His Loss, Her Words, Their Adventure

Chapter 16

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Den got bored after a while and used her paws to push Winry, originally meant to get her attention, but did something more…

As Den pushed Winry forward, she got forced on top of Ed, who was forced on his back, and their lips met, by accident. The two teens stared into each other's eyes, shocked. Winry pulled away immediately and Ed let her lips go, reluctantly.

All they did was stare into each other, shocked.

Winry immediately got off him and knelt down, looking over at Den who had an innocent look on her face. She glared at the dog slightly before speaking once more, but not looking to Ed. "Um, sorry, I guess Den got a little…" she trailed off for a moment and comprehended what just happened, imagining it in her mind nervously.

Ed sat up and looked at her smiling, and a lustful look in his eyes. "Ed, I" Winry stopped as she looked back to the blonde Alchemist. She suddenly got that jaw loosening, eyelid weakening feeling and stared into his golden eyes.

"Ed…" she whispered before closing her eyes and looking away. Ed, being the persistent teen he is, brought his left hand to her cheek and forced her, gently, to look back at him. He caressed his thumb on her face and smiled.

"Edward…I"—"Winry" Ed cut off Winry suddenly. "Just shut up for about ten seconds" he whispered to her quietly. Winry said nothing but tensed as he began bringing his face closer to hers.

Ed's lips were a mere inch away from Winry's. He was nervous, he wouldn't deny that. After all, why would he? He was about to kiss his best friend and the girl he had fallen for so long ago…

They could feel each other's breath on their skins until, suddenly, Ed's confidence boosted and he pulled his lips into Winry's, kissing her carefully, but with passion. Winry closed her eyes and shyly returned the kiss.

Ed grinned and took the liberty of deepening the kiss. Winry knelt closer to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Ed caressed his thumb against Winry's cheek a few times as they continued making out which, of course, lasted much more than ten seconds, as Winry fell back, with Ed on top of her.

He slowly ran his flesh fingers down along her side, causing Winry to giggle, which, in turn, caused Ed to smile at her. Soon, Ed took the opportunity and closed off the space between them completely.

Ed's lips strayed down to Winry's neck and he was thankful she was still wearing the tube top. Winry's giggle was heard as Ed's tongue connected with her neck.

Winry put her hand on his neck and slowly kissed his neck and cheek. Ed looked back at her and placed his lips back on hers.

After a few more moments, the two blondes pulled away, sat up, and tried to regain lost oxygen. Ed stared into Winry's eyes for a few seconds before smiling at her happily. Winry returned with a smile of her own.

"I love you" Ed whispered. Winry's smile faded and she looked at him nervously. "A little early to be saying that, don't you think?" she asked, even though she herself was sure of the emotion. If so, why would she ask him? Was it because she wanted to make sure he was sure of the sentiment? Or, was it because she wanted what was best for him and was unsure if she was best for him?

Ed shook his head slightly. "No, it's not. And, I say that 'cause…" he paused for a moment and stared into her sapphire eyes. "I say that 'cause…when I look at you, even when things are bad, I know it'll be OK…because you're there for me" he whispered.

A tear strayed from Winry's eye but Ed caught it as he stroked his thumb on her cheek once more. Winry placed her hand on his and smiled. "Edward, I"—"Just, please, tell me you feel the same way" Ed cut her off and returned the smile.

Winry smiled lovingly before pulling Ed, carefully, into a tight embrace. "Ed, of course I love you" she confessed happily.

After holding each other a while longer, Ed and Winry stood up finally. Ed pulled on his tank top and the trio, Winry, Ed, and Den, walked back to their camp, where they saw Al still snoozing away. The two blondes and dog decided to go to sleep themselves. Like the night before, Ed slept on Winry's lap as Winry leaned back on a tree trunk.

Eventually, they all fell asleep until morning.


The next morning, the gang woke up and headed back to Resembol.

When they arrived home, Winry had told Al about Pinako's death. He had taken it kinda hard but managed, considering he was still happy that Ed and Winry had finally decided to get together. Al, soon after accommodating himself, began dating.

