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"Take care of my body, Shikamaru!"

"S-sorry, Shikamaru. I-I can't…"

"Choji, wake the hell up! Choji! Choji!"

"Release! Shikamaru, there's too many of them."

"Ino… Ino, stay with me! Ino!"


"Mendokusee…" Shikamaru Nara turned over in his bunk and opened his eyes. God, this place was even ruining sleep for him. The entire experience of being in prison was down right troublesome. And he thought just being a ninja of Konoha was troublesome…he was so full of shit back then. Just being a ninja was easy, train a couple hours a day, and missions every couple of weeks, dealing with Tsunade…that shit used to irritate him to no end. Now he'd give almost anything to be nagged at…by Tsunade, by his mother, by…Ino. He'd give everything to be nagged at by Ino. But…He reminded himself, things could be worse.

"Choji…hey, Choji, you awake?"

"'Course I'm awake!" Choji's stomach grumbled, "Hey, Shikamaru, you got any food?"

"I gave you the last of the stash twelve hours ago, when they feed us last."

"I know."

"Then why ask?" Shikamaru groaned inwardly and flexed his fingers. The sound ninja had kept his arms tied since they were captured, three weeks five days and thirty two minutes, to prevent him from doing ninjutsu, and his fingers were about all he could move.

"I don't know." Choji sighed, "I get dumb when I'm hungry. These sound bastards…" his stomach growled again, "They don't feed us for shit."

"At least they've stopped starving us." Shikamaru said. "Remember the first five days?"

"The first two were alright; I was still unconscious…but the last three were murder."

The Otogakure ninja didn't need to tie Choji's hands to stop him doing ninjetsu. In addition to betraying them, The Uchiha bastard (Shikamaru did not allow himself to use the traitor's name) had given Orochimaru every last on of their secrets, including the fact that Akimichis needed food to create chakra. So they starved the both of them, Choji: to make him harmless and Shikamaru…because they were bastards. He didn't know if they had starved her…he didn't know what they were doing with her.

"Do you think Ino's alright?"

"Ino…" If he could have wiped the tears away, Shikamaru would have. As it was, he was merely glad Choji couldn't see his face. How troublesome. "Ino will be fine. She's…She can be a real bitch…she's the strongest Konoha's got. She'll make it. Probably come barging in here any second with dead sound all over the place and a cocky little grin on her face."

"And meat in her hands…" Choji whispered.

"It's fucking bitch, Tenten." Ino slurped her smoothie through the clear plastic straw, "At least you've got that sexy Neji Hyuga on your team. I'm stuck with a lazy bum who never does anything and a fat ass. Of course, Dad couldn't be happier!"

"That's right." Tenten said, "Wasn't he on the same team as their fathers too?"

"Yeah. We've known each other since we were kids." Ino sighed, "I swear to god, I think they set it up! Shikamaru and Choji hit it off when they were like, eight or something. Not surprising when you think about it, two losers sitting around watching clouds and getting fat. I sure got gypped. You get Neji. Hinata gets fine ass Kiba Inuzuka and mystery man Shino Aburame…"

"Shino? Really? I always thought he was kind of creepy."

"Yeah but the glasses are so badass!" Ino sighed, "Not that I mind too much about you and Hinata. What really pisses me off is that Bitch Sakura gets fucking Sasuke!"

Ino sighed. She used to be so smitten with Sasuke. Now the only reason she would ever want to be alone with him would be to slit his traitor's throat and watch him bleed to death on the floor. That would be so satisfying. Then she could find the other two and they could all go home. Sakura would never forgive Ino for killing Sasuke but…there was no reason anyone in Konoha had to know. As long as they could go home.

Shit. Ino thought, the least they could do in give me some water. No… I'd probably drown.

She hadn't seen Shikamaru or Choji or moved her body of her own will for at least three weeks. Sometimes it seemed like more, staring at the same damned ceiling day after day after day.

Does Shikamaru have to stare at the ceiling too? She wondered, or do they let him move? Knowing that lazy boy he wouldn't get up even if they let him.

God, I'm going crazy in here. Ino thought. It seemed like years ago since they were captured by the sound and she'd woken up three days later with her arms, legs and head fastened down to a very uncomfortable bed. The restraints were to keep her from taking over anyone's body and everyday a woman called Ginna would come in and spoon feed her some sort of disgust gruel that tasted like dog shit. Ino thought it was everyday but sometimes it seemed Ginna forgot to feed her. Ginna never spoke and Ino never got a good look at her face. In fact, she didn't even know the woman's name; she only called her Ginna to keep from going crazy.

