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Notes: Miyako really is a beautiful person when you really think about it.

One day, Ken noticed something so amazing about Miyako that he thought about it forever after that.

She was beautiful.

Miyako was by no means a classic beauty. No, her glasses were huge, she seemed to have a hard time taking care of her hair because of its frizz and while she had a nice face, she just wasn't drop dead gorgeous.

But it didn't matter because she was beautiful.

When Ken decided to confess to his best friend, Daisuke laughed because in his mind, who could compare to Hikari? That was fine because Miyako was still beautiful.

Some times, he would wonder why nobody else noticed. How could nobody fall hopelessly in love with her? He found it impossible because every time she would talk to him, his breath would be caught in his throat.

"Ken? Ken Ichijouji!"

He shook his head and saw her looking frustrated at him. He must have been daydreaming. He always did that too when she was near.

"Sorry, Miyako. I'm just tired."

Her face automatically softened and she smiled. "Maybe you should go back home then. I can tell Daisuke and everything'll be fine!"

Daisuke had thought it was a great plan to pair them up every time to go check on the Digital World. But he had also thought it was a good plan to eat an entire pizza himself once and that didn't end up so well.

"No, it's fine. We can finish."

She gave him a careful look. "You sure?" He nodded. "Fine. But you better promise me that if you're too tired, you'll go home, alright?" He nodded again and she sighed. "Ken, you're so polite."

"Um, sorry?" He offered. He was always so awkward around her. She was always able to be herself. No matter what the situation was. It was amazing.

"There you go again! Listen, Ken." She had that look on her face. The look that meant 'you are going to listen to me whether you like it or not!' "You really don't need to act so formal around me. It's not like I'm going to judge you or anything silly like that. I mean, nobody's perfect!"

All Ken could think of saying was how beautiful she was but thankfully, he didn't blurt that out and decided on her giving her a smile instead.

"Thanks, Miyako."

When he noticed her slight blush and the grin that appeared on her face, the only thought that came to mind was that she really was the most beautiful person he had ever met.

She was always herself and she always accepted him.

For that, Miyako would always be the most beautiful girl in his world.