Ed and Winry started dating as well…that is, until…

Four Years Later…

Winry Rockbell, 20, was at her worktable, fixing up Den's Automail. She had stayed home today with Al when Ed said he needed to go out to town. Winry had offered to go with him, but he had told her to stay home, said he needed to go alone because it was important.

The two of them had been dating for four years now, getting in and out of fights, and occasionally their relationship, but that would usually last about two days.


Ed and Winry, 19, were having another one of their breakup periods. Winry was in her room, sadly working on some new Automail design for a certain blonde-haired Alchemist, whose name will not be mentioned.

This fight was because Ed had beaten the living daylights out of some man who was gawking at Winry as she worked on his Automail. But, that's not what Ed had told her. He had told her not to worry about it, which, of course only resulted in him getting whacked over the head with a wrench and some yelling which occurred between them;

"What the hell!?" Ed demanded.

"That was an Automail customer, you moron!" Winry replied and then walked off but after a few steps felt Ed's hand around her wrist. "Do you want another wrench across the head?" Winry asked dangerously as she looked at him over her shoulder.

"Winry, I had to!" Ed explained. "And why's that?" Winry asked irately. Ed blushed and looked away without answering which resulted in him getting slapped across the face. Ed's face contorted, much like the way it did when she had first slapped him in the train ride when they were younger. He let go of Winry's wrist and continued to look away.

"You cost me a customer, Ed! Do me a favor and don't come within five feet of me!" Winry ordered angrily and then walked off. Ed shook his head an put a hand to his sore cheek, looking at Winry heatedly.

"Well, fine!" Ed replied as he rubbed his red cheek and walked off in the other direction.

And that was how it started. It was currently going for three days; they hadn't tossed each other a glance nor had they spoken.

Her bedroom door knocked suddenly. "Come in" she called out sadly.

Ed walked into the room quietly, seeing Winry's back facing him as she sat on her bed. He walked in and quietly closed the door behind him and turned back to the blonde mechanic.

"Winry?" he asked nervously. The mechanic looked at him irately over her shoulder. "What do you want, Ed!?" she demanded. Ed carefully sat on the bed next to her, looking at her sadly. Winry looked away and crossed her arms.

"Winry, I'm…I'm sorry I cost you a customer" he muttered apologetically. Winry's eyes widened and she looked back at him. "What did you say?" she asked quietly. Ed fixed himself so he was sitting right in front of Winry.

"I'm sorry I cost you a customer" he told her once more. She looked at him irately. "And, you couldn't say this two day ago, why?" she asked him. "Winry…" he said quietly as he placed his forehead on her shoulder.

"Winry, you know how I get" he whispered. "Hmph! All too well" she said irately. Ed pulled away. "Winry, it's just that, that guy"—he stopped there and looked away, not wanting to go any further. Winry used her hand to gently make him look at her.

"Just tell me and I'll forgive you" she said softly as she rubbed her thumb on his cheek. Ed shrugged and placed his forehead back on her shoulder.

"That guy was looking at you" he muttered. "That's it? Ed, all my customers look at me! Like you!" she said playfully. "Yeah, but not all you customers look at you the way he did" Ed explained. "Oh, I see what this is about; you were jealous and you were being protective" Winry said jokingly. Ed shrugged again.

Winry gently kissed his cheek, causing him to look up at her. "You're not mad?" Ed asked. "Of course not; I want to be treated with respect; I don't need anybody gawking at me while I work!" Winy told him. Ed smiled back at her.

"Besides" Winry said playfully. "I have enough with you gawking at me" she said as she looked away with a teasing smile on her lips. Ed raised his brows and smiled mischievously. "Oh really?" he asked. Winry nodded but didn't look at him.

"Come, here!" he said playfully as he wrapped his arms around her waist, causing her to shriek and laugh. "Edward, stop, that tickles!" she told him and laughed more. Ed pulled her down so both were lying on the bed, with Ed's elbows on either side of Winry and his body to her side.

