A/N: I've always wanted to do a Van Helsing sequal story but could never figure out how to do it until a friend of mine sat down with me and we began to write it together. It is kinda like a what if story. What would have happened between Anna and Van Helsing had she lived? So here it is. Enjoy
Valencia Van Helsing had been tracking a vampire ever since the sun went down and that was three hours ago. Since then her dark long hair had come out of its beautiful braid and she had torn her right black leather pant leg on a tree an hour ago. She had first spotted the vampire in the town's market, looking, no doubt, for food. She hadn't his fangs or anything like that but she was able to feel the presence of evil. It was something she inherited from her father, Gabriel.

When Valencia had spotted the vampire she wanted to get him out of the market as fast as she could before he fed upon anyone. She trailed him out of the market and by now she knew that he knew that she was following him and now she had lost all trace of him in the forest close to her house.

"What in the world do you want here?" Valencia asked as if she were talking directly to the vampire himself but she honestly didn't know where it was and was really just talking to herself so she could figure the vampire out but Valencia's thoughts were interupted when she was starteled by the Vampier's booming voice.

"I was looking for food!" The vampire then droped to the ground in front of Valencia and says, "Which, you ,sweet child, interupted. So I guess you will have to do for now."

The vampire walked toward Valencia and before she could grab her weapons that were in her black trench coat, the vampire had placed a hand on her cheek.

The vampire smiled and his fangs grew into deadly bloody thirsty teeth but before he could do anything to Valencia, a flaming arrow hit the vampire in the back and he went up in flames. Valencia stepped back from the burning vampire, looked up at the source of the arrow and saw her father standing there with his crossbow in hand.

"Dad!" Valencia said relieved that the vampire hadn't bitten her but not so much when she saw the look on her father's face.

"Valencia Anna Van Helsing! What the hell are you doing out here with that thing?" Gabrial asked walking threw the ashes of the vampire to get to his daughter.

"I saw him in the market and wanted to get him away from everyone. I didn't thoink flaming arrows killed vampires." Valencia said changing the subject.

"It does when the arrow has three pieces of garlic on it and don't think your off the hook missy. You could have been killed tonight."

"I was just trying to save people". Valencia said defending herself. She had always wanted to do what her father did. She loved what he did and it wasn't that she liked to watch monsters turn back into what they once were before they died but the adventure itself. The adrinalen that ran threw one's blood when one was on a hunt but she never got to do this unless her father didn't know and he didn't know that she had gone after at least three other vampires over the corse of the last two years but there is a first time for everything and that included getting caught.

"Val, I don't want to loose you.I've all ready lost your mother and I don't think I could take loosing you too. Espesually not to a creature of the devil." Van Helsing said looking from his daughter to the ground for a moment to hide the sorrow that he had for what had happened to his wife. His wife had not been Anna. She had died as a result of trying to save him from the werewolf he was becoming. However, years later, he had met another woman by the name of Thara and had fallen in love and eventually wed and had Valencia but Valencia's mother had fallen ill and no medican that neither Carl nor Van Helsing could find could have cured her. She died when Valenica was fourteen and now Valencia was eighteen and nearly a full grown woman. Van Helsing didn't like to think that his little girl was growing up.

"I know dad and you won't because I'll be careful next time."

"I know you would but there's not going to be a next time."

"What? Why not?"

"Because you need to go to school and Carl is going to teach you."

"But dad..." Valencia began but was but off by her father. She had been to school before when her other was alive but when Thara died, Van Helsing had pulled her out so they could be together and hadn't been back since. She was eighteen and she didn't really see the reason to go back to school now that she had been out for so long.

"No buts about it Valencia. Now go home. I'll follow later."

"Where are you going?" Valenica asked curiously but she thought she knew the answer.

"Hunting." Van Helsing said as he sent his daughter home and as soon as she was on her way, he began his hunting in the moon lit night and as he stealthly walked into the God Forsaken Forest, he see's a man by a small pond in the middle of the forest. Well, to Van Helsing this looks suspicous, so he investigates. The swamp is ver foggy, so he could barely see the man jump into the swamp. What came out was something Gabriel had never seen in his line of work. it was a man sized fish is all that Van Helsing could think. Gabriel reached for his crossbow, when the fish said, "Stop. I am not your enemy!" in a rough, scottish accent.

This blew Gabriel's mind away. the two beings spoke for a while, and became acquantinces. The fish man, who is actually a were-nessie, changed back into a man, which he could do at will, and followed Gabriel home.

Once the two men reached Gabriel's home, there was a man waiting outside and as the fish man looked at Van Helsing and noticed that he didn't recognize the man, he asked, "Who is that, friend?"

"I don't know but I am about to find out." Van Helsing said walking up the steps to the door where he set his crossbow against the wall next to the door and said, "Can I help you son?"

"Yes, actually." The man said, "I was looking for Valenica."

This caught Van Helsing off guard. He was expecting the man to want to speak with him or Carl about some monster running ramped but Valenica? Why would he want to talk to Valencia? Gabriel looked the man over before saying, or doing anything further. The man was young, Valencia's age, tall, blonde and good looking but Van Helsing didn't trust him. There was something about him that Gabriel didn't like.

"She's inside." Van Helsing said pulling out all his weapons and setting them on a small table that was there and began to clean them one by one. The fish man looked at Van Helsing and then thought he was doing this to protect Valencia although he didn't know why. This man seemed nice but apperences were nearly always deceiving.

"Can I see her?"

Van Helsing opened the door and yelled for Carl to being Valencia to the porch and then shut the door and simply waited.

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