbs. Chris and Melinda looked at each other in a panic for a moment until Melinda pushed Chris to the floor and Melinda got on top of him, as if she'd just pinned him. It was just in time too, Wyatt's orbs had just materialised fully.

"See she won then." Wyatt smiled, not realising that they weren't training. Chris gave a sheepish look and Melinda stood up.

"You know me," Melinda smiled, "Anyway, I thought you were going to a charge." After Wyatt explained he did, but it turned out his Charge didn't need that much help, he offered to help train them both a little more. Melinda gracefully declined and ran up the stairs to the kitchen while Chris let his eyes follow her as he stood up.


As Melinda got to the kitchen she saw her mom baking. Piper always baked, and they never had take-aways unless she and her husband, Leo, were away. Piper was just taking some cookies out of the oven as Melinda had come out of the basement. She and Leo had helped them set up their training room, knowing it was important to train even though demons had not really played an important factor since the Ultimate Power that she and her sisters had defeated 18 years ago.

"Hi mom," Melinda smiled as she opened the fridge to get another bottle of water, "What'ya doing?" Piper smiled at her youngest child and let her know about the cookies. They were for a party at Magic School, where her husband was now headmaster. Melinda smiled and went to pinch a cookie, but was tapped on the hand lightly by her mother.

"How was training?" Piper asked while trying to keep her cookies safe from the hands of her 16-year-old daughter. She looked at her, smiling, she had dark-blonde hair just like her father but the brown eyes like her. She was grown up for her age, and wondered whether it was all the training she did with her two brothers that had made her grown up quickly. There may have not been many demons that attacked anymore, but she was brought up to know that demons could attack at anytime.

"Training was fine," Melinda sighed, thinking how training with Chris really was, "I'm gonna get a shower." And with that Melinda ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs to leave her mother in peace.


As Melinda looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, she often wondered what Chris actually saw in her. Then she smiled thinking about the first time they kissed…

It was a hot day, and all three of them were running around with water balloons and water guns. Melinda was only 14 at the time, and for some reason Chris was constantly aiming his water balloons at her. Melinda couldn't believe her brothers were 17 and 19 and they were still playing around with water guns and water balloons. Wyatt had just got a call from the Elders so had to leave, it was his first year as a whitelighter, which Chris was still waiting for, so it left Melinda and Chris to finish the water fight. They were both already soaked to the bone, but the cold water felt good in the heatwave. Just as Wyatt had left, Chris crashed into Melinda, knocking her to the ground. Chris brushed a strand of Melinda's blonde hair away from her eyes and looked at her. Their breaths were fast, after all the running around, and they were still laughing at their little game. Suddenly, without any warning, Chris kissed Melinda. At first, Melinda started to kiss him back, but then realised who she was kissing and turned her head to one side.

"Mel…Oh God! I'm so, so sorry…" Chris started but he didn't have time to finish. Melinda grabbed his wet T-shirt and pulled him back down and kissed him again. They laid there kissing for a while until they could hear footsteps, and lots of them, coming towards them. Chris looked into Melinda with a mischievous grin and then hit her with another water balloon. Melinda squealed at the sudden attack of the water balloon as Chris climbed off her, to be confronted by their six cousins.

Melinda smiled at their first day. She would always remember it, and it would always be her favourite day. Unfortunately it was someone that she couldn't be with legally. He was her brother and everything between them was wrong on so many levels, but it still seemed right. Melinda pushed away from her thoughts and was about to undress as Chris orbed into the bathroom.

"Thought I'd give you a hand," Chris smiled moving closer to her, "And not just to take your clothes off."

Their secret relationship had been going on for two years, and nobody had found out yet. Sure, their family had caught them in bed with each other, but luckily it was something they always did as kids. If either of them had a nightmare, they'd get in bed with the other one, and nobody questioned it. There may have been a three year age gap, but they were always close, even as young children. Melinda looked up to her brothers and Chris loved having a little sister running around and following him – except on his dates, that got a little annoying. He often wondered whether the only reason he didn't like Melinda being around him when a girlfriend was over was really because everything he did with his girlfriends he wanted to do to Melinda – if that ever made sense in his head.