Winry looked up at him and smiled lovingly as she brought her arms around his neck. Ed leaned in and brought his lips to hers in a passionate kiss, which she gratefully returned as she slowly, ran one of her hands up and down his chest.

End Flashback…

Alphonse Elric, 19, was at the kitchen table, flipping through a book of his and sipping his coffee. Both Elric's had luckily found jobs and the trio of friend's would pitch in when bills came around.

He knew too well when the Alchemist and mechanic would break up, due to a couple of incidents which had occurred to him, like that of one that happened about a year ago.


Al, 18, was walking to Winry's room on the morning of the fourth day of her and Ed's breakup to see if she was OK; it was something he would do every now and then. He knocked but heard no reply. He eyed the door curiously and carefully stepped inside. His face turned a little shocked when he saw Ed and Winry in her bed, asleep.

Ed had the covers up to his waist and was lying on his stomach, no shirt. Winry had the covers up to her shoulders but her bear shoulders showed she was either topless or in a tube top. Ed had his Automail arm around her waist as both slept soundly.

He smiled and shook his head before leaving the room and carefully closing the door as he left.

End Mini-Flashback…

They trio had managed to keep in touch with the Homunculus, Envy and Lust, sometime ago; the two of them were currently in Central, going under assumed names and managing their lives, making it up as they went along, just like they said.

Suddenly, the door opened to Edward Elric, 20 who was wearing a white button-up shirt with brown pants and shoes, his hair picked up in a high ponytail. Winry looked up at him and smiled. "You're back" she said cheerfully.

Ed walked up to her, leaned down and kissed her cheek. "I'll be right back, I got to go talk to Al, 'K?" he asked. Winry nodded and continued with her dog's Automail. Ed then walked up to his younger sibling.

"Al?" he whispered. "Yeah?" Al replied as he took a sip of his coffee. "I need you out" he whispered. Al almost choked back on his coffee. "You're kicking out your own brother?" he asked nervously. Ed looked at him, annoyed.

"Not out of the house; out of the room!" he said, quietly but irately. Al looked away, embarrassed. "Oh…What for?" he asked. "I need to ask Winry something very important" he replied, whispering so only he and Al could hear.

Al looked back at his brother who had raised both brows. Al's eyes widened. "Oh, I gotcha" Al said as he winked and gathered his book. "Good luck" he whispered and left upstairs, but eavesdropped, nonetheless.

Ed walked back to his mechanic, patting his right pocket gently. "Hey, Win, got a minute?" he asked her. "Hold on" Winry replied as she was finishing her dog's Automail. "And, done!" she exclaimed as she screwed the last bolt in place.

She turned back to the Alchemist and smiled. "What do you need?" she asked him happily. "I need to ask you something, Winry" Ed replied. "Well, what is it?" Winry asked as she turned her body on the chair around completely and faced him.

Ed got down on his right knee, leaving his other leg propped up, and took Winry's right hand. Winry looked at him curiously.

"Winry Rockbell" Ed said with a smile before leaning down and kissing Winry's hand and looking back up to her. He paused for a moment a smiled at her once more. "Would you be willing" he began as he rubbed his finger on her hand. "To change your name from 'Winry Rockbell', to 'Winry Elric' and allow me, Edward Elric" he said as he used his free hand to pull out a small black box from his right pocket. "To take your hand in marriage?" he asked finally as he opened the box, revealing a golden wedding ring with a simple, yet extravagant, diamond in the center.

Winry gasped silently and smiled happily. Ed pulled the ring out of the small box and placed it on her finger, looking up at her. Winry's eyes shed slight tears and she smiled happily.

"Oh Edward, of course I'll marry you" Winry replied happily as she knelt down in front of Ed and pulled him into a tight kiss and embrace. She pulled away and hugged him tightly.

"I love you, Winry" Ed whispered happily.

"I love you too" Winry replied as she buried her face into the crook of her, soon-to-be, husband's neck.

Al smiled gladly at the bride and groom to-be.

After all, His Loss lead to Her Words, which lead to Their Adventure, which, in result, led to this.



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