Chapter 9: The End of the Horrible Story

This is the ending to this absolutely story that I will probably end up deleting later this week. So enjoy I guess…

Chapter 9: The End of the Horrible Story

Sam thanked the captain as the boat sailed away from the rock and waited until they were far enough away before he dived back into the ocean and swam up into the cavern. He looked around for a minute before he finally spotted Dean's back behind a rock.

"Dean," Sam whispered as he climbed up onto the floor of the cavern.

"Sam?" Dean said as his brother walked around in front of him. "Man am I glad to see you."

"Just give me a minute to untie you…" Sam said as he proceeded to untie his brother from the rock.

"Stop right there Sam!" said a voice from behind him. Sam turned around to see the sea witch standing there with a smug smile on her face.

"I wouldn't come any closer if I were you," Sam said with a growl.

"And why's that?" the sea witch said with a laugh.

"Because I have this!" Sam said as he pulled out a conch shell from an inside pocket on his jacket.

"A conch shell!" the sea witch screamed. "How dare you… I will kill you!"

"You can try," Sam said with a yawn. "But I'm pretty sure that this will kill you first so you're going to listen to me. First, I want all the girls returned to their families. Second, I want Dean and I returned to our hotel. And third, I want you to go away forever."

"And if I refuse?" the sea witch asked defiantly.

"I'll just kill you," Sam said with a shrug as he stepped towards her.

"No wait!" she said pleadingly. "I'll give in to your demands." And with that Sam and Dean were instantly transported back to their motel room.

"Well that was nice," Dean said as he stretched out his sore limbs. "But where did you get a whole conch shell like that?"

Sam shrugged. "It wasn't that hard… I just went to a little gift store in town." Dean laughed and slapped Sam on the back before going into the bathroom to take a shower.