His Loss, Her Words, Their Adventure

Chapter 1

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Pairing: Ed and Winry

Rating: Pg-Pg-13 due to bad words and possible violence in later chapters.


Edward Elric sighed as he got off the train at Resembol's train station to see it was pouring rain. He had his left leg fully restored but still had an Automail arm. Not that it matters Ed thought sadly. He grabbed his suitcase from the cargo train and proceeded on his way under the rain to the Rockbell home. For once, while stepping on the mud road that led to the light yellow house, he felt truly alone. He stepped slowly, not caring that the rain was pelting on him. The rain felt really good right now. After what happened… he thought sorrowfully. He continued walking down the road up to the Rockbell home, one too many thoughts crossing his mind.


Winry Rockbell was in her, now, somewhat empty house. Her dog, Den, lay at her feet, not quite asleep but not quite awake either. She was working on some automail at her workbench. Her grandmother, Pinako, had passed away some months ago and she decided to keep the business going. For her Winry thought. She wasn't happy about her grandmothers death but nor would she let it bring her down. She figured that Pinako would want that for her; for her to be happy and move on. Life goes on was what Winry would always tell herself and, it worked pretty well for the most part. She visited her grave whenever she could but only shed tears if she needed to.

She had been trying to contact the Elric brother's for some time when it happened, to inform them, but it seemed they were always out on their journey. She had brushed it off and decided she would tell them when they returned once more. Den suddenly cocked her head up and looked at the front door. She shrugged and looked up at Winry. "What is it, Den?" Winry asked as she looked down at the dog. Den stood up, walked to the front door and began scratching it gingerly. Winry stood up and walked up to the door, next to Den. She unlocked the door and opened it, to see a soaked Edward on the other side. He had his back facing her but could see he was holding his black jacket and squeezing it to get the water out of it.

Ed jumped a little when he heard the door behind him open and stopped trying to dry his jacket. He turned his head around to see Winry. "Hi" she said quietly. "Uh, hey" he replied silently. Winry smiled gently. "C'mon in, you're probably cold" she suggested as she opened the door wider for him to enter. "Um… OK" he agreed, picked up his suitcase and walked in. As soon as he entered, he took off his mud-covered boots and picked them up in his hands. "Don't wanna dirty the floor" he explained plainly. Winry looked down at his feet, to see, they were both flesh. "Ed… Your leg" Winry said, surprised. "Yeah, I got it back" he said. Winry smiled. "Good for you!" she said, slightly cheerfully. She looked outside once more; no one.

"Hey, Ed?" she asked curiously. Ed stopped dead in his tracks. Shit! Here it comes he thought nervously. "Where's Al?" she asked as she turned around towards the blonde. Ed tilted his head sadly. He muttered something under a breath. "What?" Winry asked. Ed's shoulders tensed a bit. He carefully placed his suitcase on the floor and put his soaked jacket and boots upon it. He muttered something under a breath again, sounding strangely familiar to the first thing he mumbled. "Could you speak up a bit?" Winry asked. Ed ward turned around fiercely and glared at her. "He's dead, Winry! That's what happened, OK!?" he said angrily and his breathing was heavy. Winry could only look at him, completely shocked. She couldn't even begin to fathom what she was going to say.

Ed looked at her and his shoulders dropped. He felt his knees go weak and fell to his knees. He leaned forward on his palms. "I'm… I'm sorry… I'm sorry" he whispered as his tears ran free for the first time in years. He put his flesh hand up to his eyes to catch the falling tears. "I'm so sorry… I'm sorry…" he apologized over and over again, not only to Winry, but also for his brother.

Winry watched as he fell to his knees and apologized repeatedly. She finally gathered her thoughts rationally, closed and locked the door behind her, and silently, but cautiously, as to not scare the Elric, walked up to him. She gently knelt down in front of him. Due to the fact that he had his hand in front of his eyes, he didn't even notice her. "I was so close… And it slipped… Right through my fingers… How...? How could I have let it slip? Like nothing… How…?" Ed asked to no one in particular. "Ed, it's OK… It couldn't have been your fault; I just know it couldn't have" Winry said, trying to sound comforting.

"How do you know?" Ed asked as he pulled his hands in front of his face and stared at them. "I've done so much crap it's not even funny" he said as his hands caught his face again. "What makes you think that my brother wouldn't die because of me?" he asked miserably. "Ed, don't do this to yourself!" Winry pleaded. Ed said nothing at this. "C'mon, get up" she said softly. Ed sighed, forced himself to his knee and slowly stood up. Winry stood up in front of him. "Go on to your room, I'll be up in a little" she stated. He went to get his belongings off the floor but Winry placed her hand on his shoulder which made him look up at her once more.

