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"Sesshoumaru-sama, this new dish is excellent! I'm sure our patrons will love it!" gushed a young girl by the name of Rin.

"Of course it is excellent! Unlike you, Sesshoumaru-sama demands nothing less than perfection, you ignorant fool," said Jaken.

As if this Sesshoumaru will create anything that is imperfect. "Ensure that the kitchen is spotless by the time I return" and thus ignoring the praises bestowed upon him by his two junior chefs, or rather, kitchen aides as he prefers referring them as, he left the kitchen.


"You wished to see me, father?"

"Ah, Sesshoumaru! Yes, yes, sit down. Now, I heard that you've just created a new dish for this month's menu. Must be delicious this new brainchild of yours. I'm looking forward to tasting it soon," said a beaming Inutaisho.

Sesshoumaru fought the urge to roll his eyes at his father's lame attempt at having a conversation with him. He has not been on the best of terms with the man he called "father" ever since his mother died and the older man married another woman. He did not talk, much less converse, with his father unless it was absolutely necessary and by absolutely necessary, it means work related. Anything else is considered unimportant and therefore only a waste of time and effort to even think about.

"Father, what exactly is it that you wanted to see me about?" said Sesshoumaru in his coldest, most business-like tone.

"Now, now, it is only natural that I take an interest in what you are doing. After all, you are not only my head chef but also my son".

Sesshoumaru said nothing and merely glared at the man in front of him. Inutaisho got the message immediately. So much for a nice father and son chat. With an inaudible sigh, he went down to business.

"Alright. The world renowned food critic and journalist, Higurashi Kagome, has expressed an interest in tasting what we have to offer".

"I do not need some woman with no apparent culinary skills telling me what my cooking tastes like".

"Now, I know how much you dislike the critics. I have turned down most of the critics who want to come but some things are just inevitable and this is one of those things, son. Miss Higurashi is a very well known critic and it would not be appropriate for us to turn her down when all the other top-notch restaurants are clamoring to have her at their place. You could be more famous than you are now, Sesshoumaru, and our business would be booming. Think about it, my son".

"I have no need for the fame nor do I care for the business of this restaurant". With that he stood up to leave the room.


"Do as you wish father," he said as he walked out the door.

Inutaisho heaved a sigh of relief as he quickly grabbed the phone to place the important call before his son changes his mind.



"What is it, Shippou-chan?"

"Are you really going to the Blue Crescent Palace as a critic?"

"Of course. After all, it is reputed to be the best restaurant for fine dining in the whole of Japan".

"But, you just came back from Paris and you said you wanted to relax a bit before getting down to work," pouted Shippou.

Kagome giggled, tousling Shippou's hair in the process. "Well, in case you haven't noticed, I've been in Tokyo for four months already. That's a lot of relaxing, don't you think? Besides, you know I can never resist a restaurant that has such high recommendations worldwide. I heard that the chef there is known as a magician in the culinary world so I've got to taste the food there for myself."

"He's a magician alright. But he's also well known for his dislike where critics are concerned. There's no way he's going to let you in there if you present yourself as a critic."

"Well, all the more reason to go. You know I love a challenge. Moreover, it's not like he can poison me or something."

"He could and would," muttered Shippou under his breath.

"Speaking of which, I'm definitely going. I got a call this afternoon from the owner of the Blue Crescent Palace himself saying that I'm absolutely welcome there as a critic. I've told them to expect me tomorrow at 7 p.m."


"Yes, Shippou. Don't worry I'll be fine. There is nothing that a Japanese chef can do to kill me," said Kagome sweetly.


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