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A/N: So, yeah, most of you guys have read my other fics, which I am trying to update. I've lost a lot of my floppys that had all my stories on them. Which sucks. I decided I would start a new fic. It's a tonks/ginny. I wanted to do this one for a long time and I just decided, hey, why not. So here it goes.

Summary: I've changed the story plot a bit from when I first started this (about 3 yrs ago). Originally it was suppose to be about Ginny and Tonks being in love and being in a relationship and hiding it from everyone. Now, its about Ginny discovering her feelings for woman and the relationships she has over time (possibly years versus months, still debating) while battling the lust she has for Tonks. Working on going back and redoing the chapters, going to try and keep a timeline on this one. Rating is for possible future 'mature' scenes. No flamers please. Same sex pairings. If you don't like, don't read.

I woke just before dawn. I heard Hermione stir and mutter something about red hair in the bed next to hers. Glancing at the clock beside my bed, I decided it was too early to wake her up, so I just closed her eyes, trying to picture the man of my dreams. All I could picture was Tonks though. I hoped the only reason I was picturing Tonks was because of all the time the two of us were spending together. Though, deep down inside, I knew it wasn't.

"This isn't working," I said, flipping over to face the wall instead of Hermione's bed.

"What isn't working?" whispered someone slowly opening the door.

The voice sent chills up my spine as I recognized it almost immediately. "Tonks?"

"Who else would be walking into your room at this hour?" replied Tonks. Tonks stumbled into my nightstand causing a lamp to slip off crash to the ground. "Sorry bout that." Tonks muttered as she collapsed on my bed, practically crushing me in the process of situating herself.

"I don't know. Voldemort?"

"Not something to joke about Gin." I heard the grave tone of Tonks' voice and knew she probably was frowning right that very second.

"I'm sorry."

Tonks made a movement with her hand. I assumed she was 'waving' the statement away. "What's not working?"
I sighed. I wasn't really sure if I could trust Tonks enough to tell her that I had been having these weird feelings lately. Especially since all my recent weird feelings involved Tonks in more than one way. "Picturing the perfect man," I sighed again, rolling over to face Tonks, who I assumed was facing the ceiling. But, she wasn't. I found myself to be almost touching Tonks nose. I shivered and Tonks, mistaking it for me being cold, moved to fix the blanket, making me, if possible, even closer to her.

"The perfect man?" Tonks asked, her voice doubtful. She shifted slightly, making her nose collide with my cheek.

"I was trying to picture a man, but all I could picture wa-was-someone," I gulped nervously.

Tonks chuckled, her breath tickling my neck. "A female someone?"

I gave Tonks a look of disbelief that she couldn't see. "How did you know?"

"You never struck me as the man of your means. Woman of your dreams seems more logical when it comes to you."

I was silent. I couldn't Tonks had me figured out already. It was rather disturbing.

"Is it Hermione?" Tonks asked, interrupting my thoughts.

"Hermi-what? No! Oh goodness no!" I said shaking my head. Tonks nose moved away from my cheek, but the second I stopped shaking my head, she moved it back. It felt nice having her skin on my skin…even if it was just nose to cheek.

"Someone I know?"

"You could assume you know this person rather well…" I assured her, instantly regretting it.

"Is it…someone named…" She paused, moving her mouth right next to my ear. Another round of shivers shot down my spine. "Tonks?" She breathed right into my ear

"Once again, you could assume that." I replied as I tilted my head to make my lips rest on her cheek. "Actually, I would say that is something you really could assume."

Tonks didn't say a word, but I could feel her mouth form 'oh' on my ear.

"Can you keep a secret?"

"Aren't I keeping the biggest secret ever by being in the order?" I responded loving the feel of my lips on her skin.

"I think you are absolutely beautiful."