"Just go; I'll get your things upstairs" she offered kindly. Ed let out a breath, walked to the stairs and went up to his room; obviously accepting her offer. Poor guy she thought sadly. She could, somewhat, feel what Ed was going through. Al was Ed's younger sibling and he was also like a younger brother to her; knowing he was dead made this very hard. For both of them. Winry also had another problem now. She had to tell Ed that her grandmother had passed away. He's probably going to take it really hard she thought sadly. How am I going to tell him? She asked herself. She took a deep breath, held it in for 2 seconds, and set it free.

Winry picked up Ed's belongings off the floor and proceeded upstairs to the young Alchemist's room. As she reached his room, she saw that he was sitting on his bed, back facing her and without a shirt. He had his legs in front of him and had his shoulders propped up on his knees. Arms crossed and an expression on his face that was a mix of seriousness and pure sadness. She cleared her throat gently, in response; the blonde looked over his shoulder. "Oh, hey" he said quietly and then turned his head around once more. Winry walked deeper into his room and eventually stood next to him next to the bed. She placed his suitcase on the ground and left his boots atop of it. She held his jacket; feeling the damp material in her fingers. "I'm going to dry this when it's not raining" she told him. "Thanks" he said faintly. "Don't mention it" she said kindly.

She placed his jacket on the bed next to Ed and sat down in front of him. "Ed?" she asked carefully. He shrugged to indicate he was listening. "You never told me what happened to Al. But, you don't have to if you don't want to" she replied. Ed sighed. "No, you deserve to know, so, I'll tell you" he said quietly. Winry leaned back on her palms. "It happened a few days ago…" Ed began.

The two young Alchemists's made their way to the transmutation circle. Dante and the Homunculus, Lust and Envy, had fled away sometime ago, the two didn't know why nor did they care. The remaining Homunculus, Gluttony, lay on the transmutation circle, terribly injured and apparently not planning to stand. They would use him for their sacrifice. The younger Elric, with his armor body clanking with each step, looked over at his elder brother. "Brother?" he said quietly. "Yeah, Al, let's get our bodies back" the elder said enthusiastically. The two fell to their knees in front of the circle design. They clapped their hands simultaneously and placed their palms on the circle. The blue lights from the transmutation commenced and the two Alchemists' could feel the wind from it whirling about them as well. Soon, The Gate stood in front of them.

Gluttony looked at the two young Alchemists' from where he lay and then to The Gate; he knew what they were planning and decided to go with it. He could be taken away and be happy; no more fighting for him. He closed his eyes and waited. The two Elric's stood up from where they had knelt down and stared at the huge double doors. The Gate opened, finally, and the arms from within shot out and pulled Gluttony in. When the sin was pulled in, a huge flash of white came out and stunned the Elric's. Ed fell to the ground, seeing a faint silhouette before falling, and fainting, completely.

One hour later, Ed finally opened his eyes slowly and pulled up to his knees but, something was different, he could actually feel his left leg. He looked over to it to see his left pant leg was ripped up to his knee. He could see… The color of flesh. He sat down, looked at it fully and saw that, it was indeed flesh. He smiled triumphantly, though, he couldn't feel his arm. He investigated it to see, it was still Automail. Oh well he thought contently. He stood up and began looking for his younger brother. "Al! Al, where are you!?" he called out. No response. He continued to search the entire structure; no one. He began to grow nervous. Did it work for him? Did his body reject the soul? He asked himself. Soon, he had searched the entire formation but found no one, not even a sign that Al may have even been there. He gave up and fell to his knees. Alphonse Elric was presumed dead.

"I'm pretty sure that his body rejected his soul but, I couldn't find any trace of him… I'm pretty sure he's gone" Ed finished sorrowfully. "Ed, you don't know that and, if he is gone, you can't blame yourself for it" Winry tried to comfort. "I won't buy that… My brother's gone and it is most likely my fault" Ed told her. Winry sighed. Thickheaded Alchemy freak she thought, clearly annoyed. "You know, it's weird" Ed began once more. Winry looked at him curiously. "I always knew our goal was practically suicidal. I figured one of us would lose our lives…I just never thought it would be him" Ed said sadly. "Ed, I told you, he's probably not dead; you have no evidence that he is" Winry told him. "You don't get it, do you!?" he asked fiercely as he looked up at her. Winry was taken aback by his sudden outburst. "There was no sign whatsoever that he may have even been there! Nothing! He's gone and there's nothing I can do about it!" he said angrily as he stood up, grabbed his tank top shirt and pulled it on.

