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The Future is Born

Chris opened his eyes, he was back in his room. The last thing he remembered, Wyatt was stood over him in the underworld. He saw the Source's head go flying but he was hit with a river of fire. He could feel the fire going through his body, he remembered the pain, but sitting up he wondered if it was all a nightmare, or a night-terror as his mother sometimes said.

He climbed out of bed and opened the door to see Peyton sat on the floor outside, she had her eyes closed, and looked peaceful.

"Peyton?" Chris called his daughter's name and knelt down.

Peyton awoke quickly at the sound of her name, kicking herself that she had fallen asleep. But when she expected it to be Parker waking her up to switch shifts, she found it had been her dad.

"Daddy?" Peyton cried and hugged him tightly.

"Hey, what's this for?"

"We thought you weren't going to make it," Peyton cried, "You've been asleep for three days now. We thought, oh God, you're ok."

He had been asleep for three days? How and why?

"You vanquished the Source daddy," Peyton looked deep into his emerald eyes, "Don't you remember?"

"I thought it was a dream." Chris admitted to his daughter as she hugged him again, "Wait, three days, I've missed Wyatt's birthday."

"He put it off until you woke again." Peyton laughed, since it was only yesterday Wyatt did not mind. After all, he was more worried about his baby brother.

"Peyton? Uncle Chris!"

The two in the hallway looked at Parker who was running down the hallway and jumped on Chris, hugging him. He had obviously made an impact on Parker in the future, Chris realised.

"Oh my God! You're ok! We were so worried." Parker hugged his uncle, he had been especially worried. He never knew his mom or dad, and when he was growing up he had lost his Aunt Melinda, he was scared that he would lose his Uncle Chris before he was going to be born.

"Peyton explained, I'll be fine if I can breath."

Parker quickly stood up and ran to Peyton hugging her, earning giggles from Peyton.

"What's all the shouting for?" Chris could hear his mom ask from the attic and then saw her. She had a look of shock but happy shock as she ran to him.

"Oh Chris, sweetie, you're ok."

Chris allowed himself to be hugged and then stood up.

"I'm fine. Is there any food?"


"This is going to be weird," Peyton smiled as she hugged her mom, who was now very close to her due date, "Everything is going to be so different."

"Good different though." Melinda smiled to her daughter, hugging her daughter.

They had spent the past two months trying to find a spell that would send her daughter and nephew back to their time, since the Source was vanquished and they had stopped everything that was going to happen, it resorted to Piper writing one.

"Mom, keep fighting to keep me good," Peyton whispered into Melinda's ear, "Everything will be fine, just work with dad." Melinda looked into her daughter brown eyes, slightly confused, but shrugged it off as Peyton went to hug her daughter.

"Don't get into too much trouble, please?" Chris smiled to his daughter, "Oh and how much trouble do you cause growing up?"

Peyton smiled at her father, and after feeding him the same 'future consequences' line she hugged him, "I'm not as bad as my brother and sister." She whispered into his ear, hoping that they would be there in the future. They had died young, because of demons.

Pulling away from her dad, she saw the smile, so she winked. She looked over at her cousin who was hugging Wyatt and Bianca, knowing that the Source was not going to kill his father helped him get closer to his mom and dad over the past two months. Peyton looked to her grandma and great-aunts, who were now going to be alive when she went back to the future.

After everybody had hugged Peyton took Parker's hand.

"Ready to see how it's all turned out?" she looked at Parker, who was smiling. She suddenly got a worried feeling that something else between now and her turning 18 would go wrong, but decided that she was just being stupid. Saying the spell her Grandma had written, a portal opened on the wall. Squeezing Parker's hand, like she did before they stepped in the portal to come to the past, they both stepped into the portal. Once they passed through the time-portal, Peyton looked around to see she was still in the attic of the manor, but things were different. They were back in their attic.

"What if it's not changed?" Parker asked his cousin quietly but then heard the sound of children screaming downstairs. Both teens looked at each other and left the attic to follow the screaming.

As they reached the living room, they saw two young girls fighting with each other, who neither recognised, and a 15-year-old boy boy stood above them.

"Perry?" Peyton called to the boy, who looked at her. Seeing her younger brother she ran and hugged him.

"Girl's will you two stop fighting?"

Peyton and Parker looked towards the dining room to see Melinda enter, heavily pregnant.

"Pey, baby, Parker! You're back!"



Back in the past, Melinda and Chris were going to bed. Even though Peyton was no longer in her room, Melinda still decided to sleep in Chris' room, mainly because she was worried about her daughter.

"Mel, don't worry baby," Chris wrapped his arms around Melinda as he shut the bedroom door, "If the future wasn't right, she'd be back, like she said."

Melinda knew she was right, but she was her mother, of course she was going to be worried. She was soon snapped out of her worries when she felt Chris' lips on her neck and ear.

