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Candace stepped out of her rental car. Adam had been calling her all day. She pulled her sweatshirt down. The bruises were getting more noticeable then before. And she was running out of excuses for them. This was her first time wearing jeans into a place, especially when it was at least 80 degrees outside. But the bruises showed up more on her legs. She walked into the building and said hello to the tech guys getting ready for the RAW tonight. She walked to the divas locker room to get changed. She was trying to avoid Adam until the show started. Mickie was talking on her cell to Kenny (who was only 5 doors down) and brushing her hair. She snapped the phone shut without saying goodbye when she saw her come in.

"Sweetie what's with the outfit?"

"Oh! Well I went tanning and it turned out horrible so I have to find a way to equal it out. Are you using the bathroom?"

"Oh no hun go ahead."

Candace grabbed her bag and started to go to the bathroom. Mickie grabbed her wrist tight. She winced at the pain of the bruise Mickie had been squeezing.

"Are you sure everything is OK with you and Adam?"

"Of course. Couldn't be better."

Candace got away and locked the bathroom door. She took off her clothes until she was down to her bra and underwear. She looked at the bruises that covered her skin. She sighed as she looked into the mirror. Why did she just lie to her best friend. She had to tell her. But just not yet. She took out her concealer and foundation. She used a cotton ball to spread the stuff on her body. Within minutes, her body was bruise free. She smiled when she looked back into the mirror. Then she put on her ring attire. Daisy Duke white shorts with a white tie top, her white boots to match. She walked back out to the locker room. Mickie was still there, pretending to read a book.

"You evened out that tan well."

"It's amazing what foundation can do for you."

Mickie walked slowly to Candace. Candace started to head for the door. Mickie grabbed Candace's arm, but this time it was harder. Candace screamed in pain. Mickie licked her thumb. Before she would wipe it on Candace's arm, Adam came in.

"Hey Mickie what are you doing?"

Mickie looked at her hand, Candace's arm, then Adam. She flung it loose.

"Nothing. Thought I saw a bug."

"Good. Can I see you Candy?"

That was Adam's nick name for her since the first time they met. Candace smiled at Mickie. Mickie just gave her the cold shoulder in return. Her smile faded as she followed Adam through the hall. They walked into the room Adam shared with John and Randy. None of the guys were there. Candace got scared. Adam kissed her on the lips and led her to the bench. But Candace just stood back up again.

"Something is on your mind babe. What's wrong?"

"Me hiding my bruises consistently! Adam you have to stop this! It's not right!"

"Well it's not my fault you make me mad."

"I do nothing and you hit me. I say one thing and you smack me! What's so right about that?"

"I'm just showing you who's the boss."

"That's no way to show it!"

Adam started to get closer. Candace back up as far as she could, only to land into a wall. Adam was so close to her, she was sure he would hit her.

"What makes you think I'll stop?"

"How about me begging you to stop or else I will leave you!"

"You wouldn't dare. We got together to boost your career. The moment you leave me, you'll be a low life diva like you used to be."

He was right. She was used as a play toy in WWE. When Vince found out that her and Adam were an item, he started to pair the two together. Soon she was one of the top divas in the business. But she would give it all up just so he would stop.

"Try me."

That set him off. Soon he was smacking her and hitting her. After a while she made it to the bathroom and locked the door. She looked into the mirror again. Her hair had become a mess. Most of the foundation had come off and new bruises were appearing. Her face had an imprint of Adam's hand on it. Blood was coming from old bruises re-opened. Candace started to cry. She heard John come and ask what all that was about. She heard Adam lie about the whole situation. She didn't care about it. She gathered herself and ran out of the room without any eye contact. She ran to the diva locker room, ignoring all stars asking her questions. Luckily Mickie was gone and she had the room all to herself. She broke down and cried in the middle of the room. She went to go treat her new wounds. She re-applied the foundation, even though it couldn't hide the deepest bruises. She re-brushed her hair. She changed her outfit since blood stains had gotten on it. Pink pants and a low v-neck pink and black shirt. She topped it off with black heels and her black coat. She walked out of the bathroom to find Mickie there, yet again.

"I saw you running down the hall. You were a mess. What happened?"

"Oh I was doing exercises and I stretched to far. My foot slipped and I fell against the benches."

"The way you looked seemed more then a fall."

"Well I tried to get up but I hurt my knee so much I kept falling."

"Uh huh right."

Mickie walked slowly to her again. Candace ran to the door this time. But Mickie was too quick. She grabbed Candace by the waist and pulled her back. She pinned her against the wall. Mickies nails were digging into a fresh bruise. She licked her thumb again. She was about to rub it on Candace's skin, but Candace raised her hand and poked Mickie in between the eyes. Mickie backed away, wincing in pain. Candace looked over at her shoulder. No blood drawn. Candace ran out the door.

"I know what's going on Candace and I will get it out of you!"

Candace kept running down the halls. 3 times she almost broke her ankle for running in such high heels. But she wouldn't stop. Suddenly she ran into a big man. She looked up at who it was. She smiled when she saw who it was. It was her best friend Dave.


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