He grabbed his boots and pulled them on as well. "Screw this!" he said heatedly as he gave her a quick, angry, glance and proceeded on leaving the room. Winry stood up and grabbed his shoulder. "Don't touch me!" he demanded as he shook her hand off his shoulder. Winry pulled her hand to her chest and looked at him, surprised and saddened. He made it to the door, walked out and slammed it behind him. Winry stood there in the middle of the room, tears threatening to shed.

Ed walked out of his room and looked down at his dry, mud-covered boots. He sighed and continued to the stairs. He put his right hand on the railing before realizing what he had just done. His eyes softened sadly and he immediately turned his head around towards the door he just left from. "You don't get it, do you!?...Screw This!" He remembered the harshness in his voice and suddenly regretted it; he had just taken his anger out on Winry. "What have I done?" he whispered as he quickly ran over to his door again. Just as he did, though, it opened quickly and Winry stepped out, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Winry, I"—"Get out of my way, you jerk!" Winry cut him off and demanded as she pushed him away and ran towards her room.

Ed ended up with his back forced up against the wall after the mechanic had pushed him away. He watched as she ran off and commenced running after her but, in this case, she was faster. She reached the door and slammed it behind her. Unluckily for Ed, though, he was right behind her and she slammed the door on his nose. "Owww" Ed complained with a hand to his sore nose. He carefully pulled his hand away and realized it was bleeding lightly. "Winry, you gave me a nosebleed" he told her while wiggling his nose. "Serves you right!" Winry's muffled voice told him from the other side of the door. Ed wiped some of the blood away and squirmed his nose once more. "Winry, c'mon" Ed urged. "Go away!" Winry demanded. Great! Now Winry's mad at me! He thought.

Den came upstairs and walked over next to Ed. "Winry, please just let me in!" he pleaded. "Go away, you jerk!" Winry responded. Ed let out a breath and looked down to meet Den's eyes. Den shrugged and cocked her head sideways. "Don't give me that look" Ed muttered as he turned his head away and crossed his arms. The dog looked at the door in front of them and began scratching it gingerly. "Please tell me that's not you" Winry's muffled voice said. "It's not, it's Den" Ed declared. He could hear footsteps coming and soon the door opened. "C'mon Den" Winry said and let the dog in her room. She went to close the door once again but Ed put his foot in front so she wouldn't. "So you let the dog in and don't even look at me?" Ed asked. "Hmph! Didn't I tell you to get lost!?" Winry retorted. "C'mon, Winry, don't…Don't do this to me" he pleaded.

"Then go away" Winry told him. "Winry, I…I'm sorry, I…I didn't mean to yell at you like that, it's just…It's just hard, OK?" he asked. Winry's eyes softened up a bit at the look of his grief-filled face. "I didn't mean to take my anger out on you and…I'm sorry, OK?" Ed asked as he turned around to not meet her eyes. Winry smiled slightly from behind. She walked up in front of him, keeping that same kind smile on her lips. "C'mon, I'll make you something to eat, OK?" she asked as she grabbed his flesh arm gently. Ed raised an eyebrow at her sudden mood swing. "No thanks; I don't really feel like eating" he told her. Winry suddenly remembered something. "In that case, let's just go downstairs; there's…there's something I've got to tell you" she said as she slid her hand off his arm. "Um, OK" he agreed.

The two blondes walked down together and sat down on the sofa. "What is it you needed to tell me, Win?" Ed asked. "Ed…It's about my grandmother" she began. "You see, about two months ago…She…she passed away, Ed" she said finally. "What?" Ed said, quietly shocked. "I'm sorry" Winry told him. Ed let out a breath and fell back into the sofa so he was lying down. "Fuck" he muttered quietly as he pulled his arm in front of his eyes. "You tried to contact us, right?" he asked. "Yeah, but each time I called Central's Military Headquarters, Roy said that you were out on an assignment" Winry replied. Ed shrugged. "Winry?" Ed asked, his arm still covering his eyes. "Yeah Ed?" the mechanic replied. "I'm sorry…For everything, I really am" he replied sorrowfully.


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