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Warning 2: No beta reader. Apologies for everything wrong in this short story. This one-shot follows the English dub of the anime and the Americanized names. I've only seen a handful of episodes (all Mokuba-centered), so please forgive any uncharacteristic actions and emotions. Only one Japanese honorific, nii-sama (Respectful Older Brother), is used (another apology to those who detest the sprinkling of random Japanese words).

Dedication: To all readers whose favorite YGO character is Mokuba Kaiba.

Of Rodents and Kaibas

By Jan J. (or P.J.P.), Little Sister's Keepress

It was exactly 3:30 p.m. when Seto Kaiba, teenage prodigy, was interrupted in his office.

"Big Brother!" squealed a little raven-haired bundle of joy as it zoomed towards him.

Revise that. It was exactly 3:30 p.m. when Seto Kaiba, teenage prodigy, took a break in his office.

Hugging Seto eagerly around the waist, Mokuba Kaiba, the aforementioned little raven-haired bundle of joy, beamed up brightly at his cherished nii-sama's face. Seto gently brushed his hand through the younger boy's unruly wisps of hair. He continued to do so as Mokuba babbled on about his day at school and through all of his little brother's lectures on the vitality of eating regularly and not staring at a laptop's screen for days on end. Unfortunately, his serenity by Mokuba's side was shattered by one question.

"Big Brother, may I please spend some time with Yugi and his friends today?" Mokuba asked innocently. His wide eyes blinked like a four month old kitten's pair.

"But why?" Kaiba Corporation's President demanded. "This will be your third visit this week." Seto's cobalt blue eyes electrified with anger.

"Because Yugi's like Mickey Mouse (1)!" Kaiba Corporation's Vice President happily replied as he leaped down from his perch on Seto's lap.

"What?" Seto stupidly uttered, abandoning his usual stoic nature in the absurdity of it all. Since when did Seto Kaiba, teenage prodigy, ever do anything stupidly of his own free will?

"Well, both of them are friendly, nice, caring, positive—"

Seto ignored his brother's ramblings for several seconds. 'Next thing, Mokuba is going to tell me how Wheeler, that idiotic mutt, reminds him of Pluto (2).'

"—and they both have the coolest hairstyles!" concluded Mokuba.

'How can that deplorable mouse have a hairstyle?' Seto thought. 'Wait a minute. I refuse to relinquish my little brother to a rodent—a cartoon mouse at that!'

It was then that Seto Kaiba managed to force—er, persuade—his dear sibling to swear off Disney films and features for a year. Tragically, it involved a waterfall of tears (on Mokuba's part), mewls of protest (on Mokuba's part again), and desperate pleas (on Seto's part). Oh, and a promise to travel to Disneyland (3) every six months.

Sighing heavily and shifting the sleeping Mokuba, who was exhausted from the entire ordeal, against his shoulder, Seto grudgingly clicked the option on his laptop for online reservations at that accursed theme park.

'Mickey Mouse is going to suffer.' Seto chillingly smirked. 'And so is Yugi . . .'

However, the teenage prodigy's murderous thoughts dissipated as Mokuba burrowed his face into Seto's neck while unconsciously tightening his embrace around Seto's chest. It did not even occur to the CEO that he had successfully deterred Mokuba from meeting Yugi and his cronies that afternoon.

It really was true that a Kaiba, in a face-off against another Kaiba, wins slightly even when he loses beautifully.


(1), (2), (3): These are the creations/legacies of the late Walt Disney. Not I. (3) can either be in Tokyo or Anaheim, CA; I couldn't decide.