The only other person who visited her, other than Ginna, was the ex-crush bastard Uchiha Sasuke. Ino could not believe she had ever even thought she loved a man like that! After a year of privately hating Shikamaru and Choji for not bringing him back, she now knew the truth. Sasuke hadn't been kidnapped, he hadn't been dragged against his will as they had, he went of his on volition. He stayed of his on volition. He betrayed Konoha.

"Ino Yanamaka." He'd coolly greeted her the first day she was awake, "Fancy meeting you here."

"S-Sasuke…" Ino croaked, "Where- where am I?"

"Kobe 59."

"Where's that?" The name did not sound familiar.

"The Land of the Sound. One of Orochimaru prisons."

The full consequences of that sentence crashed down on her like ton of bricks. "Where's Shikamaru? Where's Choji?"

Sasuke laughed harshly, "You really think I'd tell you that, Ino? I'll let you guess… maybe they're here, maybe they're not. Maybe I killed the both of them, hmm?"

"If you killed them, I'll kill you!"

"You're welcome to try." He stood up then and passed out of her view. His voice remain cold and mildly amused above her head, "Any time you can get out of those restraint, you can try your very best to kill me but I don't think it'll work."

"SASUKE! SASUKE!" Ino suddenly felt terror as she never had before, "Tell me where they are! Please, they're my friends! Tell me where they are!"

His only response was laughter and the sound of a heavy steel door closing on Ino's shouts.

Bastard. Ino thought. That was the first and only day since she'd been trapped here that she'd cried. After sobs had wracked her body and her voice had given way, Ino had made a promise to her self. She would not cry. No matter what they did to her, she would not shed a single tear. Ino Yamanaka would give them the satisfaction of her tears. Until she got of out here and brought the others with her, she would not cry.

"Shikamaru Nara!"

"Fuck off!" The prisoner's voice was hoarse and irritable, "I'm trying' to get some sleep, bastards!"

"Rebellious as ever, hunh?" The guards were used to Shikamaru's attitude, they saw it more often than not in the new prisoners, "Wakey, wakey, sleepin' beauty."

A hand wrapped with his neck with a grip that seemed much firmer than necessary and pulled Shikamaru from his bunk. He'd been expecting this but that didn't mean it didn't hurt. The worst part was knowing that he wouldn't even be able to rub his wounds after they were done with him.

"You fucking gorilla, Botan." Shikamaru spat, "Put me the fuck down."

"Gladly." Botan smiled and dropped him. Botan, one of the prison guards was the biggest guy Shikamaru had ever seen, except Choji in his multi-sized ninjetsu. Botan was one of the few who came to Orochimaru of their own will. Shikamaru couldn't even think of Botan's body as an actual body, just a big ball of granite with legs, arms and a sadistic streak attached.

Shikamaru hit the concrete floor with a thud and a dull pain in his forehead. He hoped he wasn't bleeding. He heard Choji sit up in his bunk and prayed the loyal idiot wouldn't try anything. At full strength, he would have made butter out of Botan in a half an hour but after being near starved for over three weeks, Choji wasn't fit to take on a butterfly, let alone this hunk of rock.

"Get up." Botan ordered, "It'll be easier if you cooperate."

"I'll cooperate when I die!"

"That can be arranged." Shikamaru allowed himself a grunt of pain as the guard's steel toed boot crashed into his vital organs.

"Shikamaru!" Choji's voice made him remember what he was supposed to be doing.

"It's alright, Choji." He smiled weakly, "Go back to sleep."

"That's right, little piggy, we'll butcher you later." Botan laughed, "Now get up, Nara."

"Just 'cause you said please." Shikamaru tried to stand up his knees gave way under him and he crashed down to the floor again, "Sorry. Guess I ought to start using all that exercise time you guys give us to my best advantage, hunh? Well, I always been lazy…"

"You're coming to the interrogation room one way or the other, Nara." Botan said grabbing the handcuffs keeping Shikamaru's hands bound and dragging him out of the cell.

"See ya, Choji!" Shikamaru called, "Save me some dinner, alright?"

"You know, Botan, I'm starting not to enjoy our little walks together." Shikamaru said casually, "Would it be the epitome of bad puns if I said they were a drag?"

"Heh." Botan laughed, "You're a funny guy, Shikamaru. Let's see what the boss thinks of you."