"Chris, we can't do anything," Melinda moaned quietly, "I'm nearly due."

Chris stopped his kissing to look into his sister's eyes.

"You sure you don't want to?" Chris asked, but could sense her wanting, "I mean, it won't hurt the baby, doctors have already said it's fine. That it's good to bring on labour."

Melinda rolled her eyes, "But the baby will come out when it's ready."

"Yeah, but I know how much you're hating being pregnant at the moment," Chris went back to kissing Mel's neck, "And that you want this baby out now since Peyton's gone back to the future."

Melinda gave in to Chris, and ran her hands across his neck and into his hair.

Sensing Mel give in, Chris kissed across her jawline and kissed her passionately on the lips, moving his tongue past her lips to explore the known territory. He led her to the bed, and laid her down, laying to the side of her, caressing the baby bump and kissing her neck. He could feel Melinda's hands at the hem of his shirt, lifting it up slightly. Chris sat up and took his shirt off, to see Melinda sitting up too to take her top off. He kissed her again, and moved his hands to her bra, unhooking it and releasing her breasts. They had got bigger through her pregnancy, and was loving it. He moved his lips to her breasts, and sucked and nipped at her nipples, then moved to the baby bump, laying feather-light kisses on it. Chris stripped Melinda naked and then followed suit while she moved onto the bed properly. He climbed on with her and kissed her gently.

Melinda rolled Chris onto his back, and kissed his neck, ear and collarbone and then moved to his nipples. She could feel his member growing hard under her kisses and decided to kiss down his stomach and then took his hard member in her mouth.

"Oh, Melinda…" She could hear his moans as she sucked, playing with the head of him with her tongue. Chris' hips moved under her touch.

Melinda kissed back up his body and straddled him.

"Oh man, you're heavy." Chris laughed, earning a slap from Melinda. He winced as he said it, knowing that she was worried about her weight at the moment as it was. Once Melinda was off him, he turned her to face away from her and kissed her neck.

"Chris, what are you…"

"Shh…" Chris slid into her from behind, spooning her, and rocked gently, hearing the moans from Melinda, "Any good?" Chris looked into Melinda's slightly closed eyes, feeling her body rock with him. He reached a hand around to play with her clit, while he kissed her neck and back.

Soon they could both feel the heat rushing through their bodies. Melinda reached one hand behind her to grab Chris' neck, to pull him in to kiss her hard, as she felt her orgasm coming.

"Oh, Chris…" She moaned as the waves of pleasure ran through her body.

Chris had stopped playing with her clit by now, and gripped her thigh. He pushed into her deep as his seed spurted inside of her. He laid there with Melinda in his arms for a while, feeling her breathing and heartbeat slow down. Telekinetically he pulled the covers over them, as he pulled out of her.



"I love you." Chris smiled and kissed Melinda's cheek, running a hand over her baby bump.

"I love you too."


Melinda woke up, she was not sure why, just something did not feel right. She rolled onto her back to see Chris on the other side of his bed, arms outstretched. He looked so peaceful, the most he had been for a while, actually. Looking at the clock on his bedside cabinet, she noticed it was not even three in the morning. Feeling the pain of indigestion, Melinda got out of bed, pulling on her sweats and her T-shirt she was wearing earlier. She would only be a minute.

She opened the bedroom door and stood out in the hallway. Suddenly the pains of indigestion seemed worse, and she leaned against the wall, holding onto her stomach.

"Agh!" she tried to muffle a scream of pain, but it did not work. She leaned all her weight against the wall, as the pain grew.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?"

She looked to see Piper in her nightclothes, standing at the door.

"I don't…Argh!" Melinda felt like she was going to drop to the floor in the pain, but Piper caught her.

"Leo! Chris!" Piper called, she knew straight away with what it was.

"Mom, what's…" Chris started, as he opened his bedroom door, in only his boxers, and then saw his mom holding up his sister, "What's happened?" Chris ran to his sister's side and took her hand.

"It's the baby…" Piper started, making Chris panic more.

"What's wrong with it?"

"It's coming," Piper shouted, calling for her husband again, "Get her back on the bed."

Chris watched his mother go back to her bedroom, obviously to get Leo, while he took Melinda back to their bed.

"It's ok, the pains gone." Melinda said, as she put her hand on the desk, before Chris could get her to the bed, then felt water on her legs. She looked down, "Chris!"

Chris pulled Melinda over to the bed and laid her down, trying to make her comfortable, while his mom ran in.

"Paige! Wyatt!" Piper shouted as she ran to her daughter's side.

"Where's dad?"

"Gone to get some water and towels. Can you orb to get your Aunt Phoebe?" Chris was about to let go of Melinda's hand, but felt her tighten it.

"No, stay with me."

