Baby Blues By Melissa

Chapter One:

As Vida and Xander got ready for their date, Madison Elli Rocca arrived at the front door as she now knocked.
"Xander Baby, That's Maddie, let her in please" yelled out Vida as she was in the bedroom as she slipped on her red fire dress.

Xander managed to walk to the door as he now opened it."Hi Xander, Nice drawers" smiled Madison.
Xander blushed as he now ran back into the Bathroom as she entered. there she saw baby Xander as she walked over to him.

"Hey baby love miss me" said Madison.

Vida now walked out of the bedroom seeing her sister smiling.

"Hey kiddo , how's college?" asked Vida.

Madison now looked up as she smiled.

"It's good, I brought my books and my homework" answered Madison.

Madison watched her sister as she smiled. "Wow, never seen you in a dress before" smiled Madison.

"Oh Maddie, I have a friend who is coming over to drop off some stuff can you make sure that you put it inside our room" said Xander as he now walked out of his bedroom as he was now putting his cufflings onto his suit shirt.

"Sure, Does this person have a name?" asked Madison.

"Yea, His name is Tomas" lied Xander as Vida gave him the evil sharp look.

"What?" he mumbled..

Vida just sighed as she walked back into the bedroom as Xander followed her..

without any word they walked out of the apartment as they walked to the door. "Alright Maddie we are going, the phone number is right by the phone." said Vida as they now opened the door.

"Have a good time you guys" smiled Madison as they walked out as she now closed the door right behind them.

Within the hour that passed Madison fell asleep with baby Xander beside her. the door bell rang as she noticed the time wasone in the morning. "What, you guys forgot your key?" asked Madison as she now walked over to the door as she opened it revealing Nick.

"N...Nick your back!" whispered Madison as she now went into his arms .

Nick lowered his head as he now burried his face into her shoulder as tears strolled down his cheeks.