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After the battle, everyone moved quickly and quietly. Messengers were sent to Aberon to inform the Varden of the attack and the loss of a dragon rider. Within a matter of weeks, the people arrived in Urû'baen. Some of them had to pitch tents on the edge of the city until they could get homes made, but most people in the city had either deserted or inhabitants had been killed, so any extra houses were taken. There were quite a few fights during that time.

Throughout the entire trip, Aryana and Reagan kept asking questions, but Murtagh barely responded. Within a matter of days, the intelligent toddlers figured out what really happened to their mom and didn't speak a word since.

When everyone arrived in Urû'baen, Murtagh, Thorn, and a few choice people continued to the castle. Despite how much Murtagh didn't want to re-enter its walls, an old fear and an instinctive urge to get as far away as possible slowed his steps to a stop before the dark, looming doors. Taking in a deep breath, he stepped inside, tense.

Thorn left Murtagh then, to go and find his old reside. It was in the same condition and automatically . Murtagh found some places inside were completely torn and ripped apart, but was happy enough about some old guards and servants had stayed, hiding in certain rooms until learning it was Murtagh who had returned and not anyone else, such as Galbatorix. He gave one of the maids, who loves children, the job of looking after the twins, and he left the main floor. He climbed up the series of previous elaborate staircases, having no difficulty getting over any missing bits and holes, and found himself standing at the door that led to the forbidden hallway, which was a place Galbatorix made him stay away from because it was where Darcie had been locked in for her entire life.

Sighing, Murtagh opened the door and stepped into the hall. It appeared as if no one had been inside the area for years, there was dust sitting on top of the tables that were located along the wall. He looked down and saw that the floor was sparkling clean. Rather odd...

He kept walking and opened another door. Inside was a bedchamber with a white canopy pulled halfway around the bed. There were two big, fluffy pillows and two smaller, hand-stitched pillows on top of it. The white, pink-stitched bed sheet lay perfectly made on top of the large bed. A few feet beyond the bed there was a step up, and then a windowsill that was big enough for someone to sit on. Looking left, there was a vanity with a chair behind it, and a wardrobe. Next to that was a form of a wall where people change behind, and the rest was decorated neatly.

"It's nice, isn't it?"

Murtagh turned around and a woman stood at the door. She clearly worked in the castle as a servant of sorts, but Murtagh couldn't help but recognize her. He had seen many servants wandering the halls during his stays in this castle though.

"Who're you?" he had to ask.

"Desiree. I used to be Darcie's nanny."

Murtagh was shocked, but he hid the feeling with a raise of his eyebrows. "You survived?"

"Barely. When you two ran off, the King tried to kill me, but he underestimated me. Did you see that scar on his face in battle?"

Murtagh didn't respond. He never got a good look at the king's face. The battle was nothing more than a distant memory, full of nothing but searing pain and darkness.

"I made that. Naturally, I ran, but he didn't bother getting someone to chase me. I lived with a family just outside of here, actually, masking myself with a veil that showed only my eyes. Once he left, I knew he wouldn't be back, so I returned. Every remaining guard and servant welcomed me like a hero; I'm the only servant of his that escaped a planned death and left a mark. Because of his arrogance, he was killed, correct?"

Murtagh nodded.

"Who killed him?"


"That beastie... I knew some good would come out of him, despite him having a similar fate of your dragon, until you left that is. Speaking of which..." Desiree dug into a pocket in her skirt and pulled out a piece of parchment. "This never explained much."

Murtagh recalled the day he and Darcie left. She told him that she left a note...

"Can I have that?"

Desiree nodded and entered the room. She went up to him and held out the parchment and he took it. She curtsied and backed away a few feet.

"What made you leave despite vows?"

Murtagh raised an eyebrow – how did she know?

"We know everything that happens within these walls," Desiree responded, answering his unspoken thought. "But we never understood how you two could leave with strict vows."

"Galbatorix ordered us to 'get out of his sight', as it says here," Murtagh said, holding up the piece of parchment. "So we did. We took two horses and ran."

"Poco and Shiloh?"

"Did they ever return?"

"Shiloh did. We didn't know what happened to Poco though, but we found his body next to the river a fair distance from a log. His leg was askew and there was a crack in the hoof, so we can only assume he broke his leg jumping the log."

"Oh..." Another faithful horse of his was killed.

"Where did you go?"

"We went to Helgrind after agreeing to flee to Surda. Naturally, Thorn figured the only way they would allow us, the ones that were battle against them, is to give them an offer. Apparently as battle begun back then, he looked into the mind of the cousin of the rider Eragon, and there was a girl captured by the Ra'zac. We rescued her from Helgrind and went to Aberon. It took a few months, but we made it, returned the girl and swore fealty to their leader and the leader of the Varden to prove we wouldn't turn on them.

"D... we stayed in the city, serving the Varden's leader for the years we were there," Murtagh explained.

"Word came from all over claiming Darcie became a... a wench."

"That was an accident," Murtagh responded with a note of defense in his voice.

"Are the two toddlers downstairs hers and yours?" Desiree asked.

Murtagh nodded.

"How old are they?"

"Three by now."

"Three years ago... that makes sense. So what happened afterwards?"

"Kazryth met Saphira, the female dragon, and a few years back a dragon egg came along and was given to the Varden."

"The egg is here?"

"Yes. And before I continue, do you swear by your head not to reveal anything spoken by me?"

"Vel eïnradhin iet ai Älfakyn," Desiree responded. Upon my word as a friend.

Murtagh was surprised by her knowledge of the Ancient Language, but did not question it yet.

"There is one dragon egg here, but there is another egg from Kazryth and Saphira, a blue and green one."


"Yes, one. The egg is a mix of both their colours. That egg is coming with Eragon and the rest of the Varden."

"Amazing... all of that. And might I ask where Darcie is?"

Tears momentarily pricked Murtagh's eyes, but he fought the stinging sensation and responded in a contrasting solid tone, "She has passed."

Desiree appeared surprised. Her expression went grave.

"Might I ask when?"

"On the travel here. There was an ambush... she chose to die."

"She refused to be saved?"

Murtagh nodded, not trusting himself to speak. The memory still haunted him, the image returning to his mind as soon as the woman said those words.

Desiree was also silent for a few moments as she took it in. Murtagh swore he saw a glimmer in her eyes, but it was gone in under a second.

"Those poor twins... do they understand?"

"They know she isn't returning, but they don't know why as far as I know," Murtagh responded after a few moments. "I haven't let them... see her body." He stopped as his voice just started to crack.

"That's a good choice," Desiree responded. "And... I understand what you might be feeling. I'm sorry about everything."

The woman then left the bedchambers, leaving Murtagh alone in the room, fighting for control of every emotion flowing through him, the loss and longing buried deep within him revealing itself. These feelings of his would never leave him; he would be forever haunted by the memories of how the only woman that saw past his scars, his past, and the outcome of his future, changes his life in so many ways he never dreamed possible.