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Obscured by distorted lights and half-shadows

Observing life as a ghost, passing by and below

Forgotten shade clouded in dark and mystery

A life unwritten, to many another blank history.

Only to one remembered, and vividly like red:

She, his beloved, who had hoped him at last dead,

But he lives on, an imprint forged forever in her mind.

They once shared a soul, and forever will he hopelessly bind

Himself to her; yet he still dwells in eternal dark and night

While she, in life, was bathed in heavenly glory and angelic light.

He shivers and sighs, forever detached from such life,

Wondering what could've been had she been his wife.

He kisses a lone, scarlet rose and leaves it on her grave,

Cursing himself for having not being more brave.

Had he truly been an angel, she could have been his!

But alas, he only has the memory of one bittersweet kiss.

She is miserably and eternally dead, and thus is he.

Darkened and cold, he returns to shadows, to obscurity.

Never, never shall he dare to love again;

His devastated heart in her grave shall evermore remain.