Pleading to No One

by: echocognito

Disclaimer: I lay no claim to any of the characters from NCIS. They belong to Don Bellisario, Bellisarius Productions, and CBS. I promise to return what I borrow relatively unscathed.

I remember the exact moment I got the call from Tony; 8:51 pm, and I was on my way to one of my favorite night clubs. Gibbs had been injured, scratch that, nearly killed in an explosion while on the job, and I was in the safety of my hearse. I have to bite back a laugh as I picture what he might say about that. Hell, I had gotten a flat on my way to the hospital. Maybe it was time for a new car. Nah. Gibbs loves my old hearse. He was more than willing to help me fix minor problems or offer me a ride if it was in the shop for a major problem. But he wouldn't remember that now, would he? Thinking about him, his memory loss, shouldn't hurt like this, should it? Maybe a talk with Ducky would help.

Things were bad enough when Ziva acted like she didn't care. Hitting her was satisfying, though. Ever since! Don't start thinking like that! Gibbs is going to be fine! This amnesia is only temporary, isn't it? There has to be a study in some journal about this sort of thing, maybe somewhere on the internet. That's it, Abbs, keep yourself busy until Gibbs remembers who he is and who I am. Then tell him you love him. That's the plan. Right...

Oh, McGee's brought me a Caf-Pow. Somehow, they don't taste quite as good when anyone other than Gibbs brings them to me. Please, Gibbs, remember. I'm going crazy without you here. Even Bert can't comfort me like he used to. Remember, you bought him for me after you found out about the paintball incident with my zombie baby in the lab. Remember?