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For The Want Of


Chapter Two


Is it calling just showed up affection
Gotta commend you on your selection
Though I know I shouldn't be concerned
In the back of my mind I can't help but question


About six years before present


"Wow Sakura-chan, you're so lucky! I'm happy for you!" said the blonde kistune, bouncing happily by the side of his pink-haired friend. Sakura smiled at her friend of almost a decade.

"Yes it really is great, isn't it? Oh, we can stop here, Naruto. I told Ino I'd visit her and Choji today, they just had their anniversary after all."

"Yeah? I should probably get them a present, huh?" Naruto asked.

Sakura merely smiled at her friend once more before disappearing into the Akimichi compound.


Naruto POV


As Sakura disappeared into the vast maze of buildings, Naruto wilted visibly. Turning back to the main road, he strolled to the street full of shops and vendors, pausing here and there to look through the wares. The vendors smiled as he walked through, knowing the ANBU captain would have a heavy purse to spend now.

Richly colored eyes slowly drifted to the sky, seeing and not seeing the azure expanse all at once. The dimmed blue eyes focused on a small sparrow as it flew from a pursuing hawk. Naruto Uzumaki drew his eyes back to the ground, sighing despondently. He finally stopped at one vendor he knew and shopped at regularly for his friends' gifts. Smiling at the young teenage girl who ran the stall, he mutely pointed at his selection.

The blonde returned to his drifting of the street and went grocery shopping. He finished and went to the Ichiraku's for lunch.

"Naruto, what can we get you?" a bright voice chirped, coming from the daughter of the ramen stall owner.

"Hiya, Ayame-san! How about the usual?" Naruto replied cheerily. The redheaded girl smiled at him and replied consentingly. Naruto idly drummed his fingers on the counter as he waited for his food. He looked around the stall and his eyes opened wide when he saw one of the customers. The ANBU captain excitedly hopped out of his seat and ran up next to the person, plopping in a seat next to his friend.

"Temari-nee-chan! Why are you in town…?" That was when a rolled up sheaf of papers thwacked the back of his head.

"Ittai! What the-" Naruto turned and faced Shikamaru who was standing behind him, with a look on his face that completely indicated how 'troublesome' he thought this whole situation was. Naruto was looking at him questionably when Temari finished her mouthful of food.

"Kankuro! I can't believe you would just hit our little brother like that!" The blonde, fan-wielding kunoichi scolded.

Naruto spun and found himself looking at Kankuro who was grinning like an idiot with a rolled up sheaf of papers. The same ones that had smacked his head mere moments ago…

"KANKURO-NII-SAN!!!" Naruto growled darkly before lunging for the Sand shinobi. A pair of forest green eyes watched the scene with amusement as an infuriated jinchuuriki attempted to beat the living breath out of his older brother and a dark haired Konoha shinobi stood at the side, murmuring troublesome. They widened slightly when a hyper ANBU captain leaped towards them.

Sakura peeked into the room where her godchild was sleeping and smiled softly. Closing the door she smiled at her best friend, "She's beautiful, Ino-chan." The rosette whispered, commenting on the newborn infant, all of three months old.

Choji grinned widely, "Just like her mother."

Ino blushed and punched Choji on the arm while smiling anyway. The three adults moved to the living room where a servant poured tea for them.

"So anyway, Sakura-chan, what else was there that you wanted to talk about?" Ino started, sipping her tea.

"Ino-pig, what makes you think I have any other reason to visit you?" Sakura teased.

"Big forehead girl, you always have another reason. So come on, what else was there?"

Sakura's eyes darted to Choji. Ino got the hint immediately. "Ah, I see. Choji, go stuff your face, won't you?"

Choji's eyebrows raised, "Is that anyway to talk to your beloved husband?" he asked as he stood to leave. Ino stood and hugged him, "Aww, you know I'll make it up to you later. Now shoo, this is girl talk time."

The giant shrugged and left the room. Ino watched him go with a loving expression on her face before turning back to Sakura.

"So? Tell me!"


The blonde snickered softly as he crept into the guest bedroom of the Suna shinobi. Gaara was standing outside, 'keeping watch'. Finding Kankuro's bed he carefully lifted the sheets and tucked them in a manner so that his dear, adopted older brother would be short-sheeted. Moving the blankets back into place, he went back out and flashed a thumbs-up to Gaara.

Walking back to the agreed meeting place of the four ninja, Gaara turned a questioning gaze upon Naruto.

"What's wrong?"

Naruto blinked and slumped a bit. "I was talking to Sakura-chan today. You know how-"


"-I'm dating Sasuke, Ino-chan?" Sakura asked her best friend. The blonde sitting across from her nodded.

"Well, last night-"


"After they got back from the festival for Hinamasturi (1); which is still going on if Temari wants to go-"


"Sasuke-kun walked me home-"


"And they were on her doorstep-"


"When I asked Sakura to marry me." Afore-mentioned raven reported to his sensei; Kakashi Hatake. "And it was really spontaneous and everything. I don't even know why I did!" yelled the Uchiha, frustrated.

