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To-To Niwa
Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar: the Last Airbender or Disney's Mulan

Yay! My first ( techincally second) fanfic I've posted! This is a redone

Virsion of my origianl Avatar Mulan that no-one liked. Well, enjoy, and no flames!BTW, This is Harutara, despite the fact I'm a major Zutara person.

Mulan: Katara
Shang: Haru
Fa Zu: Tyro
Fa Li: Yue
Ling: Sokka
Yao: Zuko
Shin Po: Aang
Shan Yu: Azula
Guards: Dai Li
Shan Yu's Cronies: Ty Lee, Mai, and the Fire Nation
Mushu: Roku's Dragon, mini, Lung, Chinese for Dragon
Crickee: Momo
Granny Fa: Gran-Gran Kanna
Mulan's Horse: Uh... Appa or an ostrich horse
Matchmaker: Aunt Wu
A lone Dai Li agent stood boredly along the outer wall of Ba Sing Se waiting for something, anything, to happen when a dragon hawk flew down and dived at him.

"Ah!" The Dai Li agent let out a startled gasp, when the hawk called out again. Suddenly, a mailstrom of grappling hooks fly over the outer ring of Ba Sing Se. Running back to his post, after two fire nation troops attempt to catch him. "We're under attack! Light the signal!"
The door opened and Mai and Ty Lee stood smiling at the frightened Dai Li agant. The soldier climbed up the ladder and grabbed the lighting torch, staring down the Fire Nation leader, seeing other signals light along the wall. "Now all of Ba Sing Se knows you're here."
Azula smiled evily and picked up an earth kingdom flag, roasting it over the signal fire. "Perfect."

The Earth Kingdom General and two soldiers walk into the Earth King's chamber and bow.
"Your Majesty, the Fire Nation have crossed our Northern Border." Tyro, the earth kingdom general bowed to the Earth king.
"Impossible! No one can get through the wall of Ba Sing Se!" Tong scoffed the general, though he was silenced with a raised hand from the Earth King.
"Princess Azula is leading them. We'll set up defenses around your palace immediately." Tyro informed quickly.
The Earth King stood up. "No! Send your troops to protect my people! Tong!"
"Yes, your Highness?" Tong inquired.
"Deliver conscription notices throughout all the provinces. Call up reserves, and as many new recruits as possible." The Earth King instructed to his advisor.
Tyro stared, spurpised, at the king. " Forgive me, your Majesty, but I believe my troops can stop her."
"I won't take any chances, General. A single grain of rice can tip the scale; one man may be the difference between victory and defeat." The Earth king silenced them seriously. Katara sat in her room trying to balance a grain of rice with a pair of chopsticks while painting notes on her arm. "Quiet and demure ... graceful, polite, delicate, refined, poised ...
... punctual!"
Off in the distance, she heard an artic hen give out a crow. "Aaiee!" she shouted, blowing on her arm. "Momo! Momoo! Mo-" She glanced down at a sleeping lemur on the floor.
"Ah! There you are!" The lemur wakes up, and flies up to her shoulder.
" Who's the smartest lemur in the world? C'mon, smart boy! Can you help me with my chores today?" She tied a sack of chicken feed to his back, complete with a pole and a apple attached. Momo immediately chases the apple, flying promptly into a wall and then out the door, scattering grain everywhere.

"Honorable Ancestors ... please help Katara impress the fortuneteller today." Hakoda prayed silently at the alter of the avatars. Suddednly, Momo, followed by a herd of chickens, bursts into the family temple."Please, please help her."
"Father, I brought you some ... Whoop!" Katara called to her father, running into Hakoda, he caught the tea pot on his cane when the cups hit the ground and shatter.
"I brought a spare!"
"Remember, the doctor said three cups of tea in the morning..."
"... and three at night."