"I'll be two seconds, ok?" Melinda nodded her head, as she felt another wave of pain, grabbing Chris' hand tighter. Once the pain stopped she let go of Chris's hand, she had to close her eyes at the blue lights leaving the room.

"Wyatt! Paige!" Piper shouted again, as her husband entered the room. The room filled with orbs as Paige and Wyatt materialised, Paige in her dressing gown and Wyatt in his boxers.

"What?" Paige asked, sounding quite annoyed and then saw Melinda, "The baby's coming?"

"My water's just…Argh!" Melinda felt another wave of pain, and more orbs filled the room. She felt Chris' hand again and saw her Aunt Phoebe standing over her.

"She's having her baby?" Wyatt asked, sounding alarmed, "Now? At three in the morning!"

"She doesn't have a choice." Paige turned to her eldest nephew. She ran to Melinda and grabbed her sweats.

"Peyton obviously doesn't know what time it is." Chris stated to his brother, trying to stay calm for Melinda's sake.

"No, Wyatt and Dad and…argh!"

"No time for modesty, sweetie." Piper laughed as Paige stripped her bottom half. Chris covered her with a towel.

"Ok, there's still a while," Phoebe explained, she had done this many times for her sister's babies. Of course they were both there for her when she was in labour.

"What can we do?" Chris asked, feeling helpless just holding Melinda's hand.

"Just stay there, hold her hand, keep her breathing through the pain."

"What about me?" Wyatt asked, snapping out of the shock that his niece was about to be born.

"Keep Chris calm!" Wyatt looked over to see that Chris was freaking out. Her went behind his brother and took his shoulders, while Chris had Melinda's hand. He felt Melinda squeeze his hand, as there was another wave of pain, he felt like she was going to break his hand.

"Bloody hell, she's gonna break my hand." Chris laughed at his brother, trying to lighten the mood.

"Do you want to have this baby?" he heard his sister shout at him.

"Sorry, ok, just breath ok. You need to stay calm and breathe."

"Ok, it's ready." Phoebe stated, as she got ready to deliver the baby.

"Wyatt?" Everybody looked around to see Bianca in the room, obviously just shimmered in since Wyatt had not returned to her, "Oh my God!" Bianca ran to Wyatt, getting to the top of the bed, and running her hand through Melinda's hair, which was now wet from sweat.

"Ok, sweetie, just breathe."

Wyatt was surprised at how calm Bianca was, and how helpful she was being.

"Ok, Mel, when you feel another wave of pain, you have to push."

Weakly, Melinda nodded, feeling her mother stroking her hand on one side, Chris on the other and Bianca at the top of the bed.

"You can do it, baby, I'm here." Chris said to her as a wave of pain came. Melinda pushed as hard as she could and then relaxed.

"Ok, that was great, sweetie," Phoebe encouraged her eldest niece, "Now breathe for a bit."

Melinda laid back, realising Bianca had now got behind her to give her something to lean against.

"It's ok, sweetie, you can do this." Bianca ran her hand through her hair again.

"You know, you should be doing this job." Phoebe laughed at her nephew's fiancée, as she remembered she was a nurse.

"Do you want me to?"

"No, Bianca, stay there." Melinda begged, finding comfort in her soon to be sister-in-law sat behind her. Melinda pushed again, as she felt another wave of pain, crushing Chris' hand again.

Chris, trying to ignore the pain in his hand, rubbed Melinda's arm. He could feel Wyatt's hands still on his shoulders, grateful for it, knowing he would be freaking out right now otherwise. She was in so much pain, and he could not do anything about it.

"Can't you orb this thing out of me?" Melinda shouted as she relaxed again, earning laughs from everybody.

"She's early, isn't she?" Wyatt asked, suddenly thinking her due date was in a few days.

"Just two days, Wyatt," Bianca told him, "It'll be ok. This is probably from the stress of having visitors from the future."

About 10 minutes later, Melinda thought she was going to collapse. She was so tired, and exhausted. She just wanted to sleep, but the waves of pain, which were now getting closer, were stopping her.

"I can see a head!" Phoebe exclaimed, making Paige run behind Phoebe to see.

"I can see it too."

Both Wyatt and Leo resisted the urge to look, remembering Melinda's modesty, but Wyatt was curious at what it looked like.

"You'll find out when Bianca gives birth." Melinda shouted at her older brother, reading his thoughts.

"Ok, one more, Mel." Melinda heard her aunts voice.

"I can't…" Melinda cried, "No more…"

"Please baby, you have to. Just one more." Chris encouraged her, receiving a nod from Bianca.

"C'mon, Melinda, you can do it. We're all here with you."

Hearing that from Wyatt, Melinda pushed again and then laid back, feeling the pressure leave her, and relaxed into Bianca's arms.

"You did it." Bianca whispered to her future sister-in-law, still laughing slightly at what she had just said a minute ago.

