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Three Years Later

"Ginny, I'm so glad you got here alright in that car!" My mom threw a dirty look over her shoulder at Tonks as she helped me into the house. My feet were swollen and I couldn't be on my feet for more than a few minutes. Tonks, grinning, followed closely behind with Nate clutching her hand.

"Molly, the car is perfectly safe. How else was I supposed to get Ginny here in her condition?" Tonks handed me a glass of water as Nate curled up next to me.

I shot her a dirty look. "It's your fault. You were the one that got me pregnant."

My mother, looking horrified, rounded on Tonks. "We agreed on it, Molly. I assure you, Ginny is just being emotional. They are due any day now."

My mom's expression changed quickly with the mention of her new grandchildren. "She is being very emotional. I hope it's not two boys. I was just this way with Fred and George. I wish you had found out the genders." Mom sighed, clearly disappointed. "We could have had a more themed baby shower."

"Molly, Ginny and I will be happy with whatever we are blessed with." Tonks frowned, deep in thought. "Though, if it is two boys, I pray they don't take after Fred and George."

Mom suddenly shot to her feet. "Oh the guests are here. Tonks, come help me welcome them. Nate, stay here with your mother in case she needs help." Nate nodded solemnly as mom and Tonks went to greet guests.

I nudged Nate, getting a teeny smile out of him. "What's wrong Tiny?"

"I'm just worried…about the babies. Kids at school say that once a baby is here, you get forgotten about…," Nate trailed off, looking at his hands.

I laughed, pulling Nate into a hug. "Those are just stories. We love you Tiny. We can't forget about you. No one will, look." I pointed out the window to where Harry and Luna were each carrying packages. "I wouldn't be surprised if one of those were for you."

Nate's eyes widened in surprise, "I get presents too?"

"Sure, you are about to be a big brother to not one, but two babies. There is a lot of things you need to prepare for that."

Nate threw his arms around me, placing a kiss on my cheek. "I love you Momma G." He murmured, his head resting on my shoulder.

I opened my mouth to tell him I loved him too, but a horrible pain seared across lower abdomen. "Huh, Nate, get your mother. And mine. I think it's time."

Nate rushed out, returning a few seconds later with Tonks and my mother. Tonks, seeing me bent over, clutching my stomach rushed forward pulling me to her.

"Can we get her transferred to St. Mungos?" Molly asked, wringing her hands nervously.

"Yes, Arthur helped me install an invisibility and a rocket boost button on the car, just in case we weren't at home when she went into labor. We can get to London in about twenty minutes."

Tonks, along with my mother's help, ushered me out to the car, as my guests watched excitedly. Tonks put me into the backseat with my mother, while she drove and Nate rode shotgun.

"Floo call us once she's had the babies and we will bring the party to St. Mungos!" Harry called as Tonks sped away.

I can barely remember the drive to the hospital. It was too painful. I knew I was going to make Tonks sell the car and get us a new one because I knew every time I would look at it, I feel the pain all over again.

I was loaded up with pain potions the moment I donned the hospital gown. Two hours later, I was ready to go. An additionally two hours after that, Phoenix Charles Tonks came into the world at 4:06 pm weighing 6 lbs 2 oz followed four minutes later by his sister, Paris Charlotte Tonks weighing 6 lbs 6 oz.

Once I and the babies were all cleaned up, Tonks, my mother, and Nate were allowed in. Tonks immediately burst into tears upon seeing her children. My mother and Tonks both stood over the babies, crying into each other's shoulders. Nate scooted closer to me, looking alarmed.

"I don't know why they are acting like this. It's just a bunch of babies," I whispered to Nate. It alarmed me as well to why my mother and Tonks were near hysterics.

Nate burst out laughing, throwing his arms around me. Tonks and my mother, each holding a baby (I have no idea who was holding who), came and sat on the edge of the bed. Holding them so I could see them both at once, I got my first real look at the twins. They both had little patches of red hair on the tops of their heads, brown eyes, and ten teeny fingers, and ten little toes. The twins and I stared at each other for a few moments, and then almost simultaneously, all three of us burst into tears.

Tonks, clearly amused, took the screaming babies out of my view. "See Molly, I told you they would all be afraid of one another."

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