"Katara. You should already be in the village. We're counting on you to ..."
"Uphold the family honor. Don't worry, Father. I won't let you down. Wish me luck!" Katara nodded to her father, running down to the stable.
"Hurry! I'm going to ... pray some more." Hakoda said to Momo, who was flying after Katara after feeding the Arctic hens.
In town
"Yue, where is your friend, Katara? Aunt Wu is not a patient woman." Suki asked Yue hurriedly.
"Of all the days to be late! I should have prayed to the ancestors for luck." Yue sighed.
"How lucky can they be? They're dead. Besides, I've got all the luck we'll need." Gran-Gran pointed to Momo flying onto her shoulder. "This is your chance to prove yourself." She winks, as she closes her eyes and steps off the sidewalk.
"Kana! No!" Yue called, wincing when she walked off the sidewalk and into heavy traffic.
Gran-Gran walks across the street; vehicles crash, but she emerges unharmed. "Yup! This lemur's a lucky one!" Yue shook her head and sighed when she saw Katara fly Appa toward the Fortune teller's hut.
Katara comes riding up on Appa, and hops off.
"I'm here!" She looked at her brother's girlfriend. "What? But, Yue, I had to—"
"None of your excuses. Now, let's get you cleaned up."
Begin "Honor to us all"
This is what you give me to work with?
Honey, its not that bad, But I must its kind of sad
Ill change this peasant into royalty.
"It's freezing!" Katara shivered.
"It would've been warm, if you were here on time." Yue smiled.
We'll have you, cleaned and plucked
Primped and polished till you shine with luck
Just my recipe for instant bride
You'll bring honor to us all.
"Katara, what's this?" Yue sighed, when she saw the notes written on her arm.
"Uh ... notes ... in case I forget something." Katara laughed nervously.
"Hold this." Gran-Gran shook her head, handing Momo to Yue. "We're going to need more luck than I thought."
Wait and see, when we're through
Just pray to the spirit of the moon
With my spirits blessing (winks)
And a great hairdo
You'll bring honor to us all.
A girl can bring her family
Great honor in one way
By striking a good match
And this might be the day
Men want girls with good taste
Who work fast-paced
With good make-up
And a tiny waist
You'll bring honor to us all.
We all must serve my father and the king
Who guards us from the fire nation
A man by bearing arms
A girl by bearing sons
When we're through,
You can't fail
Like a panda lily, soft and pale
How could any bender say, "No sale"?
You'll bring honor to us all!
"There, you're ready." Yue smiled at her soon to be sister-in-law.
"Not yet!" Gran-gran cut in.

"A moon peach for serenity
A necklace for balance"
Beads of jade for beauty
You must proudly show it
Now, bring your lemur, just for luck,And even you can't blow it!
Good spirits, hear my plea,
Please don't let me make a fool of me
And to not uproot my family tree

Keep Hakoda standing tall.
Deadlier than the flu, We're to meet Aunt Wu!

guard th' nations girls,
Help our future as it fast unfurls
Spirits, look kindly on these cultured pearls
Each a perfect porcelain doll ...
Please bring honor to us
Please bring honor to us
Please bring honor to us
Please bring honor to us
Please bring honor to us all!
Suddenly, the doors to the fortuneteller's elaborate abode, and a snooty looking Aunt Wu walked out and addressed Katara. "Katara Watertribe?"
"Present!" Katara shouted.
The fortuneteller raised an eyebrow at the girl. "Speaking without permission ..."
"Oops ..." Katara sighed, as they walked inside.
Gran-Gran whispered to Yue, "Who spit in her bean curd puffs?"
"Too skinny ... not good for bearing sons." Aunt Wu shook her head, inspected her.
Momo flew out of his cage as soon as soon as Aunt Wu turned away, Katara frantically tries to put him back in.
"Recite the Final Admonition" Aunt Wu eyed Katara suspiciously, as she tried to hold Momo behind back.
"Mmm-hmm-hmm ... "Pulling out a paper fan and throws the lemur randomly.
Eyes wandering, she struggled to read the smudged writing on her arm. "Fulfill your duties, calmly and ..." She glanced down at the notes written on her arm. "Um, reflect before you ... snack. Act! This shall bring you honor and glory." She sighed, as she fanned herself nervously, the fortuneteller grabs the fan and searches it for cheat notes. Agitated at finding none, she grabbed Katara by the arm (where the notes were) and pulled her toward a table. The writing comiong off in her hand.
"This way. Now, pour the tea." She motioned toward the teapot. "To please your future in-laws, you must demonstrate a sense of dignity." She rubbed her hand over her mouth, and the ink rubs off with a squeak on her lip. "…and refinement. You must also be poised." Katara, stared at the Fortuneteller, poured the tea, but missed the cup, then regained her composure and quickly fills the teacup.
Katara noticed Momo trying to lap up the tea. The Matchmaker takes the teacup.
"Um, pardon me..." Katara winced, thinking of how much germs could've gotten in there from Momo.
"And silent!" Aunt Wu barked, sniffing the tea. "Ah ..."
"Could I just take that back? One moment..." She tried to waterbend the tea out of the cup.
The fortuneteller noticed, and pulls the cup back, causing the tea to spill all over her. Momo hops down her dress.
"Why, you clumsy! ... Oh! Ah! Woo!" She tripped over the fire-pot, stepping on Momo's tail, spilling the coals and then sitting on them, the bottom of her dress smoking. Katara desperately fanned the burned spot, and it bursts into flames. The fortuneteller ran around screaming.