Chris trapped Melinda between him and the cabinet and took off her sports bra. He kissed her neck and ear softly, as he heard her moan, turning him on again. Melinda pushed Chris back and looked into his eyes, she was often lost in his eyes, and she took off his T-shirt. They embraced in a kiss again as Chris laid more kisses down Melinda's body, stopping at her breasts. They were only small, but he still loved them. Melinda didn't, but she was only 16! As Chris finished there, he knelt down and laid butterfly kisses down Mel's stomach to her belly button bar, he couldn't believe mom had let her get that, he was glad she did though it turned him on loads. Chris looked up to Melinda, who had lust in her eyes, as he pulled down her shorts, revealing a red thong. How could she train in that? Surely it got uncomfortable. He made her more comfortable by taking it off and kissed up her inner thighs. Melinda let out a slight moan as she felt Chris' tongue down there, he knew all the right places. Then he just stopped. She looked at him to see him turning the shower on.

"If they don't hear it, they'll wonder what's going on." Chris explained. She'd never thought of that. She couldn't let two years of sneaking around go down the drain because of one simple mistake. Mel thanked him by return the kisses down his muscular body and then pulled his shorts and boxers down in one, releasing his hard member. Melinda wrapped her hand around the hardness and stroked, gently at first and then getting harder and slightly faster, causing Chris to sigh in pleasure. Chris picked her up in a moment of lust and kissed her hard, placing her on the bathroom cabinet. Their kissing was getting hard and faster as they hungered for each other more. The more they lusted for each other the hotter everything got, and soon Chris was inside her pushing in and out, in and out…making Melinda gasp for breath. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Mel, you in there?" It was Wyatt.

"Yeah," Mel answered, "I'm just getting a shower."

"I just wanted to make sure," Wyatt stated, "Do you know where Chris is?" Melinda looked at Chris and smiled.

"He's probably with a charge." Melinda answered, trying not to laugh, as Chris put his head on her shoulders and started kissing her neck and collar bone.

"Alright," Wyatt sighed, "I'll leave you to your shower." Melinda waited to make sure Wyatt was gone and then lifted Chris' head up, look at his mischievous smile.

"You are gonna get us in trouble!" She teased him and got off the cabinet and climbed into the shower, followed by Chris.

"Why will I get us in trouble?" Chris smiled as the hot water ran over their bodies and his hand trailed down Mel's body starting at her lips. He leaned her against the wall as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She could feel the coldness of the tiles on her back, but the hotness of Chris' body and the water on her front, making her pull Chris closer to her and wrapped one of her legs around him.

Chris heard Mel moan as he pushed himself in her again, and put his head on her shoulder again, so her body could stifle his moans of pleasure. He could feel the blood rushing down as he got closer and closer to orgasm. Melinda was getting closer too, he could feel her fingers grip his shoulder blades as they usually did by this point.

All Melinda could do was put her hand to her mouth to stifle her screams as she went into orgasm. Her body shook as the pleasure increased to the point of no return.

Afterwards, they looked at each other, breathless and at a loss for words. When Chris pulled out of Melinda, he kissed her forehead.

"I'll leave you to your shower."

With that, Chris orbed out, probably to his room. Chris always fell asleep straight away after having sex, this wasn't the case for Melinda, she found herself hungry after it.

After her shower, Melinda wrapped herself in her towel and walked to her bedroom. Passing Chris', she looked in to find him collapsed on his bed. She smiled, seeing the smile on his face, he was in a peaceful dream. She quietly shut the door and went to her own room to get dressed. They were all going out tonight, with it being Wyatt's 21st that day, so she pulled out what she was going to wear. It always took her three hours to get ready, and that didn't include the shower and Chris' surprise visits. She looked at her clock, 5:30 glowed in red, Damn! She thought, Only two hours. She raided her draws to find her favourite pink miniskirt and a white strapless top. She knew this would have Chris pining for her all night. She just hoped her mom didn't send her upstairs to change. She decided to make sure she had her jacket on when she was downstairs to make sure she didn't have to change.


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