Shikamaru was silent as Botan secured him to solitary chair in the interrogation room, mainly because he couldn't think of anything sarcastic enough for the occasion. This was his third trip to the interrogation room and he wondered if it would be the same as before.

"So, Orochimaru…" Shikamaru spoke into the darkness after Botan had slammed the heavy iron door, "Same song and dance as last time or something new?"

"That depends on you." For a fifty year old man, his voice was sure high, "Are you going to give me what I want?"

"God, what pervert!" Shikamaru sighed, "You're worse than Jiraiya! At least he likes girls! Hey, Sasuke! Does he try and fuck you up the ass too, ya bastard!?!"

"Don't flatter yourself, boy. You know what I want…join me."

"I've got the will of fire of Asuma Sarutobi, bitch!" Shikamaru spat, "I'm not joining' shit! Where the hell is Ino?"

Wham! A fist, possibly Orochimaru's, though that didn't seem his style, slammed into Shikamaru's cheek.

"Where's Ino?"

Bam! His teeth were coming loose now and he could taste blood well up in his mouth. If he was lucky…he would drown. How troublesome.

"Where's Ino?"


"Tell me where she is! Where's Ino?!?!

"You're forgetting whose interrogation room this is." Orochimaru hissed and Shikamaru heard the sound of steel sliding against steal through the haze of blood and pain, "Perhaps my blade can remind you?"

"You haven't asked me any questions yet." Shikamaru grinned, "I figured somebody ought to. Where's Ino?"

Another fist and several cuts on his arms and abdomen later, Shikamaru had lost consciousness.

Choji felt dizzy, standing anxiously at the cell bars. They really needed to feed him. They really, really, needed to bring back Shikamaru. If he'd had any food, Choji would have given it all just to have Shikamaru back in the cell with him. Shikamaru'd always been with him, since they were just eight years old, sitting on the roof of the academy, watching the clouds and eating potato chips. Ughh. The thought of potato chips made his mouth water and the thought of that day and Shikamaru made his eyes water.

"You can't play ninja with us!"

Ninja, what a dumb game that was. What a dumb bunch of kids they were. Playing at death. He was dumb too. He just wanted to fit in. The only smart kid in the whole village was Shikamaru.

"Even games like Shougi are only are only fun with an even number of pieces."

"Having useless pieces is just as bad as none at all!"

Shikamaru always there for him, always believed in him but…it was Choji's deepest fear that the boy whose name he could not even remember was right. He was just a useless piece. What was he doing to help anybody? Standing in his cell while his best friend was tortured!

Treat him as your best friend and become comrades who'll trust each other more than anything."

Choji had tried to follow his father's advice and he'd succeeded mostly. Shikamaru trusted him enough to bring him along to rescue Sasuke and kill Hidan. Sasuke, Choji felt exhausting rage when he thought of the name he'd nearly died for and then was betrayed by! They were smart to starve him, to tie Shika's arms and to separate them from Ino, those sound bastards, because, if Choji could, he'd kill that Uchiha bastard now!

"I got tired of it so I ditched them."

Shikamaru didn't like the ninja game. He didn't like the ninja carrier either. Shikamaru was meant for it though. He was the best ninja in Konoha and laziest. If they were at home…God, I miss home! He'd probably be watching the clouds right now and smoking Asuma's cigarettes.

"Let's just watch the clouds and chill, eh?"

"There's your friend back, fatty." Botan opened the cell door and tossed Shikamaru's unconscious form unceremoniously on to the floor. Choji was instantly at Shika's side, lifting his head from the dirty stone. There was blood on his lip, coming out of his mouth, and Choji felt the unnerving cold of the liquid on his palm.

"He's bleeding, you bastard!" Choji shouted, "He's unconscious!"

"Take it up with the boss." Botan shrugged, "You'd better turn him over so he don't drown. Here's some bandages."

Choji scowled but followed his advice and took the dirty strips of cloth. Shikamaru's face was bruised and his nose bleeding. There were small cuts on his arms, made by a kunai knife, but the worst were on his abdomen and that was where Choji focused the bandages.

"Don't worry, I got you." Choji whispered as he placed Shika on to the top bunk, on his side so the excess blood could drain out.

"S-sorry, Ch-Choji."

"Don't worry about it. Just rest."

"B-bastard's got-gotta th-thick hide." Shikamaru sighed, "I-I couldn't…find out wh-where they put her. Ino…"

Choji sighed. Someday, they'd find her again. Someday, the three of them, they'd all get out of here. Someday, he and Shikamaru would watch the clouds again and everything would be alright.

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