Gran- Gran smiled to Yue after she winced after they heard yet another crash, "I think it's going well, don't you?"
The fortuneteller ran outside, screaming.
"Put it out! Put it out! PUT IT OUT!" Aunt Wu screamed as Katara water bended water from a nearby trough , putting out the fire. Embarrassed, she hands her fan to Aunt Wu and quickly walks toward Yue and Gran-Gran.

Furiously, Aunt Wu screamed at the water tribe girl. "You are a DISGRACE! You may look like a bride, but you will NEVER bring your family honor! "
People start to walk away, whispering.

At the Watertribe area
Katara was greeted with a warm smile by her father, but, humiliated, she turned away and took Appa to the stable.
Beginning of "Reflection"
Look at me ... I will never pass for a perfect bride
Or a perfect daughter
Can it be?
Do to my water bending ways,
I cannot be
My true self
I would break my family's heart.
Who is that girl I see
Staring straight back at me
Why is my reflection someone I don't know
Somehow I cannot hide
Who I am, though I've tried
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?
When will my reflection show
Who I am, inside?

She sighed, and walked out to the garden under the peach blossum tree.
"My, my, what beautiful blossoms we have this year. But look, this one's late. I bet when it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all." Hakoda smiled at his dauter placing the flower behind her ear, suddenly, drums began to sound.
"What is it?" Katara asked protectively.
Imperial soldiers and Tong come riding over a hill.
"Katara, stay inside." Hakoda frowned in concern.
Gran-Gran pointed to a low roof "Ahem." Katara runs over to it and peers over the roof.
"Citizens! I bring a proclamation from the Capital City! The Fire Nation has invaded Ba Sing Se! By order of the Earth King, one man from every family must serve in the Earth Kingdom Army."Tong read from the list. "The Bei Fong! The Sohma Family! "
"I will serve the Earth King in Akito's place.' A random village boy, Kyo, took the notice.
"Watertribe!" Tong called again.
Katara's eye's widened. "No!"
Her father walks over to Tong.
"I am ready to serve the Earth King." Hakoda bowed, to take the notice.
"Father, you can't go!"
'Katara!" Hakoda asked, surprised.
She pleaded to Tong. "Please, sir, my father has already fought in the war and my brother Sokka is already figh-"
"Silence! You will do well to teach your daughter to hold her tongue in a man's presence." Tong ignored the watertribe girl.
"Katara. You dishonor me." Hakoda turned his head away.
Tong cerimoniously handed the scroll to Hakoda. "Report tomorrow at the Gao-Ling Camp."
"Yes, sir."
Tong continued to read down the list as the water tribe family walked away. "The Niwa Family! The Izawa Family! The Uzumaki Family!"
In Hakoda's bedroom
Hakoda yanked open his closet, revealing a suit of water tribe armor, and unsheathes a sword. Katara watches. He practices techniques, but his leg gives out and he falls against a pillar, panting.
At dinner
Katara pours the tea, then sets her cup down with a bang.
"You shouldn't have to go! " Katara burst out.
"Katara!" Hakoda bit back sharply.
"There are plenty of young men to fight for the Earth Kingdom! I mean, we're water tribe! " Katara yelled again.
"It is an honor to protect my nation and my family."
"So you'll die for honor. Sounds like a certain banished prince I know." She mumbled.
"I will die doing what's right."
"But if you ..." Katara tried again.
"I know my place. It is time you learned yours." Hakoda narrowed his eyes, walking away from the dining area.