Kakashi was lounging against the wall of the classroom he was in when Sasuke found him. Looking almost thoughtful for once, he looked at Sasuke contemplatively.

"Well, I don't see anything wrong with what you did, Sasuke. I mean, everyone in the entire village has been anticipating you and Sakura's marriage ever since you two started dating. Besides, you've been dead set on reviving the clan so this is the best opportunity."

"But I don't even love her! She's obnoxiously loud, romantic, clingy, and above all, she's more like a sister to me!" Sasuke shouted, slamming his hand on one of the desks, sufficiently cracking it.

Kakashi's eyes turned up into little crescents. "Oho, so this feels like incest to you? And yet you're marrying her anyway. Perhaps that duck butt on your head has finally begun to merge with your brain?"


Kakashi settled down when he saw the raven advancing on him with a look that promised murder.

"Well anyway, getting back to the point, you can either hope she breaks off the engagement and elopes with a missing nin like your catatonic brother (2), have someone ruin your wedding before you two say vows, or just break the engagement yourself. Which would be much more appropriate."

Sasuke frowned and ran a hand through his hair, slumping down on the desk. He was silent for a moment then opened his mouth, speaking in a thoughtful tone, "I suppose I could wake up Itachi or something and force feed him a love potion or something…"

Kakashi blinked at this OOC Sasuke moment.

The younger Uchiha groaned, "I really don't know what to do! You're supposed to be the adult here, figure it out!" he snapped out.

"Now, now Sasuke-kun, I'm not a replacement for your parents. Or your family. I'm not always going to be here to help solve your problems. You need to do it yourself." Kakashi said in a serious tone.

"I know. But I don't love her. And I never will. So I don't want to marry her. But don't give me that look, Kakashi. I'm not being selfish. I am taking her feelings into consideration as well. Think; if I marry her, she'll be bound to me forever. She's not stupid, one day she will come to terms with the fact that I don't love her but she will still love me. A person needs to be loved, Kakashi and when they aren't, they'll implode. I don't want that for Sakura. I may not love her but I do care about her. She has been my teammate and friend for nearly a decade despite the times I have betrayed this village and her. Throughout it all, I don't think she ever stopped loving me. For that, I will refuse to put her through a life of unrequited love."

"And who do you love?" Kakashi asked.

Sasuke simply looked at him.

"The same person that I have loved since I was eight."

"Naruto-" Temari started.

The blonde turned his head, "Yeah, Temari-chan?"

"Uhm… Never mind," Temari said. "But…Naruto, I don't want you to take this the wrong way but-"

"You think that I should quit poking my nose into Sasuke's business because as far as he's concerned, I don't exist anymore? Yeah… I guess so." Naruto replied, smiling sadly. "But you know, of course, this hasn't got ANYTHING to do with Sasuke. I'm worried about Sakura-chan, that's all. I mean; Sasuke can be such a bastard, y'know? I don't want her feelings to be hurt if he does something bastardly, that's all-"

"Don't smile if you don't want to, Naruto," Temari murmured, hugging him. She cried the tears he wouldn't.

January 11

Dear Uzumaki Naruto,

You are formally invited to attend the marital union of Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. The wedding will take place at the Flame Pavilion at 3:00 pm on the 23rd of February. A reception will follow. Please RSVP by the 13th of February.

Sincerely, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura

P.S. Hey, dobe, feel up to being my best man?


January 13

Dear Sasuke and Sakura-chan,

Sorry, can't make it. Tsunade gave me a recon mission that week in Iwa. Wish I could be there to see Sakura-chan in her wedding dress!! Send me some pictures!

--- Naruto

P.S. Hey, teme, I can't be your best man but how about Itachi? Kidding!! He'd probably tell you something like, "Uchiha's don't get married." Uh, that's if he ever wakes up. Get Neji to be your best man, he's good for stuff like this.


January 12

Dear Gaara,

Hey, Gaara! How's being Kazekage treating you? By the way, I need a favor. I don't suppose you could get me a mission from the 17th to the 29th of February? I'll tell you why if you get me the mission! Thanks a bunch, buddy!

Muchos love for all, Naruto

P.S. Say hi to Temari and Kankuro for me, love you guys!


January 15


Consider it done. I want a good explanation. Temari sends her love and asks that you pass it on to Nara Shikamaru. Kankuro says that he will stick your head in a toilet for short-sheeting him.



January 31

To Uzumaki Naruto:

You have received a solo A-class mission. The Kazekage wishes for you to travel to Suna and aid his shinobi in the elimination of Kanzaki Sohi, Kanzaki Kazune, and Kiryuu Aoi. You will leave for Suna on the 20th of February and will return on the 29th. Upon your arrival, you will receive more information on the rogue nin and the details of your mission. Please begin preparations.

(1)Hinamasturi: Girls' Day in Japan. Festivals, candy, the works.

(2)Itachi's comatose?!? Yep, he's comatose. Sasuke thought it would be just too bad to kill his own family member so he slapped a sleeping seal onto Itachi's beautiful face and the doctors in Konoha are working on fixing his memory. Or personality. Screw it, they need to fix his entire freaking mind.

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