Summary: The third dragon egg has hatched to Darcie, the daughter of Galbatorix who was locked in her rooms and hall for 18 years. Shortly after the dragon hatches, she gets put under her father's control and must work with Murtagh, a man she has known of (by appearance) her entire life yet never met until he returns from the Burning Plains battle. What happens when she meets him? What will happen when they're told to work together?

When Darcie finds out she's under her father's control (by Murtagh), what will the two dragon riders do? Will they battle the king; destroy everything they have ever known? Will they wait for someone else to do so for them? Or will they give in and not do anything whatsoever?

Bear with me as I get used to writing Eragon fan fictions - this is my first, so don't to be too harsh, lol.

I'd like to thank my friend who named Kazryth. He's not red by he's your second choice!

At the dawn of the morning, while the capital city of AlagaƩsia slowly awakened, a young girl of 18 named Darcie looked out her bedroom window, overlooking the serenity of the area outside longingly. She sat on the stone windowsill in her nightgown, daydreaming of what it would be like to step outside of the doors of her room. The farthest out of the castle of the king she had been was the hall outside of her room. She did not understand why she was a prisoner of her own home, but she knew not to question it. She had seen her father, King Galbatorix, few times over the past 18 years, but she knew clearly not to question him while in his presence.

Her thoughts were broken by the sound of a door creaking open. Looking over her shoulder, Darcie saw the one face she saw every day for as long as she could remember; her nanny, Desiree. The nanny was holding long fabrics and a pair of heels in her hands.

"The king requests your presence," Desiree said.

"Don't you mean he requests to enter?"

"He wants you to go to him," Desiree responded.

"So I'm actually getting out of here?"

"Yes, dear girl. Once you are proper you are to join his majesty for breakfast."

Darcie slid off of the windowsill.

"Am I to dress according to a special occasion?"

"Your father has gotten you your attire," Desiree responded as she held up the fabric.

Darcie changed into the new dress. It fell a few inches below her knees and was white and gold. The fabric just barely covered her shoulders, leaving her pale arms exposed. As soon as she had gotten on the heels, Darcie took the cape that Desiree held. Desiree brushed out the knots in Darcie's hair and held it up with pins and ties, letting remaining wavy strands of her light blonde fall around her face, framing her aquamarine eyes.

Shortly after, Desiree led Darcie out of her room and down the halls. Darcie wondered what lay beyond the locked door they had stopped by. The door unlocked itself, and Darcie looked around the new halls of the castle. Going down flights of stairs, guards that stood in front of two large varnished oak double doors opened them before Darcie. She was left to find her way once Desiree disappeared.

Servants skittered into the dining room and laid out food while one pulled out a chair for Darcie.

"Thank you," she said quietly as she sat down and moved the chair closer to the table. As soon as the food was laid, the servants left the room. The doors creaked closed, leaving Darcie at one end of the table, directly across from her father, Galbatorix, at the head of the table. As the meal progress, silence filled the room. Once breakfast had finished, the servants quickly gathered the things and left. Darcie waited for a few minutes, unsure if she should start asking questions that had boggled her mind since she was told to come down.

"You requested my presence, father?" Darcie finally asked.

"It has come time to see if the final dragon egg shall hatch for you," Galbatorix responded curtly.

"Dragon egg...?"

Galbatorix sighed sharply and rose from he seat. "Follow me," he commanded. Darcie stood up and followed her father out the dining room and through a series of hallways. At last, they reached a single, plain door guarded by two people. They stepped back automatically, allowing the two to enter. Darcie's eyes widened when she saw what sat in the centre of a room - a large, oval egg. It was a pure green with veins running through around it. She walked up to it curiously and was about to pick it up. As soon as she touched it, there was a loud, echoing crack. Darcie jumped back in surprise.

"Is that supposed to happen?"

"It's hatching," her father responded, sounding happier (for him) than Darcie had ever heard.

The egg continued cracking until the pieces flew in every direction. Now sitting in place of the egg was a slimy, emerald green creature Darcie took to be the dragon. Her mind seemed to expand and a word came into her head.