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Haru blinked in shock and horror. "Search for survivors!"

Katara walked wearily around the burnt village and picked up a small doll and cried. Sokka placed his hand comfortingly on her shoulder. "It's okay Katara."

Haru shook his head in pure disbelief. "I don't understand. My father should've been here."

Tong sighed, then called out. "Captain!"

Katara gasped as they turned to see a bloody battlefield full of dead Earth Kingdom soldiers. Aang walked up and reluctantly placed Tyro's helmet in Haru's hands. "The ... general."

Haru said nothing as he bended some earth from the snow, then places the helmet on the hilt and said a prayer. Katara stared at him sadly as Sokka and Zuko joined Aang in looking for any other survivors. "I'm sorry."

Haru ignored her as he mounted his ostrich horse. "The Fire Nation are moving quickly. We'll make better time to the capital city through the Serpents pass. We're the only hope for the Earth king now. Move out!"

The army slowly walked away and Aang turned to Katara, who was staring off into the distance."Kata- Hahn, c'mon! Everyone's leaving." Katara nodded and placed the doll by Tyro's helmet and joins the others.

As the Earth Kingdom Soldiers slowly walked through the Serpent's pass, a rocket in the wagon attached to Appa suddenly went off, shooting into the sky. Katara looked at Lung accusingly. Haru wheeled around in the narrow path of the Serpent's Pass. "What happened?! You just gave away out position! Now we're-"

Haru was cut off by a shurikun dart, stabbing his shoulder, throwing him off the horse. Fire Nation Soldiers appear on the opposite side of the pass, and arrows and Shurikun shower down on the soldiers. Haru quickly pulled out the dart and shouted orders. "Get out of range!"

The pitiful Earth Kingdom army struggles to get away from the fire nation troops, but are intercepted by another group of Fire Nation firing from the bay from navy ships.

Haru swore to himself, then pointed at Katara. "Save the cannons!"

The soldiers passed the cannons from the wagon to each other then the wagon was quickly hit by a flaming arrow.

"Oh no," Katara gasped, the she cut Appa's reins and mounted him along with Aang. The wagon explodes, sending Lung and Momo flying.

Katara caught Lung while Aang caught Momo. Lung gasped, coughing up ashes. "Oh, sure, save the bison."

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