Chris heard the sound of the baby crying and nearly cried himself. He looked to his lover and saw the smile on her face.

"Chris…do you wanna cut the cord?" Phoebe asked her nephew who looked towards her.

"Wyatt, take her hand." Chris instructed his brother and went to his aunt. Chris cut the cord and then healed Melinda.

Melinda looked over to see Phoebe holding the little body in a towel and then passed it to her.

"Thank you Aunt Phoebe." Melinda smiled weakly, taking the small bundle of joy and held her close. Bianca had left her by this point, and Chris had taken her place.

"Hey you." She whispered to the baby in her arms.

"Peyton Helena Halliwell." Chris smiled, looking at his daughter. She was so small, but so adorable.

"Chris?" Melinda whispered, "I'm so tired." Chris smiled, taking the baby out of his lovers arms and kissed her on the forehead.

"Go to sleep." Chris smiled and left her side, so she could get comfortable in the bed and sleep.


A few hours later, Melinda awoke. She looked around the room. The morning sun was shining slightly through the curtains. She put her hands down to her stomach, feeling where the baby used to sit was now lots of skin. Damn, she thought to herself, this will take some training to get rid of. She pulled herself out of the bed, realising she was still naked from the waist down and put a pair of Chris' sweats on, since hers were still soaked through. As she opened the bedroom door she could hear talking from down the hall. She walked into her own bedroom to find Piper, Leo and Chris sat on her bed, the baby tucked into her covers.

"Hey." She smiled, seeing how exhausted they all looked.

"How are you feeling?" Chris smiled, as he walked over to his princess and kissed her.

"Still a little tired. But I'm ok."

"You will be tired, darling," Piper mentioned to her daughter, "You only gave birth a few hours ago."

"Well, I guess there's gonna be a few restless nights for a while then," Melinda smiled, "Why did we not get the nursery sorted out?"

Chris laughed, reminding her of their visitors from the future and then looked at their parents.

"Actually, Wyatt thought of something," Piper smiled as she picked her sleeping granddaughter up and gave her to Melinda. Melinda took the baby and then looked at Chris, confused. Chris winked and took her hand, orbing them out of the room and into Wyatt's living room.

"Ah, she's awake." Wyatt smiled seeing his two siblings orb in.

"How is she?" Bianca asked, taking the baby from Melinda.

"Who Peyton or Melinda?" Chris asked, looking at the phoenix witch.


"I'm fine." Melinda smiled, "I wouldn't know about Peyton, only just got hold of her. But mom mentioned something about you thinking of something when I mentioned the nursery.

Wyatt smiled at that and pulled his younger sister up the stairs. He had had this brainwave just after defeating the Source. He knew it would take a while to send his son and niece back to the future, so the nursery could not be set up, so had taken matters into his own hand, with Bianca's permission of course, however Bianca was more than happy for the idea.

Chris had found out about this idea once Wyatt had cleared it with Bianca and Piper and was happy with the idea, but had decided to keep it from Melinda, until the baby was born to surprise her.

Melinda got up the stairs and got to one of the rooms in Wyatt's house, actually it was what would have been her room in her own house.

"You ready?" Wyatt asked and then opened the door.

Melinda looked around the room. She was amazed when she saw the purple walls with silver stars all over them. A cot in the side of the room, a changing table, toys…everything a baby would need. Almost crying she wrapped her hands around Wyatt's neck.

"When did you…?"

"Over the past two months." Wyatt said, pulling her up the hallway, to the second biggest room in the house. He opened the door, to show that he had set up a bedroom for her and Chris, "Chris and dad helped with everything."

Melinda could not believe it.

"Now we just have to hope you want to move in with us." Melinda smiled, to see the bedroom laid out similar to the way Chris' was expect there was another cot against one of the walls, so the baby could sleep in their room for the first few months until the nightly crying stopped.

"You want us to move in with you guys?"

"Course we do," Wyatt hugged his sister, "Until Chris gets his life sorted and you finish school at least." Melinda smiled and hugged both Wyatt and Bianca.


"She's adorable, isn't she?" Melinda asked, looking over the crib at her new-born. She could feel Chris' presence behind her. She felt his arms wrap around her waist and his head rest on her shoulder, obviously looking at the baby girl in the cot.

"You do realise how much sleep we're not going to get the next few weeks, right?" Chris smiled, still knowing that the no sleep was worth it.

"I know," Melinda smiled, "But it's worth it." Turning around, she put her arms around Chris' neck and pulled him in for a kiss, "I love you."

"I love you too." Chris smiled, leaning in for a kiss but was interupted by the sound of crying. Chris laughed, "Looks like she doesn't want any brothers of sisters just yet."

Hitting Chris gently, Melinda turned to pick up her crying baby, realising just how much this was going to happen over the next year at least.


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